Alternatives to GoToMeetings: Comprehensive Video Collaboration Vendors List

Alternatives to GoToMeetings: Comprehensive Video Collaboration Vendors List

Video conferencing has become the standard for any business collaboration these days. Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular among enterprises owing to its plenty of advantages like cost effectiveness, and the ease to connect with clients, customers and employees anytime. Various video conferencing solutions are available in the market, which provide customized solutions for business collaboration. One of them is the GoToMeeting video conferencing solution, which allows users to conduct prompt video meetings online.

About GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting gives managers a lot of flexibility when they have to schedule meetings. Also, when participants are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, they can easily reschedule it with the help of GoToMeeting app. It also cuts down on travel costs of employees with one-click meeting possible from a variety of locations, using emails, instant messaging tools and Microsoft Office. Even meeting recordings can be shared in just one click with those who are unable to attend an online conference. Users have both, desktop and mobile options to start an instant meeting or to join a scheduled meeting from the device of their choice.

But, this useful videoconferencing solution also has something which users tend to dislike. Its user interface looks a bit outdated and clunky. Further, you need to download to enjoy all its features. There are many other video conferencing solutions, which you don’t need to download. Here’re some free video conferencing solutions for you to consider.

1. Skype for Business

Skype for Business provides all the advanced features of Skype for small business users. It is ideal for platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, and provides MS Office support for business essentials and premium. Integrated into Outlook, it also helps in scheduling meetings effectively. Other advanced features of Skype for Business are:

  • Low user cost per month
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Helps in capturing audio, video, IM and screen sharing
  • Provides audio support for existing Lync compatible phones and other audio devices
  • You can jump on to a video call right from your home by using Microsoft Skype for Business.

2. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a flexible offering, which ensures scalability with MS Office support. It allows screen sharing with meeting attendees. It also helps in recording the entire meeting session along with the content shared. For outstanding video support, VoIP and HD Voice (wideband audio) are supported in meeting center.

  • Scalable features as per the changing needs of users
  • Provides secure login
  • Helps in setting up personalized video conferencing rooms
  • Integration with MS Outlook on Mac and Windows platforms.

3. Join.Me provides all the advanced features to make video conferencing solutions effective. It provides MS Office support for Office documents and allows meeting scheduling via Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365. Other ways in which this video conferencing solution is helpful for users are:

  • It works with Slack, Trello and HipChat
  • Allows meeting recordings with Pro/Business versions
  • Provides integration with conference calling even when the camera is not available
  • Users don’t need to install apps or plugins
  • Dial-in codes and phone numbers are not allowed for making a videoconferencing call.

4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free online video chat tool, which helps in offering the best ways to do video     calls. All you need to have is a free Gmail or Google+ account, and you can enjoy advanced Google Hangout features. It provides a variety of features as a free application like HD video, chatting over text, VoIP call and group video conferences. Let’s have a look at some of its noteworthy benefits:

  • Ensures group video conferencing for at least 10 people
  • Group video conferencing can be conducted both inside and outside an organization
  • Allows video sharing with all video conference members
  • Users can edit documents from Google Drive
  • Allows users to broadcast live video meetings to all Google+ friends.

5. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings provides the best way to do video conference for free. It helps in sharing documents, applications, images and the entire desktop at the time of meeting. Other rich features of this HD video conferencing solutions are:

  • It offers a whiteboard tool, and helps in sketching out ideas and taking notes during the meeting
  • Users can enjoy other advanced features like muting and unmuting participants, chatting over text, recording a meeting, controlling audio and video remotely
  • ezTalks Meetings has launched a free 100-participant plan for all users
  • It is applicable for different fields like video meeting, online webinar, training, education and manual.


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