5 Ways for SMB’s to Grow their Business Using Cloud Contact Center

5 Ways for SMB’s to Grow their Business Using Cloud Contact Center

As a player in the 3.1 million strong Indian contact centre service industry, you stand a great chance to lose out in identifying the right contact center solution and vendor for your company. Redundant technology, unfamiliarity with new solutions, and failure to upgrade your level of operations are a few major reasons that can outsmart you in your own field. However, there are some proven ways that you can undertake to make sure such a scenario never arises.

1.     Define your Brand

Branding is much more than just a logo or stationery. It is promise of the quality that you define through your USPs and separates your services from the competitors. Since for most contact centres, voice (call) remains the first point of contact for a customer, we recommend trying to build up your branding message from there. While a large corporation can have dedicated resources for sophisticated contact centre and it associated systems such as IVR, Dialer, recording, intuitive call routing, or custom screen-pop up solutions for agents, smaller or medium ones don’t need to lag behind. The latest contact centre solutions offer cloud solutions that offer all this cutting-edge technology and much more at a fraction of the cost.

A solution from Exotel gives you one single phone number for your business through which you can simultaneously receive and make hundreds of calls and SMS. All this, without the hassle of an EPABX/PRI line at your end. That's not all, Exotel provides a suite of tools with which you can manage sales, marketing and customer care channels in real time, making your brand stronger and more effective. It gives your brand managers a better control over company’s assets and deploy effective business management strategies across the organization.

2.     Improve Infrastructure

Leaving yesterday’s practices outside, an interactive and intelligent cloud contact centre can give flexibility to the infrastructure with limitless capacity, portability of existing and new numbers, better web and mobile user experience, and lightning-fast deployment. A solution like ININ PureCloud Engage Contact Center Solution recognizes the never-ending advantages of shifting a contact centre infrastructure to the cloud as it increases customer satisfaction, competitive advantage and retention while keeping the overall costs under tight budget. It covers multichannel communications coming from voice, email and chat while streamlining the process of providing modernized service to customers. It also embraces a swift-working interactive voice response (IVR) and quality management features.

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3.     Reduce Operational Time-Delays

A scalable, easy-to-use cloud contact centre software manages all the customer experiences – be it on phone, web, email or text – as a single conversation. It gives tools to the agents that they need to offer intuitive service, resulting in greater satisfaction, improved engagement and a shorter turn-around-time for your customers. Novanet Cloud Contact Center (C3) Solution integrates real-time communications directly into the browser to give a fully featured telephony solution. Agents can login from anywhere as long as they have a computer and a working internet connection. The solution requires zero configuration, saves costs on hardware/software, and it easy to use. It also offers analytical insights into the Contact Center’s operations, compares average wait times, answered - abandoned ratios, average online agents to cut-down unwanted delays.

4.     Deliver Exceptional Customer Engagement

Though living in a digital era, your customers still want that human touch. Customer engagement is just not verbal communication, but also how you reach out to your client base. Social media, mobile app, VoIP, SMS, phone call, chat or email – an intuitive cloud solution can automatically connect the customer to the most qualified agent, whether that’s one from the billing department, tech support, or who speaks a particular language. InContact enables multi-channel contact center communications via one universal queue, servicing various customer types depending on how they prefer to communicate. It’s In contrast to premise-based contact center solutions, in the event of an operational interruption – such as flooding, heavy snow, and the like – InContact-powered call centers can function as usual by asking their agents to work from home, or wherever there’s an Internet connection, even route calls to other branches without negatively impacting the customer’s experience. Workflows can also be altered on the fly with a few clicks.

5.     Device Effective Call Queueing Techniques

Customers want quick solutions. Call queueing gives the leverage of using their time in best possible way while they are waiting to get answers from any live agent. A smart, customization cloud solution comes with advanced features that meet the needs of both inbound and outbound call centres. It allows using the queuing time to extend marketing campaigns, customer service, and more, all without the hassle of maintenance or on-site equipment. Ameyo lets you build your own visual call-flow designer, with the call over-flow, request for callback, hold time, announcements, grace/timeout features. It offers a complete contact center solution including in built omni-channel, embedded IVR, and quick integration with customer relationship system (CRM), giving your business the flexibility to scale the number of agents quickly while only paying for what is used on a per agent per month basis. This avoids the inflation of capital expenditure on the customers site, while ensuring you run your operations from virtually any location with only an internet connection, a browser and a phone.

Enabling your business to a technology-enabled environment brings in flexibility to stay updated. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them, so you can easily adjust for seasonal spikes or unexpected events. With years of experience in delivering cloud based Virtual Contact Centre solutions bring down risk, cost and delivery time, these solutions stand a firm chance to enhance the effectiveness of your business.

Want to learn more about how contact centre can help in improving yours business using cloud-based technologies? We have listed the top cloud contact centre solutions of this year here Techpillar 2017 Cloud Contact Centre Vendor list.

Techpillar facilitates aggregation to leverage the strength of the new-age tools for the benefit of every player – large or small – in the industry. Contact our representative for more information on how you can control cost, improve quality, save time and modernize your contact-centre business thought our various offerings.

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