Artificial Intelligence may Exceed Human Performance in the Coming Years

Artificial Intelligence may Exceed Human Performance in the Coming Years

One industry after another is using artificial intelligence for its benefits. There is no denying the facts that Artificial Intelligence is widening its reach in our day-to-day life and that too with a breakneck speed.

With this arises an interesting question: Will Artificial Intelligence outperform human performance? If yes, then is it going to happen any time soon?

This can happen only when Artificial Intelligence is able to do a job better than humans. This may seem a distant reality, but if we go by the survey conducted over 350 artificial intelligence researchers, then it looks quite imminent. According to the survey results, machines are predicted to be better than humans in translating languages by 2024, running a truck by 2027, working in the retail sector by 2030, and can completely outperform humans by 2060.

The technology which appeared as the mere figment of imagination in sci-fi movies is now dominating our lives!

This survey was conducted by the University of Oxford in the UK and Yale University in the US and was presented at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems or the International Conference on Machine Learning.

A series of questions were asked by world’s leading researchers on their thoughts over artificial intelligence outperforming human performance. Based on their answers to a set of questions, Grace and co calculated the median responses and derived these statistics.

Most Artificial Intelligence researchers believe that AI will become better than humans in the next 40-year timeframe. This timeframe indicates the dominance of AI during the working lifespan of our immediate next generation.

During a recent tech conference session, which was attended by giant players like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook, the focus on Artificial Intelligence was obvious. All these big wigs seemed dedicated towards the use of AI for creating unique user experiences. They are looking for an AI that can leverage new types of software algorithms and computer components for generating useful information automatically.

Taking a significant step towards building AI smarts, these companies have already acquired around 34 AI startups in the first quarter of 2017. These tech giants are working aggressively towards reinforcing their leads in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The presence of AI is being observed in other spheres of life, be it business or gaming. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is being largely used for organizing big data into various patterns and structures. These patterns and structures can help in analytics, neural networks and machine learning. But the application of AI is not limited to the world of data structuring.

At the recently-held Computex show 2017 in Taipei, chess-playing robot took the center-stage. This robot was designed by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) during the Computex show itself.

The rise of chatbots as an ultimate messenger for businesses further strengthens the indications that Artificial Intelligence has already outperformed humans at various fronts. Chatbot is basically a computer program that simulate a conversation with humans. It is designed to provide a friendly communication interface to help users find instant solutions to their queries.

AI researchers have accumulating evidence that Artificial Intelligence can overpower human intelligence in tasks like translating languages, writing essays, and driving vehicles, but there is a little evidence that AI can have human-like versatility any time soon. No matter what developments unfold in the future, but recent surveys speak volumes that the tech world is going the AI direction with the ‘full steam ahead’ attitude.

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