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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance is done by the use of video cameras. The signal is transmitted via video cameras to a set of monitors. The links can be mesh wired, wireless, point to point (P2P) or point to multi point (P2MP). The advanced forms of CCTV cameras also use digital video records (DVRs), which provide extra features and performance options. DVRs help with motion detection and email alerts to ensure fool-proof surveillance. Surveillance cameras (CCTV) are majorly used for monitoring employees, traffic monitoring, industrial processes, and crime prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, is a system which monitors the video with the help of the transmitted data and video within the closed system from various security cameras. CCTV’s signals are used for monitoring, primarily for surveillance and security purpose. CCTV is distinct from broadcast television, in that signals are not sent out for just anyone to intercept. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera's input on monitors somewhere. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and/or video recorders across private coaxial cable runs or wireless communication links, they gain the designation "closed-circuit" to indicate that access to their content is limited by design only to those able to see it.

The hidden cameras are integrated with CCTV camera which gives the permission to CCTV camera to monitor and record the activities of the area. Hidden cameras are more effective when they capture the video evidences. On the other end of the spectrum, dummy cameras are a low-cost deterrent device, appearing to be CCTV cameras, often complete with blinking lights. Many small businesses use dummy camera as an extra measure of security.

The most common use of the CCTV is in security cameras system. The general use of the CCTV Cameras are:-

  • Maintaining perimeter security in medium- to high-secure areas and installations.
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Building and grounds security
  • Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls.
  • CCTV are used in private television networks, broadcasting sporting events and special events throughout their facilities.

Surveillance or security cameras have become the important need of the people. Surveillance cameras helps in stopping the unwanted activities and also act as a deterrent for any potential incident in offices , educational institutes and health institutions and even residences.

The security cameras has a BNC Connection and all the video and power cables has a BNC ends which connects a camera to a DVR.

CCTV Cameras are the cameras to monitor the large spaces and the IP cameras are the modern choice of the companies.

CCTV Camera uses the physical DVR to record the video which can be connected to the internet for remote viewing capabilities whereas IP cameras uses the SD cameras to record and sends the video locally via internet through NVR. CCTV Camera typically offer lower resolution of 960 x 480, but some systems offer HD resolution, IP Cameras offers the resolution of 4096 x 2160. Standard resolution tends to be 1080p HD. CCTV Camera provides video surveillance without advanced features and IP cameras offers video surveillance with advanced features such as analytics, advanced motion detection and remote focus.

There are four types Security Cameras available:-

Dome Camera: - Dome cameras are dome in shaped. They are generally used inside the buildings on the ceilings or on the wall. Dome Cameras generally provide the different look. Everyone has seen these security cameras in businesses and stores. Because of its shape, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the camera is aiming unless you see it up close.

Bullet Camera: - Bullet Cameras are highly demanded and most popular security camera. Bullet Cameras are weather resistant camera so it can be placed outside the buildings as it does not require any additional protection.

Infrared Camera: - Infrared security cameras are also very popular as they allow an image to be seen in little or no lighting conditions. Most infrared security cameras are bullet style and can be used inside or out. The cameras have infrared lighting installed around the outer edge of the lens which allows the security camera to see in no light. 

C-Mount Camera: - C-Mount Camera are useful for long distance area as the major advantage of C-Mount camera is that the lens can be changed.

There are two main types of connections for CCTV Cameras :-

Fixed Cable - Fixed cable connection means that the camera is physically connected to the monitor or recording device via a cable. Coaxial cables that are similar to normal home TV cables are usually used.

Wireless Connection- CCTV camera with wireless connection are mostly used as these cameras can be placed anywhere. Wireless CCTV cameras transmit the video images to a digital video recorder and monitor without any obstacles. It is one of the battery operated cameras.

CCTV Cameras are used for security monitoring, spying or safety monitoring. CCTV cameras uses one or more video cameras to transmit video and sometimes audio images to a monitor, set of monitors, or video recorder. The difference between CCTV and standard TV is that standard TV openly broadcasts signals to the public. CCTV is not openly transmitted to the public. CCTV uses either wireless or wired transmission to send the broadcast from the video cameras to the monitor(s) or recording device.

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