How My Content Writing Agency benefitted with a Document Management System?

How My Content Writing Agency benefitted with a Document Management System?

The story of a content writing agency that didn’t shy away from technology upgrade

I am into the business of providing content writing services for last four years. I started the business from a small office in my basement, as the idea was to invest less and earn more. Earlier, the biggest challenge was to get clients for content writing solutions. I was doing the marketing work myself, and was successful in getting a handful of clients. The team of content writers also started getting bigger. Everybody in the team was doing administrative tasks, as I didn’t have a dedicated resource for this work.

Challenges the Company Faced in the Beginning


As the number of clients increased, the challenges in serving them efficiently surged too. Though, we were providing them content materials in a digital form, but still file formats became a major issue. Although my content writers were working really hard to deliver quality content, there were frequent spacing errors in documents. Later we figured out that the file format of our documents was not supported by the systems of certain clients. And for us, sending files to different clients in different formats was not easy.

Well, we were not just facing challenges from our clients’ ends, but also internally. As every member of the team was performing certain administrative tasks, keeping track of everyone’s work and performance was difficult. Also, a lot of paper was wasted in creating invoices, pay slips, employee records, etc.

How the Advancement in Technology Helped the Company?

Till then, technology had not much presence in my office, except in the form of few laptops. But, I got to know about document management systems and their benefits in keeping documents sorted. After getting free demo for different document management systems, I finally invested in the one, which offers the following benefits:

  • Providing the Framework for Keeping Documents Organized

All forms of documents, be it digital or paper-based, can be organized efficiently with the help of a document management system. Also, various document types, such as, word-processing files, PDFs, emails, and spreadsheets can be stored at one centralized location using this cloud-based software. Documents, which are stored over the cloud, are indexed in a way that we can search them easily by putting just a keyword or a text.

  • Tracking Every Action Related to Documents

Any change or edits in a stored document can be viewed easily. So, we can effortlessly track who is employed on a particular document and what’s the status of work. Also, previous versions of an edited document can be easily retrieved if needed. So, we don’t need to save different versions of an edited document or keep manual records of the number of times changes being done.

  • Maintaining Document Inventory

Now, we can dispose of out-of-date digital documents without any fear of causing a noteworthy paper wastage. Also, it’s easy to track which documents are redundant at a particular point of time, and accordingly delete them from the cloud. If required, we can even retrieve the deleted documents. So, there is no fear of losing a document forever. Overall, the document inventory can be managed efficiently using a document management system.

  • Ensuring Fool-Proof Data Security

We can decide upon the number of authorized users for the document management software. Only authorized users can have access to documents for editing and sharing. Thus, there is no chance of our exclusive content being forged or misused by unauthorized sources.

  • Access to Documents via Mobile Devices

Even those who are creating content for us remotely can contribute to our document inventory by sharing completed files from anywhere and anytime. We can access all documents on the cloud from our mobile devices to prevent any chance of delay in delivering prompt content to our clients.

Her wonderful experience with the software affirms the importance of a document management system for small business. But before investing in a document management system, know more about the essential features.


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