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Document Management System

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VIENNA Advantage Document Management System
Vienna Advantage Document Management System is a Enterprise level DMS. The pioneering structural design paired with potential functionality and a considerably impressive and intuitive user interface user interface holds out VIENNA Advantage DMS as an exclusive product in the correlated market. It is one of the modern , powerful and user-friendly Document Management System that helps the system to ...
ShareDocs Enterpriser Document Management System
By ShareDocs
ShareDocs Enterpriser is a high-tech and secure document management system that create , share , preserve , procure and manage official documents. The ShareDocs Enterpriser DMS is mainly for large/medium or small size enterprises , geographically distributed companies & enterprises where business critical information is locked away in physical documents. ShareDocs Enterpriser promises 0% data ...
By RicohDocs
RicohDocs is a complete document management system that has been designed to create , store , collect , convey and manipulate different types of office information for handling basic business processes. A state-of-the-art office automation software helps businesses experience for countless possibilities of expansion. The RicohDocs helps in easy management , smart monitoring , significant energy sa...
Pin Point Document Management Software
By PinPoint
PinPoint is a document management software which supports multiple languages, making a great fit for companies that manage diverse teams.PinPoint is a web-based solution that can be deployed and hosted from your servers directly, or from LSSP Corporation's secure SaaS cloud. Once deployed, the software can then be accessed remotely from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection - sma...
By OpenDocMan
OpenDocMan is an open source document management which is designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standards for document management. It has a features web based access , fine grained control of access to files and automated install and upgrades. OpenDocsMan is easy to set-up and has a automated installation process. It also integrate with the current business rules through the supporting multipl...
M-Files Document Management System
By M-Files
M-Files is document management software which is easy to install and learn , reliable , powerful and secure - without breaking the budget. It mainly improves workflow , increase information reuse , eliminate redundancy , securely control content and avoid conflicts and data loss - all in a single document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer. M-Files support every Windows appl...
LogicalDOC Document Management System
By LogicalDOC
LogicalDoc is a document management software that allows to optimize the research by searching through documents using parameters , keywords , or content. The advantage of LogicalDoc is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval. LogicalDoc is a high-performance and intuitive document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and...
KRYSTAL Document Management System
By Primeleaf
Krystal is a document management system (DMS) is a completely web browser based document management system which is easy to install and easy to use. It allows businesses of any type and size to implement it to their document management needs. Krystal DMS software search engine provides a fast , easy and powerful way to find documents in the document repository which saves time and ultimately reduc...
FileHold Document Management Software
By FileHold
FileHold Enterprise is a document management solution that helps large organizations to transition to a paperless work environment. FileHold can be installed on premise or on a secure private or public cloud. Alerts and reminders are generated for document-related events such as contract renewals, overdue workflows and records scheduled for archival and deletion. The workflow feature moves electro...
EisenVault Document Management System
By EisenVault
EisenVault is a Database Management Software that used to store and manage digital documents. It mainly takes away the hassle of managing the documents by storing in both electronic and physical forms that enables smart search and deploying quick retrieval measures. The innovative cloud-based document management system can be used in multiple industry sectors and caters to specific requirements of...
Dokmee Document Management Solution
By Office Gemini
Dokmee is a secure, easy to use document management system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing; all at an attractive price point. Dokmee adapts to any business model and is the result of cutting edge technology developed to ensure efficient, streamlined productivity and profitability. Dokmee may be quickly and effortlessly integrated into any size com...
Docsvault DMS
By Docsvault
DocsVault DMS is a complete Document Management Software that allows to capture , centralize , manage and secure all the paper documents , electronic files and emails. It helps into the access the data outside the office also using any Web-browser or with the help of the mobile either Android or iOS apps. Docs Vault centralize the paper documents and electronic files and access them with one famil...
dMACQ Document Management System
dMACQ is a document management software with a powerful functionalities to consolidate the documents and content management at one single platform. It is a browser-based , platform neutral , available on-premises and on-cloud and can be integrated with all recognized ERP applications. dMACQ e-file provides fully user customizable document based work flow manager. The e-file tool integrated with th...
Content Central  Document Management System
By Ademero
Content Central can be installed at your office or you can use cloud version. Take advantage of the many benefits a browser-based application offers, including quick deployment, controlled & logged access. Inside Content Central you can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured from document scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts...
AutoDoc DMS
By Fil-Flan
AutoDoc is a powerful Document Management System which is remarkable for its ease of use and rich features. Innovative archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving features make this software one of its kinds. Web access to documents adds another dimension to the software and AutoDoc works with the concept of a repository which is the combination of a database and a Volume. While the dat...
 Zeta DMS
By Zeta Softwares
Zeta DocStores is an industry leading state-of-the art Windows-based Document Management Application that helps you store and track electronic documents. It helps to quickly create a centralised, searchable database of all your documents and Keep documents private or share them with other users on your network. Zeta DocStores offers customers a comprehensive, customisation, secure, ...
 Doccept Document Management System
By Doccept
Doccept is core electronic document management system software with rich features for data capturing, archiving, managing, and indexing. Doccept gives you easy to use tools to help you track changes made to a document. Automatically create new versions each time a file is modified by either you or the persons with whom you are collaborating to assure no critical data is lost through the editing pr...
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    What is Best Document Management System Companies | Document Management System Solutions | Techpillar?

