Hosted Call Centre Solutions are the New Buzzword for Big Businesses

Hosted Call Centre Solutions are the New Buzzword for Big Businesses

The one constant about contact centres is - change. There is always something new being introduced, from a client, program, and software to selling processes. These developments can be extremely exciting, if not for the multiple variables and complications associated with them. A company’s main aim is to enhance their customer service solutions to ensure that their dedicated clientele remains ever faithful. Owing to the developments in technology coupled with the strain of setting up organizations and expanding to new geographies, many businesses are shifting to hosted call centre solutions or cloud-based contact centre software.

Benefits of Hosted Call Centre Solutions

  • Cost effective: Setting up a cloud-based customer service operation requires much less financial input. Premise-based call centres require a staggering amount of capital for availing of hardware, an office, hiring an IT team, etc. Using a cloud system reduces the cost incurred on all counts, thereby, making it easier to provide customer service solutions.
  • Accessibility: While the cost of outsourcing is reduced, another advantage associated with cloud software is that it is readily accessible by all employees regardless of their location. They can be in an office, working from home, using satellite connections or even operating on the road from their mobile devices. It provides constant access to both employers and employees.
  • Better Agents: By expanding the scope of the business and allowing employees to work from home or from off-site locations, businesses open up their avenues for hiring more competent and employable agents. With the right technology members of staff are able to communicate and work in a more effective and beneficial method.
  • Scalability: Being able to expand the scope and optimize work methods allows the company to grow. Businesses are able to afford the increase in monthly expenditure when the needs of the customers increase. The initial payments may be steep but the long term advantages definitely make up for this fact.
  • Other Benefits: Apart from the aforementioned benefits, hosted call centre solutions allow employers and business owners to track calls, store them for later evaluation, and use intelligent technology to solve problems in real-time. Companies are able to smoothly enhance their customer services as technology continues to develop.

Impact of Cloud Based Call Centre Solutions

The flexibility of cloud computing and call centre solutions has allowed global names like Microsoft the ability to outsource entire departments to the countries like India. This has obviously taken away jobs from the US, UK and Canada and brought it to India. Since the introduction of contact centre’s, the Indian economy has mobilized the workforce and increased income as well.

On a global scale, companies like Google and Amazon Web Services are constantly working to obtain compelling facts about their customers and build on those ideas for greater customer satisfaction. Other companies like Infosys and Wipro have set up agencies abroad and increased their workflow while minimizing costs. Businesses are able to avail of better-skilled employees and no longer need to compromise on the quality of their productivity simply because of local restrictions.

With constant developments, it is difficult to determine the path of cloud-based computing and call centre solutions. Thus far, it has definitely boosted the economy in some regions while immobilising the workforce in others.