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Data storage is the place in a computer where all forms of data is stored in an optical or electromagnetic form. Data storage describes all those devices, which are connected to the system via I/O (input/output) operations. Devices like hard disk and tape systems don’t use in-computer storage or computer memory. Enterprise data storage can be classified into primary storage and secondary storage, depending upon the use of data and media it is placed on.

The Primary storage stores data on in-built devices, such as RAM and the processor's L1 cache. Secondary storage includes all those data which are stored on tapes, hard disks and other devices using the I/O operation. Secondary storage media is quite popular in cloud storage. While primary storage is faster to access, secondary storage can accommodate more data.

Networked Attached Storage (NAS)

Networked Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a computer data storage server, which is attached to a computer network. The file-level server provides data access to a diverse group of clients. It consists of o Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Management protects the data storage device and the data it contains. These systems may perform virtualization, data security, and backup practices. Storage management systems increase capacity and performance by offering data compression capabilities and data migration tools to put infrequently used data in low cost storage locations. They also provide historical data regarding performance and availability to determine and learn from past and present issues. While used by IT administrators, storage management software benefits the entire network, from desktop users to those who maintain the server by providing optimal performance and efficient cost.

Storage management software has similar capabilities to data security platforms, particularly backup products, but takes a more holistic approach to the management of storage devices. These storage devices can include data warehouses, servers, and other database products.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are ideal for storing large amounts of less frequently used data that stills need to be online and accessible. As most of the companies and workstations are configured with its own storage capacity, but when they are out of the storage capacity, organizations need an extra storage system or server who can store the extra data and files to avoid the deletion of the files.

NAS are the economical option which means to quickly add large amounts of storage capacity that can be accessed by anyone on the network.

It depends on camera firmware version installed and if the camera support Edge Storage. A camera with firmware below version 5.70 can handle up to 2TB of data storage. Camera with firmware version 5.70 and above can handle up to 8ZB of data storage. 

NAS servers commonly support NFS (Network File System) and CIFS (Common Internet File System). Network Attached Storage may also support other storage protocols, such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure Copy).

NAS devices have traditionally utilized SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) internally, but NAS devices can be built using any disk technology. NAS devices based on ATA disks are now available.

In addition to disk storage, NAS devices can also support magnetic tape and optical media such as CD and DVD.

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