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Tentacle Cloud
By Sunoray Solutions Pvt Ltd
Tentacle is a cloud software which is easy to use and simple to operate. The vision of Tentacle is to be the defining Cloud-Everything brand with 360° solutions on offer.Sunoray provides cloud-based software and mobile app solutions for SMBs . These real-time solutions help SMBs to Acquire, Service and Retain customers and significantly increase their Sales, Profit, and ROI. Convenient usage on c...
Ozonetel CloudAgent Cloud Telephony Solution
By Ozonetel
Ozonetel Cloud Center is a call center software which offers a solution for cloud contact center by ensuring the customer's needs are addressed throughout the customer life cycle. It take care of all needs right from lead generation to retention , which generally revolve around the customer satisfaction only. It includes 3 solutions which are as follows  :-SolutionsDescriptionInbound Call Cen...
Novanet Cloud Contact Center (C3)
By Novanet
Novanet (C3) is one of the most advanced Cloud Contact Center Solutions available in the market. (C3) revolutionary browser-based Agent Telephony client transforms the way small to large contact centers interact with their customers. Novanet introduces mobile app i.e. WebRTC Agent App that integrates real-time communications directly to the browser. The benefit of the app is that agent can login f...
Knowlarity Super Receptionist Cloud Telephony
By Knowlarity
Knowlarity Super Receptionist Cloud Telephony Solution is a contact center that have been designed to help companies at any stage , with their customer communication requirement. Knowlarity is the leading provider of cloud telephony in Asia and provides the most comprehensive communication tools including IVR and cloud connecting facilities for SMEs , enterprises and individuals. The company makes...
ININ PureCloud Engage Contact Center
By Interactive Intelligence
The Cloud Contact Center Software provides the complete customer engagement solution to serve the needs of the customer and the company both. The Interactive Intelligent Cloud Contact Center is a product designed for mid-sized to large businesses. It mainly includes a range of features for multi-channel contact center management , unified communications and business process automation. Pure Cloud ...
InContact Contact Center
By InContact
InContact Call Center is a complete cloud contact center solution with omni channel routing , workforce optimization and analytics. It believes on one-on-one customer interactions which innovates the one-on-one experiences and help contact centers to achieve their goals. InContact Call Center enables the multi-channel contact center communications via one universal queue , servicing various custom...
Freshcaller Contact centre solution
By Freshworks
Freshcaller is a relatively young, yet very promising call center and multi-level IVR solution that allows users to restructure and modernize their cloud-hosted support systems without purchasing expensive hardware. The system is also a member of the prominent Freshdesk suite (recently renamed to Freshworks), and thus enjoys a positive reputation for helping business owners engage their sales...
Five9 Virtual Call Center
By Five9
Five9 Contact Center is a holistic solution for cloud contact centers and it is a leading provider of cloud software for enterprise contact center market , bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers and facilitating over three billion customer interactions annually. Five9 is a hub for the contact centers that enables the technology i.e. automatic call distribution , computer telepho...
Exotel Hosted Contact Center
By Exotel
Exotel is a cloud telephony platform for modern Indian business. Cloud telephony is a technology that moves the business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system which entails more engagement for the businesses. Exotel provides the suite of tools which one can manage all sales , marketing and customer care ...
BT Cloud Contact
BT Contact Center is a fully scalable cloud contact center solution including inbuilt omni-channel , embedded IVR and an inbuilt customer relationship system as standard. BT Cloud allows the customers to scale the number of agents quickly while only paying for what is used on a per agent per month basis. This usually avoids the need for capital expenditure on the customer's site. BT Cloud Contact ...
Ameyo Engage Cloud Call Center
By Ameyo
Ameyo Engage Cloud Call Center is a communication solution that manages end-to-end journey of the customer and allows the personalized interaction with every customer across multiple channels through a one platform i.e. Ameyo Engage Cloud Call Center , thereby driving customer engagement to a level par excellence. Ameyo Engage is one of the powerful and highly flexible ip-based customer contact sy...
Aavaz Cloud Contact Center Software
By Aavaz
Aavaz - The Cloud Contact Center Software is an effective software for enhancing the Dialer ,IVR and PBX integrated with the business end CRM, Contact , Lead and Ticket management functions- all tied together with amazing reporting and tracking of every single calls that comes in or goes out of your organization. Aavaz is the hub that ties your contact centers together by enabling every Tele-Marke...
8x8 Cloud Contact Center
By 8X8
8X8 Cloud Contact Center is a virtual contact center which connects employees , customers and applications on one platform to improve business performance for enterprises across the globe. It mainly reduces the cost and complexity which improves the individual and team productivity and performance and enhance the overall customer experience. It is a completely cloud-based solution which reduces bo...
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    What is Best Call Center Software Companies | Call Center Software Solutions | Techpillar?

