The 7 most common & basic HRMS Software

The 7 most common & basic HRMS Software

To ensure a smooth run of HR operations, businesses should deal with several challenges on a day-to-day basis. Along with recruiting and training onboard employees, the HR department of a company must take care of other key functionalities, such as, payroll, attendance and performance appraisals.

Complete dependence on manual efforts for maintaining an employee database, time and attendance, performance record, etc., can lead to many complications. But with different HRMS software modules, these tasks can be performed more efficiently and less tediously. Different HRMS software tools available with reliable IT service providers in India like can help SMBs and large organizations to streamline HR operations.

Recruitment The HR software module for recruitment handles activities like internal form-filling and authorization, posting of job openings, applicant tracking, and so on. 

Many cloud-based HR recruitment software tools are brimming in the market, such as, Zoho Recruit to help enterprises create a pool of talented employees.

Performance Management The performance management module is required for tracking the objectives and targets of all employees, and automating the appraisal process. Important factors to be incorporated in this module are job standard and competence framework for every employee.

Some trusted performance management software tools are Ramco HCM (HR software for large companies), and BambooHR (HR software for small businesses).

Talent Management Along with recruiting talented employees, understanding their potential for succession within an organization is also important. So, to create a pipeline of talented employees and for succession planning, talent management software module is required by different organizations.

Performance Pro and Threads Culture are among reliable talent management HR software tools. 

Benefits administration This HRMs software module manages employee benefits, which include healthcare packages, pension schemes and other welfare programs.

Zenefits and UltiPro are some of the well-known HR software tools for benefits administration.

Quick HRMS Software Vendors Comparison

Time & attendance From attendance management to biometric time tracking, HR software tools can make these processes quite smooth and hassle-free. The time & attendance module is serviced by many HRMS software tools to help organizations deal with disciplinary issues.

Krones Workforce Ready and Sage People are some HR software tools for automating this HR module efficiently.

Payroll In many companies, especially those with smaller workforce, payroll also comes under the umbrella of HR operations. To deal with this challenge, SMBs rely majorly on those HRMS software tools that include the payroll module. With payroll HR software, key features like payroll related reports, pay slips, increments, reimbursements, etc. can be managed in a seamless manner.

HR software Xero and HR software with Quickbooks can serve payroll requirement of different industries accurately.

Employee Self-Service A HR software portal that allows employees to access and manage personal information can save a significant time of HR professionals in an organization. The HR module of employee self-service also helps employee in mapping their competencies and completing appraisal related formalities with ease. Thus, HR professionals can focus on other important functionalities, while employees are taking care of their own details on an HR software portal.

The best open source HRMS software for employee self-service module are SimpleHRM, Zoho People, and Zenefits.

Starting with HRMS Selection Adopting and installing the best Human resource management software for your business can enable a massive transformation in favor of your organizations success, growth and future requirements.

Though it is feasible to handle the HR process and tasks manually, however a programmed structure and system can aid to uplift HR personals efficiency & productivity levels and can transform the way employees perceived their company in the modern arena.

Considering that HRMS software’s are not “one size fits all,” just as every corporation is diverse, similarly are the HRMS software’s and systems offered in the marketplace to select from.

Choosing the top HRMS Solutions Discovering a HRMS that suits your requirements can be fast and easy now! Let us take the sting out of your pursuit by undertaking all the heavy lifting for you and offering you with a crisp catalog of greatly well-matched solutions.

If you’re willing to unearth the top HRMS software for your organization, visit our HRMS vendor listing to get started.

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