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Zoho Sales CRM Software
ZOHO CRM provides the solution to simplify the sale processes of the enterprise. ZOHO CRM is the web based CRM solution which empowers the small to large-sized organizations for managing organization-wide sales , Marketing , Customer Support & Services and Inventory Management in a single business system. The main features of ZOHO CRM are :-Sales Force Automation :- ZOHO CRM's Sales force auto...
Winds CRM Software
By Winds
Wind CRM is a Cloud based Customer Relationship Management software for growing organizations. Wind CRM is helpful foe e-commerce industry ,retail industry , service industry and NBFC. It mainly focuses on developing world class enterprises applications , which is suited to growing organization. Wind CRM work according to the strategy - based methodologies that provides the customized value additi...
Vtiger Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software
By Vtiger
Vtiger CRM is a CRM cloud software application that helps businesses to be more customer centric which helps to centralizes a database of customers and all of the information , about them. It then contains a set of tools to build process and enable customers to flow smoothly through marketing , sales and support and to monitor the actions of each customers. Vtiger CRM Software enables businesses t...
VitalBlocks CRM
By ViCoast Pvt Ltd
Vitalblocks is a powerful software platform that lets the marketing team work faster , collaborate smarter and centralize all the assets under one platform.Vitalblock’s integrated platform guides communication, project collaboration and asset management between marketers, creative teams, clients and agencies on the same platform. It control Brand Integrity while enabling local store customizatio...
Sugar is the industry’s most highly customization CRM, with the broadest range of deployment options for on-site, in the cloud, or On-Demand. Designed to adapt with your needs and grow with your business, Sugar excels in the art of the possible. Runs Anywhere. Public cloud, private cloud, on demand or on premise. Infinitely Flexible. The most customization CRM in the...
SpotCRM  Software
Spot CRM is a powerful CRM software, which gives user 360 degree view of customers so that you can shape your marketing strategies to entice more clients and increase your profitability. Spot CRM is versatile CRM solution, which helps you efficiently manage your marketing/sales resources and enhance client satisfaction so that you get higher return on your investment. Key functionaliti...
SoulCRM Software
By SoulCRM
SoulCRM is designed for specific needs of small and mid-sized Indian businesses. The software is created after thorough understanding of their unique ecosystem. Our goal is to solve actual business problems and empower businesses to take improved decisions. The software provides a huge scope of customisation for all types of industry users. You can easily change every module’s ...
Smart CRM
By Spoke Infotech
Smart CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of application. It is a software designed to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee. Typically, CRM software is used in the enterprises, however many CRM products scale to a business of any size. The SMART ...
Salesforce CRM Software
By Salesforce
Salesforce customer relationship management tool, online CRM Software is comprehensive solution that enables an organization in development by maintaining the data of the customers most efficiently while capturing all pre-sale and post-sale force interactions of the customer. CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and its software that stores customer contact information li...
Salesboom CRM Software
By Salesboom
Salesboom is a cloud-based CRM SFA that provides efficiencies and profitability required by your sales team. It’s on demand SFA solutions providing the functionality needed in the present competitive economy. Salesboom has a friendly interface and helps you sell more. We offer the most user-friendly Web Based CRM software Client or Customer Relationship Management Software apps, without...
SalesBabuCRM Software
By SalesBabu
SalesBabu Online Solutions is totally cloud based software. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it is cost effective as no IT infrastructure is required to run the software application.SalesBabu Online CRM Solution records and monitor each activity of a sales team. Manages all details related to leads, measures abandonment and close rate. Guides sales team to adopt a focused app...
Reflect CRM Software
Reflect CRM is the most comprehensive CRM Solution available in India for Customer Service Sales Force Automation & Order Process.Reflect CRM Software for both Mac and Windows enables a business to easily manage customer relationships and databases. In addition, improve client relationships by taking notes, tracking interactions. Reflect CRM Software enables businesses to easily track cust...
Pipeline Deals CRM
By Pipeline Deals
Pipeline Deals CRM is designed to make sales professionals more productive. Using a suite of powerful tools, we give sales people and their managers the ability to organize and develop their customer relationships while offering unparalleled visibility into each stage of their sales pipeline. PipelineDeals is the complete solution for lead management. Having powerful sales & bid management pla...
Pipedrive CRM & Pipeline Management Software
By Pipedrive
Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes via cloud based software. Pipedrive is a cloud based CRM software who has built activity-based selling methodology right into the software. Pipedrive has intuitive interfaces, clean layouts and a simple user experience. Pipedrive provides complete freedom to customize the options as p...
PACT CRM Software
