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Zoom Meetings
Zoom is one of the best video conferencing software that allows the simple online meetings , group messaging and a software -defined conference room solution on one platform. Since 2011 , the software offers the best video , audio and wireless screen-sharing experience. It has many features which makes the software as an outstanding software in the market.Good Stability of ConnectionVideo , audio ...
VidyoCloud -Cloud Video Conferencing
By Vidyo
Vidyo Cloud is a hosted video collaboration solution which delivers the highest quality cloud video conferencing services. It helps in optimizing the traffic with its available hybrid deployment. VidyoCloud provides instant cloud video conferencing without time - consuming and costly deployment.VidyoCloud has following advantages :-Connect to anywhere and to anyoneDeploy collaboration for your ent...
StarLeaf Video conferencing  as a Service
By StarLeaf
StarLeaf is service provider of both video conferencing services and a comprehensive range of video endpoints for meeting rooms , desktops and mobility. The company's motto is to bring people together through the power of video conferencing and calling. It helps in delivering real - time reliability for the voice and video conferencing. The features of StarLeaf Cloud Conferencing solution are as f...
RingCentral Meetings
By RingCentral
Phones arrive in days, not weeks—pre-configured, fully provisioned, and ready for calls. Just plug phones in to a high-speed internet connection to get started. Since your system is in the cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain; updates and new features appear automatically. With the Ring Central cloud phone system, you plug IP desk phones and computers into your internet connection and i...
OmniJoin Secure Video Conferencing
By OmniJoin
OmniJoin is a secure and business -grade online meeting platform with video conferencing and web conferencing features which collaborated either through public cloud or through its own hybrid cloud. OmniJoin delivers the best-in-class HD video quality from small group collaboration to large boardroom meetings. OmniJoin mobile app helps the personnel to connect anytime from anywhere with the team. ...
Microsoft Skype for Business
By Microsoft
Microsoft Skype is the software application which allows the users to make voice calls , video calls , leave voice and video messages and chat conversation over the internet. Microsoft Skype for business helps in the communication within the organization , outside the organization , between multiple organization and with external individual. Microsoft Skype for Business is a unified communication ...
Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing
By Lifesize
Lifesize is a cloud conferencing solution which delivers the audio , video and web conferencing technology that gives any organization the power to connect and collaborate effectively. It is the video , audio and web conferencing software which has the ability to record and share the meetings all in one application. Lifesize software is built for business which has a easy-to-use interface , screen...
By LogMeIn is a cloud-based application that allows people, businesses, and organizations to meet online for various purposes in an instant. Flaunting a simple, user-friendly structure, makes it easy for companies to start or attend a meeting, collaborate and share ideas and discuss business even when they are nowhere near their desktops.The friendly interface and flexible pricing scheme...
Google Hangouts
By Google
Google Hangout is a communication platform developed by Google that allows users to initiate and participate in web , voice video or text chats , either one-on-one or in a group. Google Hangout integrates with Google Voice that allows the users to make the calls in free of cost. It synced with the devices automatically and anyone can start hangout in their devices. Google Hangouts can also be a...
Go To Meeting
By LogMeIn
Go To Meeting is a HD video conferencing software. It is only the solution that integrates with Salesforce , Outlook , Gmail and more.The Benefits of Go to Meetings are :-It mainly decreases the travel costs Unlimited video meetings. Clean interface. Clear communication. Go To Meeting will work wonders for the productivity.It's a simple equation: unlimited online meetings means more time to meet p...
By j2 Global
eVoice is powered by j2 Global, a cutting-edge provider of cloud-based, unified communications services for businesses worldwide. It is formed in 1995, the j2 Global network provides a suite of virtual office solutions to over 11 million subscribers in over 4,700 cities, 49 countries and 6 continents. j2 operates other critical business communication services such as eFax (online fax), Campaigner ...
Click Meeting Conferencing Software
By Click Meetings
ClickMeeting is a browser-based web conferencing tool with robust features designed to make online meetings and webinars very productive. Presenters and attendees can easily link with each other and start ad hoc meetings or deliver presentations, share YouTube videos, or share the screen to get their point across.The features of Click Meetings are :-Webinar TimelinesSub AccountsMultiusersAddr...
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Video Conferencing
By Cisco
Cisco WebEx web and video conferencing solution help reduce costs and allow IT to focus on core priorities. WebEx Meeting Center is delivered as software as a service (SaaS) through the Cisco WebEx Cloud, and is easy to roll out and scale as the organization grows. The Cisco WebEx Cloud is a global, enterprise-scale network designed specifically for highly secure delivery of on-demand applica...
Cisco Spark
By Cisco
Cisco Spark is a messaging and meeting conferencing software which create spaces for every team and conversation to work efficiently and effectively. Cisco Spark messaging software supports group/ project-centric text chat, content sharing / viewing, search, presence, and realtime workflow notifications, and maintains a message history that syncs across all of a user’s devices. It is one of t...
BlueJeans onVideo Meetings
By BlueJeans
BlueJeans is the cloud-based video conferencing solution which provides the interoperable video and web communication to growing businesses. It is one of the modern era replacement to traditional web -conferencing technologies and delivers face-to-face video communication for any organization who wants to bring their employees ,leaders , and partners close together on one platform.It is one of the...
Amazon Chime
By Amazon Web Services
Amazon Chime is a communications service that transforms online meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application. Amazon Chime works seamlessly across the devices so that the organization stay connected. Amazon Chime can be used for online meetings, video conferencing, calls, chat, and to share content, both inside and outside your organization. Amazon Chime frees you to work productively from anyw...
Adobe Connect Meetings
By Adobe
Adobe Connect Meeting is web conferencing software that offers the online meeting experience for collaboration , virtual classrooms and large scale webinars. It allows the access across any devices without any additional hardware and software wherein the access and collaboration can be done directly from mobile devices , laptops and browser. It needs no time to create online meeting rooms with tem...
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    What is Best Audio, Video & Web Conferencing  Companies | Audio, Video & Web Conferencing  Solutions | Techpillar?