    As customers are now connecting with businesses through different digital channels, a contact center needs to streamline its technology to ensure better customer experience. A cloud contact center software helps customer contact centers like BPOs, KPOs, IT helpdesks, emergency desks, etc. handle inbound and outbound communication efficiently.

    With the help of a cloud contact center software, contact centers providers can improve the quality of their interaction with customers in a cost-effective manner.

    It is quite helpful in tracking contact information, routing it to the right person and gathering all relevant information with ease.

    It removes the burden of managing complex IT infrastructure and telephony networks for providing the best customer service. So, businesses are shifting their customer contact information and details to the cloud, and are focusing more on their core functionalities.

    If you’re looking for the best option of  Cloud Based Contact Center Solution for your IT Helpdesk, BPO, KPO, Emergency Desk, Technical Support requirement, check it out here with TechPillar’s cloud contact center product listing.

    You can easily search products and narrow down your requirement with the specifics in the left filter/navigation panel. Through our handy featured filters you can refine your search by Like, Relevance, Brand, Product Category,  Automatic Call Distribution support, Inbound, Outbound, Blended, Skill Based Routing support, Multi-Channel Routing Support, Multi-Level IVR Support, Visual Call-Flow Designer Support, Option for On-Premise deployment and many more

    Cloud Based Contact Center solution from 8x8, Ameyo, BT, Exotel, InContact, Genesys, Knowlarity, Novanet, Ozonetel, interactive intelligence and many more are listed with detailed product features, specifications & licensing.

    With TechPillar’s Cloud Based Contact Center solution listing, you can find everything you need to create, upgrade and update your enterprise Contact Center. With the click, you can view detailed comparison and request for a quotation. Our Technical experts will work with you to choose the right product suiting your business requirement, hence making a difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Hosted Call Center model enables customers to use various contact center functions and applications hosted on third party cloud service provider, and access them over the public internet. Modern contact centers require seamless growth, scalability, and cost-effective solution to market changes. Cloud telephony offers the flexibility to improve call center operations for inbound and outbound services. One can add or remove features and functionalities as needed.

    Traditional Call center architecture is either distributed or centralized. Use of cloud-based solutions facilitates agent addition across locations and responses that improve customer service. Premise-based offerings involve up-front investment, total cost of ownership, architecture and scalability. Cloud contact center solutions offer off-shelf redundancy, and direct or ready integration with third-party party applications, such as, CRM, ticketing system, analytics applications, future-proofing through automatic upgrades, and more.

    Cloud installation eliminates the dependencies on agent location availability, software and hardware upgrades, new releases and custom screen desktop. Restrictions related to telephone connections and availability of agents in a building no longer apply. Customers never hear the busy tone. On-cloud call queuing and real-time customer data access improves the telemarketing and telesales results.

    Factors behind the Decision to Move to the Hosted or Cloud based Call Center solution includes

    • Negligible maintenance challenges
    • Simplified management
    • Elastic/scalable solution
    • Ease of implementation
    • Built-in software upgrades
    • Disaster recovery
    • Upfront hardware related capex savings
    • New features availability

    (img source:inContact)

    If you are confused between different types of call center software, then your purchase decision is likely to be affected. Here is a detailed idea about different options available in the market.

    On-premise Call Center software With on-premise call center software solution, the software and hardware infrastructure is installed in a company. The internal IT team of the company looks after the upgrade and update of on-premise call center software.

    Hosted Call Center software This type of call center software is hosted off-site in the servers of the service providers. Customer data can be accessed through a network connection from anywhere. A company can have its own IT infrastructure and use the hosted platform off-site. This hybrid setup can help companies in sharing the responsibility of software upkeep and implementation with service providers.  

    Cloud-based Call Center software This has to be hosted online and can be accessed through any laptop or mobile device via internet. As the data is stored on the cloud, it can also be cashed to be available offline.