    A document management system helps businesses upload, search, share, and archive documents digitally at a single platform. Owing to a large scale of diverse documents that companies need to oversee today, manual document management is no more an efficient solution. A document management software solution is needed to help businesses in keeping their diverse documents organized and safe with encryption algorithm. It creates a secure repository of documents digitally to minimize the chances of any damage or loss.

    Especially in those industries where confidential data need to be managed on a daily basis, document management software applications, such as, RicohDocs, Sharedocs Enterpriser, etc. offer the best solution.

    They work by providing the authorized users a quick and reliable access to documents to prevent any scope of data breach.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    One of the biggest challenges for offices is organizing and retaining the huge amount of paperwork piling up every day. Adding up to this challenge is the tedious task of searching and fixing any information. It takes up much time and resources.

    A document management system helps businesses upload, search, share, and archive documents digitally at a single platform. Owing to a large scale of diverse documents that companies need to oversee daily, manual document management is no more an efficient solution.

    A document management software solution is needed to help businesses in keeping their diverse documents organized and safe with encryption algorithm. It creates a secure repository of documents digitally to minimize the chances of any damage or loss.

    The DMS software works by providing the authorized users a quick and reliable access to documents, and prevent any scope of data breach.

    DMS refers to the software that facilitates the storage of digital documents. It is also possible to keep track of the stored data. The software system designed for various functionalities are also feature rich. Different sizes and shapes are available.

    Many of these can be standalone. Such programs assist users to manage documents and files. Others are a part of robust suite entailing other multiple business-related tools, such as, case tracking, wikis, messaging, calendars, and blogging.

    Document management systems come in different types. So, how to decide the best document management platform for your business? Here’s an insight into four common types of document management systems that are used widely for document storage and recovery solutions.

    Web Based With web-based document management systems, there is no need to get a client software package. The internal browser of a company is required to connect its systems with the document management software.

    Cloud Based Hosted document management systems run on the host’s IT setup and allow users to access and manage documents using the internet from anywhere. In this case, the user’s data is stored on the host’s data centers rather than on-premise servers. This helps businesses in getting the benefit of this system without investing on the on-site IT infrastructure.

    Client Server Based Client server based document management systems use the client package at on-premise workstations. They help in customized refinement of the interface and lead to sophisticated integrations. 

    Data Base Document Management System Such type of document management systems are integrated with other robust and sophisticated data base structures, such as Oracle and SQL. This helps in making stronger linkages between images and the data

    A recent survey conducted by Technavio analysts have forecasted that the DMS market globally will grow at 14.28% CAGR. This is for the 2014-2019 period. As the DMS software market is experiencing more demands, what are the key trends that are creating the buzz?

    Mobility Mobility is no longer a luxury but a requirement for all businesses irrespective of their size and operational scope. It is essential to keep the staff and clients engaged. The modern mobile systems have grown from being simple access providers.

    They facilitate a lot more than the basic data from clients. Mobility solutions are interactive tools to manage workflow, communication, and facilitate client collaboration.

    Workflow Irrespective of the size of a firm, the document workflow is vital. Transforming from the paper-based workflow to digital workflow is not enough. For the maximums efficiency, the optimization of digital workflow is required.