PACT CRM assists sales teams to manage their opportunities and automate administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on building lasting portable relationships. It provides in depth insight to sales and marketing activities which can be filtered by various dimensions including product, customer, and time duration.PACT CRM has been designed to primarily cater to small & medium sized bu...
Oracle CRM Software
By Oracle
Oracle CRM is a open source CRM trusted by millions worldwide. It is simple, quick, intuitive and effective. It definitely is the easiest online system. Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps companies leverage the customer experience to differentiate, innovate, and improve business results. It is the most complete, integrated, and extensible customer experience solution available in the market.Oracle ...
Maple Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software
By Maple
Maple CRM is a cloud based Business & Customer Management Solution built exclusively for small & medium businesses. Our range of sales & service solutions empowers growing businesses to become more productive, efficient and profitable. It avoid manual data entry and connect Maple CRM with your website, landing pages and any other lead generation platforms via integratio...
LuitBiz CRM
By Luit Infotech Private Limited
LuitBiz CRM is a true SaaS CRM where it take care of managing the system and associated hardware to run the system. The customers can focus on their business rather than on wasting time and money on managing software systems. This delivery model requires no initial cash outlay for IT resources, a faster software implementation, on-demand scalability and improved ROI. These factors collectively cre...
Kreato CRM Software
By Kreato
Kreato CRM simplifies end-to-end lead & sales pipeline management. Automates most of the routine sales activities. Auto drives sales team to adapt successful process for each deal. Embedded with AI capabilities, auto guides your sales team to focus on what’s most important and perform right sales activities at right time in right way.Kreato is online CRM solution provided from India for...
Impel CRM
By PK4 Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
Impel is a cloud-based customer service platform founded with the mission of bringing businesses and customers closer together. Our goal is to deliver unmatched customer service across multiple channels and multiple languages. Impel is a cloud-based customer service platform that enables companies to provide a consistent, seamless customer experience by integrating multiple channels ...
By ipercepts
ipercepts has been established as a software company in India, The company has been with the aim to provide affordable and advanced software solutions to the small, medium & large size organizations across the globe, The focused area of service is into CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) which helps in automate and streamline the business activities like Sales, Marketing and Suppor...
FocusCRM & Pipeline Management Software
By Focus
Focus CRM Software enables businesses to easily track customer relationship information, interactions, notes, tasks and events. Focus CRM gives you a snapshot view of your customer, giving you information on demand and the insight your sales teams need to maximize every customer interaction. It provides a central platform enabling you to analyze, plan, develop and deploy marketing activ...
Dquip Sales CRM Software
By Dquip
Dquip CRM system is a complete sales target management & fully loaded software to help you manage your sales targets, leads, follow up, quotations, clients. Its integration is very easy which creates seamless lead flow. It is hassle free and provides fairly good customer service.The Features of Dquip CRM are as follows :-Email IntegrationSales TrackingCustom FieldsLead DistributionRatings ...
Cratio CRM Software
By Cratio
Cratio CRM is a simple and efficient CRM software, designed specifically for your sales team. It provides a complete CRM solution for growing companies. It is simple to use, affordable and customizable in terms of features. The software has all required features for sales and lead automation. From improving sales team efficiency to streamlining customers’ communication across Email, SMS and...
BPM Online CRM
By BPM Online
BPM Online is a global provider of process-driven CRM for marketing , sales and services. The beauty and the core value of bpm’ online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’ online’s engaging interfacewith a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what’s ...
Biz Ace CRM
By ABC InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.
Marketing is an attempt to create awareness of the company, its projects and generate new enquiries. Today Advertising, sales promotion, extensive dealer network etc., are the important functions of marketing. Different modes of marketing produce different results and their comprehensive analysis helps an organization in correct decision making. But equally important for the organization is to kno...
Bitrix24 CRM & Pipeline Management Software
By Bitrix
Bitrix24 is a powerful software for CRM and it provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. It is a collaboration platform that's perfect for CRM. You can easily integrate this CRM with your website. Bitrix24 lead capture tools, such as live chat, website forms or callback widget all come with embed code...
BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software
BASE is a smart and intuitive tool for sales lead management which helps you manage leads in an effective and organized way. BASE CRM application is designed with the view to cater your business needs. All important details such as customer information, reminders of follow-ups and more are captured in BASE.You spend time and money implementing a traditional CRM, but at the end of the da...
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What is Best CRM Softwares Companies | CRM Softwares Solutions | Techpillar?

