Customer relationship management

CRM Software

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” that provides offers storing & manage complete customer information such as names, contact numbers, & address as well as tracks customer activity like visits to website, telephonic calls, email, and much more. CRM matters as it helps organizations ditch clunky manual process so that you can grow your business efficiently. Modern CRM offers complete mobility so that team members can connect from any device & any location & get instant access to required information. Some of the important CRM features include sales pipeline management, lead management, customer support, ticketing & help desk. AI based Sales automation, predictive lead management, email tracking and telephony integration are few among the latest additions to new generation CRM software’s. Plug-N-Play integration with all major application providers such as Web Chat, Social Discovery platform, Email provider and cloud telephony providers saves efforts and time required are key features to consider while choosing the right CRM software.

Modern CRM software automates most of the routine sales tasks, simplifies sales pipeline and lead management. Embedding latest AI powered deep learning helps to prioritize hot leads, predicts follow-up time & suggests next steps.

Customer relationship management

Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline management allows organizations to track entire sales process cycle including lead profiling, stage, conversion, and 360-degree view at a glance. One can filter leads based upon contact, product, name or many more fields.

Customer relationship management

Team Collaboration

Enables sharing of valuable information such as meeting notes, calls, emails and tasks added to every lead, with other team members for quick notification. Users can also upload docs, excel sheet & presentations related to the lead.

Customer relationship management

Contact Management

Bulk contacts import from a csv file or an excel sheet is one of the key feature of any modern CRM software. It allows organizations to store, manage & Search contacts associate with leads.

Customer relationship management

Plug-n-Play Integration

CRM must offer tight off the shelf integration capabilities with all major SaaS application providers such as Cloud Telephony provider, text messaging, web chat service, Email provider etc for quick integration.

Customer relationship management

Help Desk Automation

Modern CRM software also offers help desk automation capabilities for quick customer issue resolution. It offers means to create, manage, assign resolve & track customers trouble tickets.

Customer relationship management

AI & Predictive Analysis

Leveraging CRM AI techniques – machine learning capabilities add speed and predictability to sales process. It helps prioritize hot leads, follow ups, notification and suggest next key actions to move lead to next stage.

Customer relationship management

Dashboard & Reports

Real-time visibility on Leads, Sales funnel & pipeline are key insights for any successful sales organization. It should offer reports such as lead conversion, Lost/disqualified opportunity & overall sales pipeline performance.

Customer relationship management

Task & Email Management

Assign and manage important tasks are key for any sales professional. CRM must offer task management capability to ensure effective lead management. Native email integration with leads add contacts to email provider for quick mailing.

CRM Software?

Customer relationship management
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