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Zoho desk
Customers are the life line of any organization. which can make any business successful if they are satisfied. Therefore, the main objective is to satisfy the customer. Zoho Desk is the one which help you with this. Zoho help you immensely in automating your ticket management system thereby making your sales teams more interconnected, agile and efficient. With the chat function as well as rea...
Zendesk Support
By Zendesk
From interacting with customers to integrating social media; the live chat software is a comprehensive platform for developing long-term relationship with customers. Zendesk helps to maintain good relationships with customers. Zendesk software allows seamless communication and serves as an excellent knowledge base for the customers.  It really helps to streamline customer support an...
Vivantio Pro Helpdesk
By Vivantio
Vivantio Pro is the most flexible, reliable, trusted help desk software on the market. The product's built-in automation and organization saves you time and money and frees up your support team to focus on crucial tasks like business planning and management. Leverage key ITIL processes like incident, problem, change and service management and advanced features like asset management, AD/LDAP sync, ...
Vision Help desk
By Vision
Vision Helpdesk Software a powerful cloud based help desk software having ticket management tool, IT asset management, self-service, mobile device management all on a single platform to efficiently manage all your IT tasks. Vision Helpdesk Software ticketing system supports and helps you to better manage your help desk processes from first contact to resolution. It helps users ...
SysAid Help Desk offers all the essentials in one place including: a powerful ticket management tool, IT asset management, self-service, mobile device management, chat, password reset, mobile apps, industry benchmarking, and more. It work from a single platform to efficiently manage all your IT tasks. A powerful ticket management tool with advanced automation features.The Features of Sys...
SupportBee Help desk
By SupportBee
SupportBee is a cloud-based software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium sized businesses. SupportBee helpdesk brings best-in-class tools for customer self-service. It provided great multi channel support and helped user to engage with their customers and prospective leads in a much more organised and coordinated manner.SupportBee’s customer portal softwar...
Salesforce Desk
By Salesforce
One of a company's top priorities whether it's a small to midsize business (SMB) or a large organization is to keep customers and employees happy. Sales force desk is cloud based, easy to use and customization software with a Great User interface and user friendly. The software is designed to meet demands of both small businesses and large companies. It ...
Mojo Helpdesk
By Mojo
Mojo Helpdesk is a perfect application for customer support and internal task tracking where requests, whether they are internal or external, are centralized and assorted into a user-friendly web interface and then quickly assigned to helpdesk team agents for processing. All helpdesk messages that are sent to users and customers are recorded in a discussion-like thread.A simple helpdesk app with a...
ManageEngine Servicedesk  Plus
ManageEngine Service Desk Plus is the software solution to streamline your support ticketing system very quickly and help you work efficiently. With ManageEngine Service Desk Plus software you can do all your work without any delays as it manages all my your tickets in the most effective manner. You can easily access the software on mobile phone from anywhere and at any gi...
LiveZilla  Helpdesk
By Livezilla
Live zilla help desk is a software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium sized businesses..The extremely useful and intuitive features such as live chat support, geo tagging, and unlimited chats have helped us in improving our customer interactions to a high level. The real time Visitor Monitoring feature is quite innovative and helps immensely in cu...
LiveAgent Help desk
By LiveAgent
Live Agent help desk software solution is very easy to use and implement and  has everything that a support needs. With LiveAgent's Departments and Tags, you will be able to match your company's structure  departments and utilize optimal workflow to ensure top quality customer service. The built in live chat is a nice feature as well as you don't have to use a separate app...
Kayako Helpdesk
By Kayako
Kayako is the unified customer service platform and a helpdesk software. With Kayako, customer-obsessed businesses get better at delivering effortless customer service experiences.Customer service is changing. Today, your customer expects to be recognized and understood as an individual, not a ticket. They expect to be supported wherever they are. They expect customer service to be tailored, perso...
Jira Service Desk
By Atlassian
Jira Service Desk is a helpdesk tool. It provides the customer facing portals , enhanced SLAs, agent queues and more including enhanced reporting on service response times. JIRA Service Desk is a hosted service desk platform developed by Atlassian. The system is a very popular help desk solution widely used by many popular open source projects. JIRA service desk is primarily deployed as a software...