The primary purpose of a customer relationship management system is to manage all interactions of an organization with its customers and create a repository of customer information. A CRM software works by automating different processes during the entire customer lifecycle to help businesses track potential purchasers, customer complains, and loyal customers. Along with interaction tracking and customer data management, a CRM software also helps in workflow automation by creating calendars, alerts, task lists, and templates.

Furthermore, CRM software solutions like ZOHO Sales, SpotCRM, SoulCRM, etc. help in measuring the performance and productivity of sales and customer support teams and implementing new strategies.

Different reports are also generated automatically by CRM software solutions to help businesses know their profit-generating products or services and weak links.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a challenging task for any business to maintain positive relationship with its customers. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses strengthen this bond by automating the tasks of contact management, marketing campaigns monitoring, and customer service handling.

The primary purpose of a customer relationship management system is to manage all interactions of an organization with its customers and create a repository of customer information. A CRM software works by automating different processes during the entire customer lifecycle to help businesses track potential purchasers, customer complains, and loyal customers. Along with interaction tracking and customer data management, a CRM software also helps in workflow automation by creating calendars, alerts, task lists, and templates.

Furthermore, CRM software solutions like ZOHO Sales, SpotCRM, SoulCRM, etc. help in measuring the performance and productivity of sales and customer support teams and implementing new strategies.

In-built analytical and reporting features of a CRM software identify the latest trends and patterns of customer care management, and help companies run successful business operations. Different reports are also generated automatically by CRM software solutions to help businesses know their profit-generating products or services and weak links.

The CRM software allows businesses to grow faster with satisfied and loyal clientele. This application analyzes, simplifies, centralizes, secures and scales the data necessary for customer engagement. Depending upon the role and the dimension for managing customer relationships, CRM software is classified into different types:

Analytical Software This type of CRM software collects data from different sources and analyzes the information in a structured fashion. Analytical software helps marketing personnel understand the effectiveness of any campaign. It enhances the productivity of a sales department by assisting in drafting extensive reports and making informed sales strategies. It further allows the support department to strengthen the customer relationship. On a whole, this type of CRM software helps the managers make better decisions.

Operational Software The Operational CRM software uses sales, marketing and service automations to streamline different business processes. It integrates these three essential parts of any business to evaluate their prospects and develop strategies accordingly. Operational software is further categorized into:

  • Sales Automation It uses multiple sales modules to bring effective growth in the sales figure of an organization. It uses sales forecasting, lead management, contact management and Quote-to-Order management systems to help users meet the needs of customers.
  • Marketing Automation It uses the Campaign Management module to help businesspersons in creating effective campaigns and selecting the right channels for their execution. By selecting different campaign channels, a company can reach the maximum number of potential customers.
  • Service Automation It strengthens client-customer relationship through improved quality of service. The Issue Management module looks after customers’ problems, the Service Label Management module monitors the quality of service, and the Customer Call Management module manages outgoing/incoming calls.

Marketing CRM Also known as Social CRM, a aggregator providing all information available to related to marketing related activities, thus allow companies to extend business processes to the internet, expand their reach, and reduce costs across sales, service and marketing.

Collaborative CRM Collaborative CRM helps in sharing customer information with external stakeholders like vendors. Vendors can use the valuable customer information for targeting prospects and running promotional offers effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) It is challenging for marketers to find insights and take relevant actions based on the huge amount of web-based data. Hence, AI has evolved as the key to marketing insights in 2017. The marketers are using AI-based bots for non-erroneous marketing decisions. These tools are also becoming essential for the creation of innovative campaigns.

Contextual CRM The year 2017 is witnessing the rise of contextual CRM. This software category targets every customer separately with specific messages and dedicated channels.

Omni-Channel CRM Today, every user is connected to at least four to five devices at a time. Hence, the marketers are relying on multichannel campaigns for an effective customer communication. So, mobile-based CRM applications with multichannel capabilities have become the latest trend.

Social CRM The CRM PA (Predictive Analytics) is becoming imperative for every business. The integration of original Predictive Analytics into the CRM platform is becoming mandatory for an enhanced value calculation.

Customized CRM Today’s CRM applications are using separate business models for every vertical. The idea is to offer customized solutions for separate business sectors.

Data-Driven Retention Customer-oriented brands depend on the data-driven retention technology for marketing. Emotionally intelligent communications are becoming a preference for customers in 2017.

CRM software is quite useful for the growth of small, medium and large-scale businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Buyers need to focus on three different factors during its selection –cost, salient features and business requirements. Here, we have listed important features of a CRM software to assist in your buying decision.

