What to do in case of a Network Breach?

What to do in case of a Network Breach?

The IT industry has the solution to almost every security problem. The software available is countless, but IT criminals and hackers are able to break through most systems. Security breaches have risen with some of the biggest companies like Sony, Apple and Gmail being compromised over the last two years.

No set of security systems and measures are infallible, so what is the plan of action during a breach? Below are a few crucial steps to ensure that damage control is successful:

  1. Evaluate the Situation: Determine what has been lost and how information has been compromised. Was the data crucial for the future of the company? Were credential and codes lost? Locate servers that have been compromised and secure them in a read-only format immediately with a disk image. This will protect data in the event of a lawsuit.
  1. Assemble a Task Force: If the IT department on hand is unable to handle a large breach, hire a team of experts to deal with it. This is necessary before proceeding to report it to legal authorities. Ensure that there is a concentrated effort in containing the breach and communicating with officials.
  1. Isolate Networks: If an on-going security breach has been discovered, change the credentials and information to all accounts and servers. Isolate networks or take them offline before the hackers can get to the data. Protection of as much information as possible will minimize the loses.
  1. Find the Fault: More often than not, the breach has occurred from within the company. Identify the hackers or, at the very least, find the flaws in your security approach and rectify them. A simple click on an e-mail that should not have been opened could allowed malicious software to enter the system.
  1. Test the Fix: Ensure that the flaw is fully resolved by running a series of penetration tests. Go through server logs again and investigate all other sources of susceptible infrastructures. This will help identify any unknown vectors of weakness that could be accessed.

Employ a team of trained IT professionals that are able to deal with infringement. The ideal course of action is ensuring that online servers and data is secured well before any breach occurs. Hence, precautionary measures are crucial.

  • Hire a specialized team of IT professionals to ensure that all security measures are in place and working consistently without any flaws or areas of weakness.
  • Train employees and prepare them for the variety and possibility of phishing campaigns.
  • Update employees regularly about new techniques and methods of containing or avoiding hacks.
  • Test employees occasionally to ensure they’re well prepared for any incident that may occur.
  • Establish and maintain collaboration with law enforcement in your country.

There are no physical boundaries, laws or treaties that can contain hacks. Security analysts advise backups and regular checkups to ensure safety of data.