    Browser-based Call Center software This type of call center software provides all call center features in the browser of a computer to be accessed when online. The call center software and telephony are provided in the browser and can be used via internet.

    Today, cutting edge technology & innovations are real drivers for customer experience in contact centers. From the optimal use of virtual agents to social media, the new trends are witnessed. Today, a multi-channel call center is a combination of all the voice, web and social channels for a seamless customer experience.

    Such call centers are benefitted from the 24/7 support of cloud-based centers, and enjoy real flexibility with CRM third-party platform integration and real time agent performance monitoring. Work force management, agent training, eLearning, customer feedbacks and surveys are the common features of cloud contact centers.

    They also use social media for monitoring and responding to customer suggestions with proper feedback to improve their satisfaction level. Here’re the key market trends that are defining the role of new-age cloud contact center and telephony.

    Social Media Integration It helps in proactively monitoring and engaging customers directly on social media to extend an organization’s reach and quickly resolve incidents. Thus, it can help in minimizing the negative impact of unsolicited social postings that may impact a brand’s reputation. Social media integration with a contact center enables agents/customer care executives to constantly watch for online comments that might pose a risk to the brand reputation.

    Contextual Agent Work Interface Workspaces have become more dynamic based on agent roles, customer information, and on- field changes. Dynamically present information is required by agents in context with customer interactions.

    Knowledge Base Knowledge base empowers companies to facilitate effective service resolutions by delivering actionable & contextual information to customer service agents. Organizations can create knowledge base in multiple languages, and capture customer insights for continuous improvement. The on-going knowledge base upgrade drastically improves the resolution time for customer care executives. Further, the knowledge base can be extended across multiple channels.

    Analytics Ability to track and manage performance, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and several other KPIs are critical to operational efficiency. Analytics tools of cloud contact centers are the key to an organization’s successful business planning.

    AI & Chabot Chabots are designed to take away basic tasks from agents and enable organizations to efficient delivery service-level agreements. Chabots act as the first point of contact to quickly answer customer queries via chat. If customer queries do not get resolved at the Chatbot level, it is automatically transferred to live call center agents. Advance Chatbot offerings also include the integration with other messaging applications, such as, Google Hangout and Facebook Messenger.  

    Proactive Outreach across Channels Listen, monitor and act on customer feedback across multiple channels such as social, web and voice touch points. Modern solutions offer valuable tools to create and publish customer surveys after using flexible design options. Customer voice will always remain one of the most valuable tools available to a service organization.

    Cloud contact center and telephony should allow organizations to communicate effectively with their customers via channels of their choice - voice, email, fax, chat, web or social media.

    Any cloud contact system offering should include features and technologies that most customer service providers need the most - Inbound contact management with skill based routing, predictive and preview dialing services, proactive notifications services across all channels, unified agent desktops, self service (IVR) software, CTI for intelligent screen pops, call recording, workforce optimization, real-time reporting, campaign strategy and management, and analytics tools.

    Other offerings include: Managing outbound campaigns, cradle to grave reporting, missed call campaigns, off-shelf CRM, and knowledge integration. Along with these offerings, there are other essential features of cloud contact center and telephony.

    Multichannel Customer Interaction Multichannel contact centers give customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them, such as, email, text messaging, Web chat and social media.

    Right Resource at the Right Time It ensures that customer inquiries are always going to the right person, in the first time. By capturing resource skill sets in the routing database, contacts are routed to the right resource by skill type, regardless of the contact channel. Agent skill requirements can be assigned to each queue to ensure that customers reach the right agent instantly.

    Automated Interactions across Media It provides the automation of self-service interactions across multiple media - Voice, mobile and integrated voice response, outbound voice, email, and SMS text interactions.

    Contact Recording Customer interactions are captured across a wide range of channels.

    Reporting It enables contact centers to analyze virtually everything – From wait times to average answer speeds for reduction in abandoned call times.

    Simple, intuitive agent desktop Cloud contact center provides a rich contact center agent desktop with advanced contact handling features, on demand access to customer information, and immediate access to experts. It helps in decreasing the time agents spend on typing by providing them a standard text and hot key. It also enables agents to preview, link, or paste knowledge answers into the customer reply box with a single click.

    Collaboration Call center software provides a means for agents to collaborate with subject matter experts within the service organization, and automatically pass contextual information. Additionally, agents can also collaborate directly with subject matter experts outside of the service organization, by allowing non-users of agent desktop to log into the collaboration service via a web browser or a supported mobile device.

