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Choosing a resilient and scalable cloud based conferencing can be a lot of work. Whether you are looking for a SMB subscriptions based on users or Enterprise class Cloud Subscriptions for entire workforce, you will find everything you need right here. At Techpillar.com's Cloud Video/Audio & Web Conferencing category we have covered all the Cloud based Video/Audio & Web conferencing OEMs, a list that includes top brands such as Google, Adobe, LifeSize, ZOOM, BlueJeans, StarLeaf, Vidyo, OmniGain, Skype, Avaya & Polycom. These brands have become trusted over time because of their expertise in a wide variety of Cloud Conferencing Solutions catering to small offices, Large Enterprises and much more.

Within this long list of brands, you'll be able to find cloud conferencing products for all your Video, Audio and Web conferencing requirements.

Need help to find the right Cloud Video/Audio & Web Conferencing solution? Our featured subcategory of Audio, Video & Web Conferencing make it easy to find the perfect addition to your enterprise network.

Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

There are a number of audio, video & web conferencing software solutions available today. It helps businesses in bringing employees, clients, and customers together on a virtual online platform Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-based video conferencing helps businesses stay connected with their clients, employees and vendors through a video conferencing solution that is hosted in the server of a vendor. Cloud-based video conferencing also supports a wide range of end-user devices, and proves quite helpful in the present scenario when there is surge of the bring-your-own-device trend in enterprises.

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions work even without the hardware to provide versatile and convenient video conferencing solutions. Hosted video conferencing solutions use 2D or 3D video broadcasting to support different types of video calling. Many cloud-based video conferencing vendors also provide the advanced feature of archiving conferences for future references.  

Benefits of cloud-based video conferencing

Cloud-based video conferencing is adopted by businesses these days owing to the following benefits:

  • Supports for several users
  • Improved scalability
  • Scalability
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost saving
  • Recording of sessions for future reference

Cloud video conferencing is quite simple to use, and users need a mobile device with webcam and the internet connection to engage in ad-hoc communication.

For video conferencing through the internet, you need to connect you web-enabled camera to the USB or serial port of your computer. If your web camera lacks the voice input capability, you can also use a computer compatible microphone. Then, you can install a video conferencing software or get authorized access to the cloud-based video conferencing service to connect with several people face-to-face even when they are remotely located.

Cloud based solutions have become very attractive to businesses in the past few years – with lower upfront costs, a reduced infrastructure requirement and less maintenance, it is no surprise that there is huge growth in the cloud sector. 

However, businesses, both enterprise and SMB’s need to be aware that although there are instances where cloud is best, some on-premise solutions can also be more beneficial long term. There is no one solution fits all model. Some organizations may benefit from pushing all their communications into the cloud. Some may need a private, secure & in-house solution. Some may need a hybrid of both, with connectivity between the private and public worlds. There may be confusion over which way to go, and companies need to be weary not to fall into a biased trap. As both a cloud and on-premise integrator, VideoCentric can help you to move in the right direction, whether towards the cloud or not. 

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