SoulCRM Customer Relationship Management Software | 2017 Reviews, Prices and Ratings

SoulCRM Software

Brand: SoulCRM
Product Code: SoulCRM

Product Highlights

Sales pipeline management YES
Activity sync with Google calendar YES
Activity sync with Outlook YES
Send emails directly from CRM YES
IOS Mobile app YES
Search tool on App YES
Offline Mode for App N/A
2-way sync with Google Contacts N/A
SoulCRM Software Overview

SoulCRM is designed for specific needs of small and mid-sized Indian businesses. The software is created after thorough understanding of their unique ecosystem. Our goal is to solve actual business problems and empower businesses to take improved decisions. 

The software provides a huge scope of customisation for all types of industry users. You can easily change every module’s interface as per your needs. Moreover primary features like setting reminders, creating and assigning tasks and making special remarks are tightly integrated across every module of the software. The software is hosted on Amazon secure cloud. Your data is completely protected and accessible everywhere at any point of time. Our scalable solution provides you enough storage space at the moment you start of an offer additional space when you increase you user base. It mainly Analysis the current state of business, set accurate and well defined business goals, make forecast based on sorted data using our integrated reports for every module. Either you are setting up your new marketing campaigns or planning to analyse your sale, purchase and cash flow cycles.

The need of Soul CRM that everybody needs :-

  • Easily Customizable platform
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Automated Processes
  • Security Measures
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Mobile CRM App

SoulCRM Software Licensing
Subscription PlanPricing
Bill Annually399 INR PER USER/MONTH
Bill monthly499 INR PER USER/MONTH
SoulCRM Software Specifications
Pipeline management
Sales pipeline management
Customizable fields
Data Filters Option
Drag-and-drop interface
Activities & goals
Attach activities to deals
To-do list view
Activity sync with Google calendar
Activity sync with Outlook
Activities Assignment
Team members’ planned activity view
Team members’ overdue activities view
Customize activities
Reminders and notifications
Sales reporting
Tabular reports
Charts and Dashboard
Customizable reports
Sales reports by product
Show More
Email integration
Full Email Sync  
Send emails directly from CRM
Integration with Gmail
Integration with Outlook
Integration with any SMTP/POP3 email
CRM mail ID to update Deal/Opportunity
Sales forecasting
Customize the Forecasting view
Custom filters
Managers Dashboard
CRM data import & export
Checks for duplicates
Checks for incomplete entries
Import from spreadsheet
Import from other CRM Software
Export data to Spreadhseet
API to export data
Mobile apps
Android Mobile app
IOS Mobile app
Search tool on App
Add meetings
Update meetings, call notes and appointments
Offline Mode for App: N/A
link call/meeting with deals
CRM Product Options
Customize CRM Option
customizable web forms
Integrate web forms with websites
Automatically create contacts in CRM via Web forms
Integrations & add-ons
2-way sync with Google Contacts: N/A
2-way sync with Google Calendar: N/A
Google Drive integration: N/A
MailChimp: N/A
Add custom fields and pipeline stages
Switch off features you don’t need
Product Options
Backup of Data
Secure Connection
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SoulCRM Customer Relationship Management Software | 2017 Reviews, Prices and Ratings

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