What is Document Management

Document Management Software solution allows business to organize, manage, share and distribution of documents electronically yielding various benefits such as information protection, reuse and documents control. It acts as valuable corporate repository of information to facilitate knowledge base creation, boosting sharing practice among workgroups, fast time to market, and making better informed decisions. Most Document Management Software systems also offer integrated for work group collaboration, approval policy and workflow management with an option of on premise and or cloud offerings – so that you can work online anywhere any time. DMS helps companies with managing document version control, eSignature solution for approval control, bulk file upload, document library, Single Sign On integration, flexible archival and retrieval of documents and thus improving efficiency, getting audit records and effective management of physical and electronic records.

Document Management System

Document Management System

A document management system helps businesses upload, search, share, and archive documents digitally at a single platform. Owing to a large scale of diverse documents that companies need to oversee Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

A document management system is a computer based program that is used for tracking, storing and managing documents electronically. It reduces the use of paper and often creates a record of different document versions created and modified by various users.

Document management system is used for tracking, managing and storing documents in a digital format. DMS helps is reducing paper use by keeping a record of digital documents and ensuring easy document tracking. A document management system can be on premise or cloud based, helping businesses to run paperless processes.

Document imaging is the process of taking picture of content or information provided on paper or microfilm. It is the common practice for converting information given on paper to digital files. Document imaging has several advantages like the digital files can be shared with several people at the same time. It also helps in hassle-free document search and retrieval.  

A document management server is an important business solution to create a paper free office environment. It acts as a database for all the stored files that can be processed further. It also provides a central repository where all audited documents can be stored in a secure manner.

An electronic document management system is a software program that is used for the creation, storage and sharing of documents electronically. It manages the flow of electronic information within an organization by providing secure document access to all authorized users.

A good and quality document management solutions should have following features :-

  • Document Input
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Search
  • Document Processing
  • Workflow Automation
  • Document Security
  • User dashboard
  • Customization

A Document Input is a part of Document Management System which basically combines the paper and digital files. The ideal Document Management System should allow inputting files through the different sources such as :-

  • Scanner
  • Email
  • Bulk Upload
  • Manual Upload
  • Automated process for Mass uploading
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Services

The different Document Management Software's are :-

  1. Zeta Document Management Software
  2. AutoDoc DMS
  3. Content Central Document Management System
  4. dMACQ Document Management System
  5. Dokmee DMS
  6. Docsvault DMS
  7. EisenVault DMS
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