    There are a number of audio, video & web conferencing software solutions available today. It helps businesses in bringing employees, clients, and customers together on a virtual online platform. Businesses can conduct collaborative meetings remotely by connecting together on screen via high quality audio and video. Some audio, video & web conferencing software vendors are also providing specialized functionalities, such as, document sharing, recording, customizable chat facilities, a fully-integrated voice system, and optimized desktop sharing.

    Reliable audio, video & web conferencing software solutions integrate with a company’s website to help conference attendees have an easy access to the company’s digital conference room.

    This way, such software solutions ensure a better user-experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a number of audio, video & web conferencing software solutions available today. It helps businesses in bringing employees, clients, and customers together on a virtual online platform. Businesses can conduct collaborative meetings remotely by connecting together on screen via high quality audio and video. Some audio, video & web conferencing software vendors are also providing specialized functionalities, such as, document sharing, recording, customizable chat facilities, a fully-integrated voice system, and optimized desktop sharing.

    Reliable audio, video & web conferencing software solutions integrate with a company’s website to help conference attendees have an easy access to the company’s digital conference room. Point-to-point (two-person) video conferences include two persons, while multipoint video conferences include three or more participants.

    Further, this solution is categorized into enterprise-based and consumer-grade video conferencing software to provide the ease in content sharing. Overall, an audio, video and web conferencing software helps in creating a community of business contacts for an improved face-to-face communication on the virtual platform.

    (img source:cisco spark)

    As more businesses are experiencing the benefits of videoconferencing, they are also looking for different types of audio, video and web conferencing software.

    Telepresence Video Conferencing System

    Telepresence video conferencing system makes use of telephone and network connections to connect people in different locations via a live video conference. A large monitor or television screen is put inside a conference room, and cameras are positioned at the eye level of every seating area. This helps in creating a realistic meeting room situation, where a group of participants are involved in real-time conversation. With the help of holographic and 3D images, an ideal meeting room situation can be created.

    Desktop Video Conferencing System

    Users need to install a video conferencing software to have a desktop-based video conferencing system in place. They also need a desktop computer to host a conference with people located in another location. For this type of video conferencing system, users require a reliable network bandwidth along with a microphone, webcam, and a loudspeaker.

    Room-Based Video Conferencing System

    It is a software-based conference room that consists of MCU (multiple control unit), video conferencing end points, and the internet connection. The meeting room has to be equipped according to the number of participants beforehand. With the help of video conferencing equipment in the meeting room, users can host quality meetings and video calls.

    The global market of web conferencing software and services is estimated to reach $3.6 billion by 2020, with the CAGR of 8.4% for five years. The key market trends that are shaping the demand of this software are:

    Single Meeting, Single License

    Users now look for ‘single meeting, single license’ experience, where audio, video, and web conferences are merged into a single online meeting.

    Team Collaboration Models

    Next-generation team collaboration tools are challenging the existing setup of businesses to adopt new technological advancements in terms of video conferencing software. Collaboration software, such as, HipChat and Slack are also providing new opportunities for videoconferencing.

    Shift to the Cloud

    There is an increased shift to the Cloud, posing a serious competition to on-premise web conferencing option.

    Increased Video Adoption

    WebRTC and VoIP are lowering the barrier to video adoption, and are diminishing the distinction between video and web conferencing.

