Your buying Guide for Accounting and Payroll Software Systems

Your buying Guide for Accounting and Payroll Software Systems

Payroll is a business-critical operation for every organization, because it is important to pay employees accurately and on time. Accounting and Payroll software accelerates the time to calculate employee salaries accurately, and to make payments on time. It eliminates the difficulty in understanding the complex payroll laws and operation; thereby reducing the administrative costs. Most companies start their digitization slow and gradually learn to expand their processes on the basis of usability. They may run large, independent offices and offer solutions to businesses globally, but need to constantly expand their accounting and payroll technology in order to replace its existing manual processes and create both time and cost efficiencies.

If you are thinking of taking one for your organization too, we have listed some well-researched benefits of doing so:

Reliable Payments

No company wants an unreliable, untrustworthy system of payments. Salaries, TAs, DAs, allowances, and bills need an immediate and systematic disbursement system. Employees are more loyal when they know their payments will not get unnecessary delayed. Automated direct payments through an established accounting system like BUSY, gives a peace of mind to employees and vendors. More than 1,50,000 installations at micro, small and medium businesses with over 6 lakh users worldwide, it has already become one of the leading accounting software in India. The pricing plan starts from INR 7,200 and can increase to INR 3499, depending on the usage. In addition to ensuring that your payments are reliable, BUSY also facilitates Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency), Inventory Management (Multi-location), Production / Bill of Material, Sales / Purchase Quotations, Sales / Purchase Order Processing, Fully User-configurable Invoicing, User-configurable Documents / Letters, User-configurable Columns in Reports, CST / VAT Reports (State-specific), Mfg / Trading Excise Registers, Service Tax & TDS, and MIS Reports & Analysis.

Hassle-Free Maintenance of Customer Accounts

Managing financial transactions, tax calculations, and invoices for customers can be a nightmare. In addition to recording, organizing, maintaining and analysing financial data, Marg ERP9+ Accounting Software can also Create & Email Estimates, Get Customer Comment on Estimates, Create & Email Purchase Orders, Build Recurring Invoices, Export Invoice Template to MS Word/Excel, Schedule Email Invoices, and take out Salary Calculation & Payslips. It allows you to finalize your customer accounts up to balance sheet through importing data from any inventory software except bill creation & modification. Moreover you can also keep a tab on all types of vat forms of different states and file e- return online. 

Quick Accounting & Payroll Management Software Provider Comparison

Create Professional Estimates or Invoices With a Click

Your payroll system should have the capability to track quotes, estimates and invoices for every lead that you get. ProfitBooks lets you do that swiftly. As a cloud accounting software for SMB Businesses, it creates invoices, tracks expenses and manages inventory. You can also track outstanding payments due with few clicks, receive online payments via accepting credit/debit card, netbanking or even wallet payments from customers. Payments get deposited directly to bank account and accounting entries get passed automatically.  With a starting point of INR4500, Profitbooks, saves time lost in manual work during tax calculations. You can quickly know payable or receivable amount for Service Tax, VAT and other taxes. Detailed reports are also available for your CA or tax consultant.

Make Your Business GST Ready

A change in tax impacts us all. As 2017 is progressing, it is becoming all the more important to make your business GST ready. From registering for it to filing tax returns online, keeping the records, organizing the payments, an online accounting system can automate everything for you. You may also use it to control stock, record purchases, create sales orders, maintain warehouses, manage vendors and know what’s going on with your business with just few clicks. 

Get MIS and Business Dashboard

Support your business operations through technology. Make use of all the information about customers, employees and vendors that your system stores to generate more leads for your business, increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage over those that do not have a proper system. Software like Reach Accounting comes with features like Business Dashboard, CRM, Inventory Management, Billing & Invoicing, Repair Management, Accounting & Tax Management. With the bronze, silver and gold licencing, it also supports the functions through a mobile app and gives a free trial of 30 days to check, use and get familiarized with the system. Unlike a traditional accounting software, Reach Accounting is accessible online like your gmail or facebook account, making it easier to be used simultaneously by multiple employees.

Integrate Your HR Modules with Payroll Software

Payroll software can streamline and automate the process of paying your employees. It can be purchased from a human resources technology vendor or be made as a part of your resource planning (ERP) package. For medium-level companies, greytHR comes with a set of fully integrated modules that allow HR and finance teams to work together seamlessly. It’s core HRMS solution allows you to track all employee life-cycle activities and extensive employee information. Since the information is centralized, it becomes easier to update any new change, and ensure that it reflects everywhere. greytHR's core HR module gives the facility to capture all necessary employee data fields ranging from personal to work details. It is an easy tool to carry out various life cycle activities like addition, confirmation, resignations, etc.

It also maintains complete work history in terms of transfers, promotions, incident reports, or other status changes. With its Powerful search and querying capabilities to quickly locate, consume, or update employee information, you can get any information anytime. The data APIs can also be easily integrated with other internal or external applications to initiate a hassle free transfer of information. 


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