Contact Management It helps businesses organize the list of customers and suppliers into different categories for easy tracking and retrieval. Customers can also be segregated on the basis of buying preferences, and email campaigns can be targeted accordingly.

Multi-tasking Customer Relationship Management software helps CEOs/managers juggle multiple tasks efficiently. The software updates its users about upcoming deadlines or important dates. This updated information helps CEOs/managers become more focused towards their customers’ needs.

Sales Management It helps managers track the progress and efficiency of sales representatives. They may use this software to check sales statistics, task-completion time, and the conversion rate of each sales representative.

Tracking Customer Buying Patterns This software also tracks the buying pattern of every customer, and helps owners capitalize on the existing customer-base. It increases the selling capacity of a business organization without any need of constant advertisements.

Social Media Campaigning CRM software helps business organizations improve their social media marketing strategies. It can integrate with every social media network, and enable users track statistics of their social media campaign.

CRM software provides a large number of benefits to users that can help them in streamlining customer support and sales processes. The highlighting benefits of a CRM software are:

Systematized Structure CRM software keeps multifarious tasks organized in one place. It saves the CEOs and managers from using separate systems for task management, email distribution and calendar coordination.

This software allows its users to integrate these three separate systems at one platform. And, the users can access the information from anywhere with the use of internet.

Task Tracking CRM enables its users track every necessary task and event mentioned on systems’ calendar. It can relate the saved information to suitable leads, contacts, deals or companies.

It delivers updated notifications to its users. The user-friendly dashboard of a CRM software helps users easily view the summary of upcoming tasks or events related to the customers. They can also use the mobile interface of a CRM software to create new tasks or events even when traveling.

Growth Prediction Analytical tools of a CRM software help in analyzing the past performances of business organizations. These analytical tools help CEOs make feasible predictions based on past actions and events.

The users need to store their data correctly for CRM software to generate accurate predictions. It uses specific details to generate a list of prospective deals for a product or a service.

Permanent Storage Cloud-hosted CRM software stores data on the Cloud and saves its users from losing important data. So, the users can forego notepads, memo books, calendars or other storage systems for storing sensitive information. The CRM software also works as a ‘safe-deposit box’ for important data. It prevents the loss of any data due to hard-drive failure or server crash.

Competitive Set-Up Employers may use this software to maintain communication on closed deals or conversion ratio. The friendly inter-office competition contributes into the growth of a productive and encouraging workplace.

Secured Records The CRM software stores every stream of communication between a service-provider and its customers. It maintains the record of every deal and keeps every conversation secured at one place. The users can access these information anytime to check the progression of a client deal.

Status Check CRM software helps its users learn about the status of every customer query or request. It allows the customer-care personnel to figure out cold leads based on the responses to email campaign or direct calls. Employers can use the updated information to check the status of each client in terms of sales prospects.

Improved Calculation It is a time-consuming process to calculate the number of successful projects or conversion ratio using Excel spreadsheets. The inclusion of wrong data may result into erroneous calculation.

But, a CRM software helps businesspersons perform instant calculations accurately. It can also generate customized reports based on specific necessities of each user.

Decentralized Emails CRM software helps HR professionals store the pertinent information regarding clients at one central location. Anyone with the access to the CRM software can easily update this centralized information.

It also becomes easier for users to access the compact information. This software relieves its users from the necessity of syncing or storing every past email.

Enhanced Memory A businessperson may successfully track the details of 20 to 50 customers. But, the task becomes harder as the number continues to grow. It becomes impossible for anyone to remember the details of 100s of customers.

CRM software can successfully store, manage and recall the details of thousands of customers. Thus, it provides businesses limitless opportunities of growth.

Buying CRM software is a daunting task if you are not clear about factors to consider during the selection process. 

Data Security If a business opts for SaaS CM software, then the safety of your data is in the hands of the vendor. It is important that the hardware infrastructure of a vendor is strong to prevent any risk of data security breach. Also, companies need to check which data security tools are used by vendors. 

Scalability Businesses with seasonal needs or fluctuating sales statistics need to go with a CRM software vendor, who allows scalability of features.

Vendor’s Reputation A CRM software vendor’s reference check in terms of preventing data security breach and providing scalability of features is important. This will help businesses in building a trust on a vendor and its services.

Cloud-hosted or On-premise Those employers who require speedy access to data without setting up an internal IT infrastructure can go with cloud-hosted CRM. But, those who want to have a complete control over the functioning of CRM can select on-premise CRM.

Organizations of varying capacities are using this software for positive revenue predictions, risk mitigation, cost reduction and enhanced customer relationship.

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