Retail POS Software Systems in India – Reviews 2017

Retail POS Software Systems in India – Reviews 2017

DeKrafts, an online retail store selling home-made soaps, shampoos and lip balms, started out small. The father and daughter team – with one in Bangalore and another one in Gurgaon had a dedicated client list and managed to handle everything on paper and excels. But soon the business grew. Orders began pouring in from places as remote as high altitude villages in Uttaranchal that it excels became ineffective, often resulting in the situation of under-stocking. Keeping a track of newest purchase orders also became unmanageable for the start-up. Without knowing how much products they were sending out, they found that a majority of buying orders were getting duplicated.

DeKrafts was ready to take a leap forward and invest in a strong Retail POS software system. They were seeking a budged, easy to operate system, and we created this list of leading retail POS systems for them.   

RetailCore POS SoftwareDeveloped by SeedCore Group, it is meticulously designed to meet the needs of retail outlets. RetailCore consists of several modules that cover billing, invoicing, inventory control management, multiple barcode scanning, stock keeping and bookkeeping. It also supports the additional feature of ‘exhibition mode’ that tracks stock and sales summary and physical stock reconciliation. The consignment module can be configured to track B2B sales and outstanding payments.

The software’s interactive reporting features allows user to sort, link to customers and follow transactions. It offers extensive range of default reports relating to clients, count sheet, payments, pending invoices, products, sales, stock, taxes, and even the company’s turnover. The admin can limit actions of other users in different sections of the software, giving complete authority on controlling the amount that staff members can discount of and controlling the access to other parts of the software that admin would not want them to view.

RetailCore Software can be installed to totally work offline as desktop application, totally online from cloud server, and even in hybrid mode of offline-online while supporting multiple locations. It is carefully engineered for Indian retailers keeping in mind the daily working scenarios of small to medium size retail and wholesale businesses, and works smoothly with all hardware. Visit website (

Pricing- Detailed pricing information for RetailCore is not publicly available. Please visit their website for more information.

GoFrugal POS SoftwareA modular application that covers both retail outlets and restaurants, GoFrugal is quick, efficient, and convenient.  Its unmatched billing speed can be aided with integration to all POS accessories. The inventory tracking control feature gives 100% knowledge on what is in the shop, what needs to be there, and what can be gotten rid of. The software allows you to use the racks, shelves and the complete shop space to stock products that are fast moving and clear out the non-moving ones, wastage, and release the blocked working capital. The complete transaction history of all the products, capturing the supplier and selling details, is stored date wise for easy accessibility.

Another remarkable feature of GoFrugal is its capacity to track store performance and analyse latest trends and share data to make informed decisions on business. The shop information/reports can be accessed from laptops and smartphones as well as through WhatsNow mobile app that comes along as free add-on.

Pricing- The GoFrugal Retail POS System plans start from INR 15,000 for a starter version, and goes up to INR 25,000 for standard, and INR 60,000 for a professional version. More about the product can be accessed from their website (

Quick Point of Sale Software Provider Comparison

Shoper 9 POS SoftwareDeveloped by Tally Solutions, the Shoper 9 POS Software is a powerful system that can manage extensive retail operations in a store or distributor location. Its two versions – retail and distributor can be used in a store/showroom selling products/services to customers on cash and carry basis, or by warehouses/stockists to sell and dispatch goods to retailers on wholesale basis either for cash or on credit. Both the software have common features and differ only in the target customers they service.

Both applications support purchase, stock, sales, and bar coding, while giving the option of entering or importing the master data. It also allows the user to generate sales promotional schemes and discounts to attract more customers. The applications’ extensive reporting system is useful to both the store managers and management. Integrating the applications with Tally ERP 9 allows posting of inventory information for the purpose of generating accounting, inventory, and statutory reports. Visit website ( for more information.


Shoper 9 Silver: INR 18,000

Shoper 9 Gold: INR 54,000

Shoper 9 Diamond: INR 3, 60, 000

MARG ERP 9+ POS SoftwareIt is a point-of-sale, inventory management software with built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting solution launched by Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. Like other Retail POS Systems, it also offers the standard features of billing, purchase, discount and schemes, document printing, fully user-configurable invoicing, taxation reports / registers, MIS reports, utilities, comprehensive financial accounting and inventory management.

Additionally, MARG ERP 9+ POS Software allows direct or bulk messages to debtors, creditors, field staff or any account group. The user can also send messages regarding post-dated cheques, receipts and payment thanks to customers. With the integration with email service providers like yahoo, gmail or Hotmail, MARG ERP 9+ can send automatic invoices and purchase orders on your behalf with every sale. Visit website to know about the product. (


Basic Edition: INR 7,200

Silver Edition: INR 16,200

Gold Edition: INR 36,000

Ginesys Point of SaleThe Ginesys Point of Sales solution includes everything from inventory, planning, production, procurement to retail management and interactive dashboard to manage customer loyalty. With its proven performance in apparel, lifestyle and FMCG sector, it is a seamless integrated system with back and front office especially designed for high-end industries.

The unique data synchronization feature allows it to automatically update sale and stock of the POS back to the ERP running at your central system. This feature can be activated for any stock transfers. Additionally, the system can also be adjusted to new business model of franchising where multiple entrepreneurs take up part of the risk of inventory. Ginesys supports this in the POS transparently. If the store is a franchisee store, the stock can be controlled without accounts getting affected, while promotions, pricing, security and all other aspects still getting centrally controlled. Visit website (

Pricing- Detailed pricing information is not publicly available. Please visit their website for more information.

Ecogreen POS SoftwareAn effective Point Of Sale (POS) system for invoicing, customer data capturing and customer pattern capturing, Ecogreen  is a great choice for retail vendors and chains to engage customers efficiently and process prescriptions in the minimal possible time. It comes with centralized warehouse module for higher fulfilment and a central module for complete control.

Ecogreen works well for multi-store owners with centralised management system & single store owners aspiring to open multi-store in near future. It not only gives the power to manage the business in an efficient manner but also offers insights which can help you take better decisions. It has centralised back office for master creation, work flow management and for assigning user rights. The inventory management module can be used for electronic stock entry, stock transfer records and SKUs inward and outward management. Warehouse management feature adjusts to product inventory counts, and leads effective and efficient supply chain model. Website:

 Price: Available on request.

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