Base CRM Software | 2017 Reviews, Prices and Comparison

BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Brand: BASE
Product Code: BASE CRM

Product Highlights

Sales pipeline management YES
Activity sync with Google calendar YES
Activity sync with Outlook YES
Send emails directly from CRM YES
IOS Mobile app YES
Search tool on App YES
Offline Mode for App YES
2-way sync with Google Contacts N/A
BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software Overview

BASE is a smart and intuitive tool for sales lead management which helps you manage leads in an effective and organized way. BASE CRM application is designed with the view to cater your business needs. All important details such as customer information, reminders of follow-ups and more are captured in BASE.

You spend time and money implementing a traditional CRM, but at the end of the day your sales team prefers multi-color post-it notes over their crummy CRM solution. We feel your pain. For sales software to really work for you, it needs to be more than just a collection of cool features. It needs to be insightful, intuitive, and maybe even a bit magical. Base is a next-generation sales productivity platform. No gimmicks. No fluff. Just powerful sales tools that will impact your business.

Base CRM offers all of the basics for small sales teams looking to better track their customers and sales pipeline, including integrated email and voice communication. The company has greatly improved its reporting and third-party integration capabilities, but the largest organizations in need of even more integrations , deeper reportings and analytics.

BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software Licensing
Subscription PlanPricing
STARTER1675 INR PER USER/MONTH Basic sales tracking and customer management for up to 5 users
PROFESSIONAL5026 INR PER USER/MONTH Complete CRM and reporting for growing businesses
ENTERPRISE8377 INR PER USER/MONTH All-in-one sales platform for data driven enterprises
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BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software Specifications
Pipeline management
Sales pipeline management
Customizable fields
Data Filters Option
Drag-and-drop interface
Activities & goals
Attach activities to deals
To-do list view
Activity sync with Google calendar
Activity sync with Outlook
Activities Assignment
Team members’ planned activity view
Team members’ overdue activities view
Customize activities
Reminders and notifications
Sales reporting
Tabular reports
Charts and Dashboard
Customizable reports
Sales reports by product
Show More
Email integration
Full Email Sync  
Send emails directly from CRM
Integration with Gmail: N/A
Integration with Outlook
Integration with any SMTP/POP3 email
CRM mail ID to update Deal/Opportunity
Sales forecasting
Customize the Forecasting view
Custom filters
Managers Dashboard
CRM data import & export
Checks for duplicates
Checks for incomplete entries
Import from spreadsheet
Import from other CRM Software
Export data to Spreadhseet
API to export data
Mobile apps
Android Mobile app
IOS Mobile app
Search tool on App
Add meetings
Update meetings, call notes and appointments
Offline Mode for App
link call/meeting with deals
CRM Product Options
Customize CRM Option
customizable web forms
Integrate web forms with websites
Automatically create contacts in CRM via Web forms
Integrations & add-ons
2-way sync with Google Contacts: N/A
2-way sync with Google Calendar: N/A
Google Drive integration: N/A
MailChimp: N/A
Add custom fields and pipeline stages
Switch off features you don’t need
Product Options
Backup of Data
Secure Connection
Multi-currency support
BASE CRM & Pipeline Management Software Reviews

Base CRM Software | 2017 Reviews, Prices and Comparison

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