What Happens at the World’s Biggest Conference for Hackers?

What Happens at the World’s Biggest Conference for Hackers?

‘Black Hat’ – The world’s biggest conference for hackers provide a single platform for thousands of security experts to come together and explore vulnerabilities in information security. Earlier, it used to happen annually at Las Vegas, but not it’s a global phenomenon. Black Hat conference is now a global conference series that is organized in countries like Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, and Washington DC.

Earlier, some organizations tried to prevent researchers from exposing loopholes in the security of their product. Even Cisco tried to dissuade researchers from exposing a vulnerability that could have helped hackers in shutting down the internet. But, researchers kept their spirits high. And now, they are even rewarded by different brands for finding a flaw in their product’s security.

Along with standard talks and training sessions, pranks are also quite rampant at Black Hat. In the past, attendees hacked the Wi-Fi network of a Las Vegas hotel just to play tricks on other members at the conference.

And then, there is the ‘Wall of Sheep’. Here the names and partial passwords of those computers which are unsecured is displayed. The motive of the ‘Wall of Sheep’ is to make organizations feel bad about their current network security infrastructure and take immediate action to strengthen it.

Additionally, reporters also fall prey to hacking tricks played by researchers at the event. During the Black Hat event in 2008, three reporters hacked computers of other reporters just to play a trick.

All these and a lot more fun happens at the Black Hat conference. The business world seems quite curious to know which companies were targeted during the last conference and who were able to come clean out of the conference.

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