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Based on 2 reviews.

Based on 2 reviews.
Delivery Models
Desktop POS
Cloud POS
Mobile App
Free Trails
Customizable Purchase for Discount, Tax
Multi-State Purchase
Automated PI/PO/GIN/GIR Process
Multi-Currency Transaction
Billing & Invoicing
Weighing Scale integrated POS
Barcode, Weighing Scale integrated POS
Barcode Scan Type Laser Laser/EAN 13 GS1
Retail & Tax Invoice
Swipe Card Reader
Payment Modes Cash/Cards Cash/Cards
Offline Billing
Product Code Management
Financial Accounting
Cheque Management
Bank Reconciliation
Trade & statutory accounting
Financial Statement Generation
Stock Management
Multi-Location & Multi-Company
Stock Discrepancy Report
Stock Transfer between Locations
Inventory Classification
Inventory Tracking
Gift Voucher Lifecycle Tracking
Item Transaction History
CRM & Loyalty Management
Customer Profiling
Frequent Customers
Custom Promotional Offers
Loyalty Programs
3rd Party Loyalty Program Integration
Role based Access Control
Set Password for Individual Screen
Customer Loyalty
Shopping Center Management
Ecommerce Website Integration
Pre-defined Reports
Export Reports
Report Scheduler & Security
Key Reports Between dates, Product name, code, barcode no., supplier etc Between dates, Product name, code, barcode no., supplier etc
Phone Support
Email Support
Real-Time Chat
Forum Support
Certifications & Training

Detailed product features, specifications, warranty & licensing comparison of GoFrugal POS Software vs RetailCore POS Software in Retail POS Software

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