Happyfox Help desk
By happyfox
Keeping customers and employees happy is a vital consideration for business owners; in fact, it's one of a company's top priorities whether it's a small to midsize business (SMB) or a large organization. The Happy Fox CRM has been a key to make customers happy and will also help in automating many of your customer support functions, thereby increasing efficienc...
Front Helpdesk
Front is a collaboration software (shared inboxes for Teams) that enables teams to work together on any integrated communication channel (email, sms, twitter, facebook etc…), and emails are simply emails, not tickets.Front enables you to:Manage shared inboxes; and have entire teams collaborate on support@, sales@inboxes(manage support threads, as well as info@ inquiries or sales@ threads)Ma...
By Freshworks
Freshservice is a straightforward, managed service desk offering with a streamlined and intuitive web interface. Fresh service has been the most promising software that helps a management become more effective because of different strategies you got from this software The ease of using it and the most reliable solution to your problems is the best feature about this software....
By Freshworks
Freshdesk is cloud based, easy to use and customization software with a Great User interface and user friendly. The software is designed to meet demands of both small businesses and large companies. Freshdesk software includes standard features such as ticket management, SLA management, community forum. This software enable user to resolve customer queries quicker. Also, the softwar...
Deskero Helpdesk
By Deskero
Deskero Helpdesk Software is very easy to use software of helpdesk. It provides simple yet effective tools to integrate requests or inquiries coming from various channels (such as emails, social networks, chats, and websites) into a single database and put some order and sense into the chaos of modern customer care.It aims to establish a new kind of relationship with customers, engaging and commun...
Cayzu Help desk
By Cayzu
Cayzu help desk is a cloud-based software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium sized businesses. Cayzu features ticket management, Facebook & Twitter integration, mobile applications, real-time reporting, and also helps you manage various brands right from a single portal. Cayzu helpdesk brings best-in-class tools for customer self-service....
By AzureDesk
AzureDesk  help desk software solution is a Smart technology, excellent dynamics, and a user-friendly system that help you improve the quality of your service, and give customers a delightful experience. With the help of Azure Desk, you can integrate emails, activate live chat system and track my customers at real-time.. Azure Desk help desk software has defined a proper w...
Apptivo Web HelpDesk
By Apptivo
Apptivo Web Helpdesk Software is user-friendly software which covers all features of a helpdesk. Its mobile app can be customized according to the business needs. Apptivo Helpdesk can be integrated with CRM , project management and estimates.The main features of Apptivo Web Helpdesk are as follows :-Basic FeaturesReporting & AnalysisCustomize AppCommunicationMulti-locale (timezone)SLA Manageme...
By Agiloft Inc
Agiloft is a configurable platform that includes integrated applications for help desk, customer service, web self-service, knowledge management and contract management. It offers the ability to customize different aspects of the system, including custom workflows, business rules, teams, tables, fields and relationships, and user access permissions. Agiloft offers a contract management solution th...
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    What is Best Help Desk Software Companies | Help Desk Software Solutions | Techpillar?

    Helpdesk software is an important business tool, which helps in automating the important parts of customer service - Ticket Management, Feedback, Reporting & Optimization. Helpdesk software enables customer support executives to manage customer support tickets efficiently.

    Helpdesk softwares can be instrumental in tracking, prioritizing and solving all customer support ticket with ease. Helpdesk software is important for any startup or growing business as it provides innovate support at scale and ensures faster responses to customer queries.

    Customer reps can also manage their query queue efficiently based on assignee, ticket status and other important conditions. Customer service Ticketing software pulls all relevant information to streamline all critical aspects of helpdesk management.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ticketing system has proved one of the important part in the helpdesk solution. They have been able to resolve issues and track the progress as well. Help Desk Software's really do remarkable job in assisting organizations in tedious and monotonous work. Ticketing system helps in resolving the issue of the customer with the help of the computer software that manages and maintain the lists of issues, as needed by an organization.

    Help desk software creates an SEO friendly knowledge base which can give a rise in the search engine ranking as well. Customer can submit a ticket also where there is a special attention needed. By creating a strong knowledge base, one can utilize the time in solving important issues.

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