What is Surveillance

Surveillance is monitoring the behavior and activities of people from a distance. Electronic equipment, such as surveillance cameras and video recorders are used for monitoring a set of people in a given area. Surveillance is done by government and businesses for the protection of people and processes, intelligence gathering, and crime prevention. Sometimes, businesses also indulge in corporate surveillance for marketing purposes. Corporate surveillance of a group’s behavior can help businesses tailor-made their products and services according to customers’ response. 

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CCTV Cameras

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance is done by the use of video cameras. The signal is transmitted via video cameras to a set of monitors. The links can be mesh wired, wireless, point to point (P2P) or point to multi point (P2MP). The advanced forms of CCTV cameras also use digital video records (DVRs), which provide extra features and performance options. DVRs help with motion detection and email alerts to ensure fool-proof surveillance. Surveillance cameras (CCTV) are majorly used for monitoring employees, traffic monitoring, industrial processes, and crime prevention.

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Surveillance Recording

A digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device for recording videos in a digital format and storing them to USB flash drive, disk drive, SSD, SD memory card, and other mass storage device. A digital video recorder includes a set-top box with portable media players, digital camcorders and TV gateways. With these equipment, the recording capability of DVRs increases manifold. Personal video recorders are also quite popular as a consumer electronic device. Different types of digital video recorders are set-top boxes, VESA compatibility, integrated television sets, PC-based, Mac operating system and Windows.

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