Why go Wireless in the Workspace

Why go Wireless in the Workspace

Mobile technology has taken over business developments and transformed how businesses operate within the workplace and outside. The best technology is available to make processes hindrance free and allow a smoother flow of communication. Innumerable benefits of wireless technology have allowed workplaces to adapt to changing business scenarios and enhance their means of efficiency. Optimizing devices to obtain maximum yield while incurring minimal costs is the goal of wireless workplaces.

Here’s why so many businesses are opting for wireless workplaces:

1. Increases Mobility:

  • One the most obvious reasons is the fact that employees are not restricted to their desks by wires.
  • They are free to move around the office with LAN systems installed.
  • Ability to access and send files from one device to another using wireless connectivity.
  • Collaboration with team members is a lot simpler.
  • Information is more easily available and can be availed of as per convenience.
  • With access to wireless setups, employees can even work while not in the office, all they need is an internet connection.

2. Enables Responsiveness:

  • Surveys show that more than 84% of customers complain about having to wait too long or even failing to get an answer to their query.
  • Wireless systems allow smoother communication between employees, thereby enhancing the rate at which problems and issues can be resolved.
  • Immediate access to data allows businesses to attend to their clients and customers efficiently.
  • Readily available information ensures less time consumption for both employees and customers.

 3. Benefits Customers:

  • Customers are far more likely to spend time in an office space or business area where there is access to Wi-Fi.
  • Around 63% of mobile users to be exact, are likely to hang around an area with access to high-speed internet connections.
  • This, in turn, boosts the company’s rate of success by increases the rate sales.
  • Businesses are able to study customer preferences and thereby personalize their experience with target ads and other methods.
  • This is a lucrative business strategy to stay ahead of the game.

 4. Boosts Productivity:

  • Having the means to avail of information and collaborate seamlessly enhances the rate of productivity of a company.
  • Employees are able to communicate with each other instantly through unified communications, regardless of place or time differences.
  • Implementing the trend of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device increases employee satisfaction, their flexibility to change and new ideas.
  • It also reduces company expenses on extraneous devices.

5. Other Benefits:

  • Companies are able to expand their clientele base, employees and customers to specific networking systems by simply adding users to it.
  • Reduces the use of paper since most operations are done through a cloud system where editing and publishing information is much easier.
  • This, in turn, reduces the expenditure on stationery and other elements.

Budding businesses, startups and those focused on maximum productivity are adapting to the wireless age of technology and using it to boost their businesses.