    Proactive Outreach It improves the ability of proactively reaching out to customers with complete customer history. It helps agents in having a complete and accurate view of customer history during the interaction.

    Other important features to look for while choosing the right call center software solution provider for your enterprise are:

    • Skill based Routing
    • Call & Screen Recording
    • Supervisor Barge in
    • Supervisor Monitoring/Coaching
    • CRM Integration
    • Quality Management
    • Real time, Historical and Customizable Reporting
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR Auto-Attendant)
    • Interactive Voice Response Data Dips for screen pop
    • Automatic Call Distribution – Queuing & Distribution
    • Multiple Channels (Voice, Email, Chat, Social media, SMS, Fax)
    • Inbound Calling
    • Web Call back
    • Outbound Dialer (Preview & Predictive Outbound)

    For enterprises, cloud transition is almost complete for most of the applications, and has a similar transformative influence on the architecture of contact centers. An interactive intelligence survey found that 41percent of the 500 units reviewed embraced the Cloud infrastructure. Another 36 percent is in the process of making the shift.

    What is generating this much interest in Cloud?

    It’s the benefits that cloud contact centers and telephony are providing to SMBs and enterprises.

    Benefits for Small Businesses

    • Easy setup with monthly subscription payment
    • Business analytics and call recording for future analysis and review
    • Zero software/hardware investment
    • Completely scalable
    • Calling with IVR on landline, mobile published numbers
    • Compatible with traditional landline or mobile phones.

    Benefits for Enterprises

    • Easy integration with ticketing solution and CRM for smooth customer service and seamless communication
    • Detailed reports and call analytics of the business decision making
    • Multi-location contact center setup is possible on cloud with centralized management
    • Service provider upgrades the software and hardware as needed.

    Cloud telephony offers flexible solution for hard-to-upgrade and inflexible legacy contact center scenario. It offers a complete solution to track lifecycle of customers from acquisition to retention.

    Technology no longer dictates the organizational work. Companies can make their own decisions. Location control and management are now in the hands of satellite offices with centralized overseeing.

    Location independence, Cloud integration, reduced deployment time, and easy new feature addition are the other benefits. For example, easy call blending is possible in the inbound call center scenario. This improves the agent efficiency, as CSRs can make outbound calls using minimal IT resource.

    For a well-informed buying decision, you need to consider these important factors:

    Cultural challenges Contact centres that are catering to global customers need to meet different sets of expectations and preferences. Problems arise due to discrepancies in technology use (IVR system or self-service), preferences, holiday observance (customer availability), and knowledge base (language barrier).

    Internal procedures Customers desire flexibility with internal procedure and policy adjustments when needed. Multi-lingual agents are in high demand for an effective interaction with international customers. From call-routing measures to language proficient agents, all are necessary for a good customer care service. The language problem extends to CRM note translation as well. Customisation of programs for quality monitoring is important too. This accounts for custom nuances when interacting with international customers.

    Unified Communication Customers want value for their time, so contact centres must ensure seamless experience. With unified communication, customer care executives can inspire customer loyalty.

    Social Media Potential Tapping the full potential of social media is a big challenge for contact centres. Cloud hosting offers a brand-new perspective because customers are available 24/7 on social networking platforms. With number of tools becoming available, a contact centre must ensure the optimal social media use.

    Remote Agent Management Training of remote agents is a big challenge. But, staying in touch with distantly located agents is possible today with contact centre software. A call centre software should allow agents to get customer specific information to plan and improve services anytime, anywhere.

    Customer Engagement A call centre software should provide customers with self-help tools to save their time and to increase engagement. One example for this feature is Cloud-hosted IVR. But the major challenge lies in finding the most intuitive and customer centric tools.

    Average Handling Time This reflects the call centre efficiency. It is a challenge to keep the agents well equipped and well informed regarding customers. But, companies can make everything result oriented with automatic call distribution and predictive dialling. As the single solution for most of the call centre challenges, Cloud telephony can prove to be the next big thing.

    Conclusion A call center software solution must ensure customer privacy and data security. Modern Cloud contact center solutions offer fully-managed, analytics driven, end-to-end service in the hosted cloud infrastructure. They also offer a unified agent desktop that allows agents to quickly handle multiple channels at same point of time, easily navigate reports and billing related information.

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