Cisco Expressway Series Review

Cisco Expressway Series Review

Organizations are getting associated with more and more teleworkers with time. Thanks to globalization, geographical barrier has diminished and people are getting good career opportunities from across the world. With organizations associating with remote workers, there is an increased need for advanced collaboration technology. Cisco Expressway series serves this purpose quite efficiently by acting as the communication link between organizations and teleworkers.

What is Cisco Expressway Series?

Cisco Expressway series offers those users who are outside the firewall layer of a business, a highly secure access to all collaboration workloads along with audio, video, content, IM and presence. With this technology, collaboration with those users who are on third-party systems and in other organizations becomes easier and secure. It helps Cisco jabber mobile users and teleworkers collaborate efficiently through the devices of their choice.

What Can It Do?

Cisco Expressway comes with many advanced features, such as:

Single-Sign-On Access

Cisco Expressway series offers single-sign-on access for teleworkers and mobile users. Users get access to all collaboration workloads even without the VPN client. This way, it promotes both, business to business and business to customer collaboration.

Hybrid Collaboration

It helps in connecting third party assets and on-premises Cisco to WebEx and Cisco Spark users in the Cisco collaboration cloud.

Video Interoperability

It provides hassle-free video interoperability with third-party vendors.

Firewall-Traversal Technology

Cisco Expressway offers highly secure firewall-traversal technology to expand the reach of your organization’s collaboration efforts. It also provides deployment flexibility. It can be deployed virtually or as an appliance.

Complements BYOD

Cisco Expressway series complements BYOD strategies to help employees work efficiently with their own device in the office premise.

What Is It For?

Cisco Expressway simplifies end-users experiences and ensures collaboration with more people inside and outside an organization through mobile and video interoperability. It is ideal for all types of business collaboration, be it business-to-business collaboration or business-to-consumer collaboration.

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