    (img source:gartner)

    Audio, video and web conferencing software provides a powerful solution for effective business meetings. This software can increase the convenience of conversation and reduce costs owing to these salient features.

    Live Presentations

    With web conferencing software, users can give live presentations using PowerPoint slides and other presentation media. In order to draw attention to certain point on the slides, the presenter can even mark up and annotate different slides.

    Audio Communication

    A web conferencing software allows attendees to converse directly through a headphone, microphone or speaker. Advanced web conferencing software also provides outstanding teleconferencing services using VoIP capabilities.

    Live Video

    The live video feature helps presenters is giving a personal touch to the conferencing session. By displaying active pictures taken through webcam or digital camera, the quality of conferencing sessions can be enhanced.

    Recording and Playback

    By providing the feature of session recording for a later playback, an audio, video and web conferencing software ensures convenience for those who cannot attend a live conference. Recorded sessions can be accessed anytime by authorized users.

    Hands-On Interaction

    With video and web conferencing software, presenters can make their sessions interactive by allowing users to push URLs, scripts, forms and other data live during the interaction. This will help in creating an interactive session where everyone is participating.

    Chat Facilities

    The chat facility is available with almost every audio, video and web conferencing software, allowing the audience to ask questions and clear doubts during the session itself. The chat can be made private or displayed to all attendees, as per the host’s discretion.

    (img source:microsoft)

    Desktop Sharing

    Using this feature, the session presenter can share his/her screen with every attendee. This helps attendees in viewing every action being taken by the presenter on the desktop screen.


    Presenters also get a whiteboard to draw diagrams, create charts and make notes during the session. This helps them in clarifying complex points to attendees with illustrations.

    Many small, medium and large companies are using audio, video and web conferencing software to conduct meetings with employees, clients and customers. What are the benefits of this software that are adding to its popularity?

    Reduced Travel Costs

    Travelling for business purposes is not just expensive but time consuming too. But with audio, video and web conferencing software, the constraint of location can be surpassed efficiently. This technology helps in creating a virtual platform where every attendee can connect, communicate and share ideas.

    Increased Productivity and Work Efficiency

    The traditional meeting setup consumes a lot of quality time of employees in activities like booking a conference room, sending invitation to attendees, deciding upon the agenda, and so on. With an audio, video and web conferencing software, these mundane responsibilities are not required to be fulfilled, and employees can focus more towards the main agenda. This way, the productivity and work efficiency of employees are bound to increase.

    Improved Communication

    The audio, video and web conferencing software allows attendees to communicate with each other in a scenario that is like the real face-to-face interaction. They can hear each other’s voice and see real expressions with body language. Thus, the communication is bound to be more interactive and efficient.

    Higher Engagement

    Audio, video and web conferencing software helps presenters in making a session more engaging and interactive by providing them dashboards for creating pictures and making graphical illustrations. Also, presenters can upload slides to improve the engagement level of attendees.


    With this software, employers can hold impromptu meetings by just sending email invitations or meeting alerts via SMS. Thus, there is flexibility of time and place, as authorized users can attend a session from anywhere and anytime.

    To ensure that you are spending money in the right software for collaboration and communication, you need to consider these important factors.

    Access through Mobile Devices

    An audio, video and web conferencing software can widen its use if it’s available on smartphones and tablets. As people these days work from remote locations, they need to access the software through mobile devices for collaborating and communicating seamlessly.

    Total Cost of the Software

    Finding a unified solution for teleconferencing, videoconferencing and web conferencing is a cost-effective option. The unified conferencing solutions is lighter on the wallet and is also easy to use.

    Also, ask for the features provided by the vendor with the unified collaboration solution. High Definition video, and the ability to share keyboard and mouse control are important features to consider.

    Video Quality

    It is important to go for a videoconferencing solution that offers high video quality. If the video quality is low, then the attendees may miss out on an important gesture and expression of the host. This may lead to misinterpretation of ideas, and the whole purpose of videoconferencing will go in vain.

    Recording and Streaming Options

    It is important that you can record a conferencing session, so that you play it later and share it with other authorized users. For this, the recording should come in a format that is easy to play and share.

    Customizable Screens

    Depending upon the number of participants, users may need the full screen view or the gallery view. So, it is important to go for a video conferencing system that provides customizable screen view options.

    Multiple Audio Options

    With flexible audio options, users can participate in a session from anywhere, by either dialing in through phone or using the computer’s audio option. Users also need the flexibility to switch between these two audio options, even in the middle of an ongoing meeting.


    Once you are clear about your present and future needs from an audio, video and web conferencing software, you can zero in on the best online collaboration tools. By reducing the need to spend time on business travelling, and by providing flexible options for attending a meeting, online collaboration solutions have become the need of present times.

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