Top Features to consider in Document Management Systems

Top Features to consider in Document Management Systems

You might expect that all document management systems are created equal. But, they differ significantly from each other in terms of features. Not all documents management systems are backed by essential features to track, store and manage documents. Before buying a document management system, it is important to understand what constitutes as the essential features of a well-designed DMS software.

Top Features that Every Document Management System Must have-

User-friendly Interface

Intelligent Document Organization

Document Processing

Workflow Automation

Universal Format Support

Document Security

Cloud Access














Implementing a quality document management system is important for businesses to work in an organized manner. A DMS software with these must-have features can help your business grow by managing all types of documents with higher efficiency:

User-friendly Interface Your employees are going to use the document management software every day. So, it is important that they find its user interface attractive. With an attractive and user-friendly UI, users can easily use different features of a document management system as soon as they log in. Also, a document management system with an attractive user interface will help your staffs in making a smooth transition from the older method of document management.

Intelligent Document Organization For a growing business, dealing with a large number of documents every day is a daunting task. With more and more documents to organize, manual efforts are not sufficient. Only a document management system that provides the document organization and indexing feature can be helpful. A quality document management software organizes documents intelligently by categorizing, rating and tagging them as per the level of priority and importance. This way, staffs can search an indexed file quite easily, without getting puzzled among piles of physical papers.

Document Processing Document processing involves conversion of physical data into electronic information for easy access and control. An ideal document management system creates documents using different electronic templates, and links all documents to the CRM/ERP system. It also comes with an inbuilt editor for editing different types of files.

Workflow Automation Workflow automation is another important feature under which the software automates the path of every document to its destination. It processes all incoming documents and routes them to their respective destinations. Further, a trusted document management software should also create and update different records, based on documents.

Universal Format Support You might be using .pdf and .docx formats predominantly, but there are many other file formats along with these two. And, new file formats are popping up every now and then owing to the technology progress. So, it is important that a document management system supports all major file formats. This will also make the file sharing process convenient among clients using different formats.

Document Security Document security is one of the most critical features of a DMS software. With document encryption and role-based access, the software prevents any data breach. Also, all revisions are indexed to ensure the authenticity.

Cloud Access Now that employees preferably upload, download and store documents online, the cloud access is important for online data security. A cloud-based document management system allows users to archive documents at a single digital platform with advanced access rights. Only authorized users can access, edit and share data in the cloud.

Along with these essential features, there are many other benefits that come as a bonus with an ideal document management software. From the support for SSL and inbuilt word processor to multi-tenant features, there are many advantages of implementing an advanced document management system.

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