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Choosing a resilient and scalable cloud based telephony can be a lot of work. Whether you are looking for a SMB subscriptions based on users or Enterprise class Cloud Subscriptions for entire workforce, you will find everything you need right here. At Techpillar.com's Cloud contact canter category we have covered all the Cloud based contact center providers, a list that includes top brands such as Exotel, Knowlarity, Ozonetel, Ameyo, BT Cloud Contact, Five9 Virtual Call Center, 8x8 Cloud Contact Center, ININ, InContact. These brands have become trusted over time because of their expertise in a wide variety of Cloud contact center Solutions catering to small offices, Large Enterprises and much more.

Within this long list of brands, you'll be able to find cloud contact center products for all your Telephony, PBX, Contact Center Call Center, BPO or KPO needs.

Need help to find the right Cloud Telephony solution? Our featured subcategory of Could Contact Center make it easy to find the perfect addition to your enterprise network.

Call Center Software

Call Center Software

As customers are now connecting with businesses through different digital channels, a contact center needs to streamline its technology to ensure better customer experience. A cloud contact center Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud telephony helps you move the phone system of your business to the cloud. This technology provides advanced voice and messaging service that replaces the traditional phone system used by businesses. With cloud telephony, businesses can manage their important calls without compromising on quality.

Cloud telephony or hosted telephony system is the technology used for cloud communications. Internet-based voice and data communications are managed by third-party vendors. With the internet access, any employee of a company can access the cloud telephony system. Businesses can have cost-effective, reliable and secure communication via cloud telephony system.

Cloud telephony service providers host their telecommunication services on the cloud. The cloud server infrastructure is further hosted on different data centers ensuring the high security of data. When businesses subscribe to a cloud telephony solution by third-party vendors, they can access their telecommunications applications easily via internet. Businesses need either a desktop handset or they can get the access through their web browser after using a software dashboard.

Cloud telephony or hosted VoIP has its own benefits, such as, there is no need to have a PBX box. Also, it ensure mobility, as you can access all phone functionality using the internet. Cost efficiency and flexibility of services are the other benefits of cloud telephony.

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