    This will help in optimizing the benefits related to DMS software. An optimized DMS system offers complete transparency in business workflow, taxes, and the audit scenario.

    Security More firms are realizing the importance of keeping documents on the cloud in comparison to on-premise storage. Cloud storage ensures security of the vital data with a multi-layered security structure.

    The basic concern with any DMs software is the protection of files and documents. To keep them tamperproof, use access groups and permission limits for data access. Physical security of the data center with round-the-clock protection is difficult. Sending data to cloud-trusted providers is a more practical idea.

    Document management system is a broad category that encompasses different features and applications. Buyers can get these features and applications in different combinations, as per their customized needs.

    Compatibility An ideal document management system complements the existing IT setup of your company. It never clashes with the same. Compatibility is the most important feature to consider irrespective of the associated cost. In the end, this helps in saving both time and money.

    Intuitive Interface An intuitive interface is desirable. Process steps and commands should be easy to comprehend. This is even more preferred by the new users, who have only the basic platform knowledge.

    Easy to Use Every authorized user should be able to use a DMS system, following a general orientation program. Choose it over a robust system that requires users with programming degrees, to avoid inconvenience for staffs.

    Internal communication A document management system is designed to facilitate a smooth inter-user communication with easy sharing of files and documents.

    Document Security and Backup The digital data is open to both internal and external attacks. So, a document management system should have robust security features and backup. This is crucial to the disaster recovery process of the company. A reliable document management software provides fool-proof admin control. Companies can setup user permissions for refining the possibilities of internal security.

    Versioning Users can track all material changes with a document management system. They can also organize files to monitor various document versions. An efficient document management system offers a detailed versioning for controlling and understanding updates at every process level.

    Mobile Compatibility A user-friendly DMS software simply cannot exist today without mobile compatibility. There are more tablets and smart phones in the market today compared to PCs and laptops. So, the top document management systems facilitate access to required documents via mobile devices. This is a useful feature for both, in-office workers and remote employees.

    Collaboration Team collaboration becomes more effective with the help of a dynamic DMS software. It provides a central location for uploads, information update, and data access. It also facilitates user conversation through sharing of documents and files.

    Project Management and Workflow Reference to uploaded documents for project-related information is common. So, with the help of a document management system, project managers can access all related information and data using a document management system and use them to get higher ROI.

    Scalability The best document management software is the one that scales up with the growing needs of the business. An ideal document management system meet the demands of expanding organizations with any downtime.

    Document management systems have evolved as the backbone for any business to manage and organize documents conveniently. Along with reduced storage needs and lesser costs, document management software has many other highlighting benefits.

    Document Capture and Imaging Physical or paper-based documents can also be stored and shared using a document management system. It helps in digitizing printed documents with the help of the imaging technology. Thus, businesses can finally get over paper-based documents and create a database of digital files.

    Easy Document Storing and Sharing Use of storage rooms and file cabinets for storing documents is an outdated process now. Digitization of the process of document storage is possible now with the top document management systems.

    Any authorized user can store documents, and index them by text, images, keywords, and other variables used for tracking and searching different files. The process of document archiving and sharing becomes extremely convenient and quick with a DMS software.

    Simple routing Companies are using DMS software to forward documents to relevant people. Documents and files can be forwarded to multiple employees simultaneously. Everyone can view, annotate, or review the content.

    Users can also comment on a content piece, if required. In-sequence forwarding to individuals is also possible via this arrangement. Comments from earlier reviewers are also available for attached files, and the authorized professionals can approve them as per their discretion.

    Secure backups Physical documents can be damaged irreparably with time. Even the misplacement of documents is a common occurrence. But, a document management system facilitates secure file backups with uploads to data centers located off-site.

    Enhanced Security Earlier, in order to secure paper files one had to go at extreme lengths. Procedures included security protocols, use of sign-out sheets, locks, and keys. But, such procedures proved to be both ineffective and time-consuming.

    Now, businesses can encrypt documents with document management software and assign security levels to individual files. File assignment to specific individuals or chosen departmental employees is possible with the DMS software.

    DMS tracks the retrievals by noting the names of those viewing the content. It also applies date and time stamps necessary for auditing. This system is both effective and easy-to-use.

    Along with the budget of your organization for the installation of document management system, there are many other factors to consider while choosing the best solution.

    Size of your Organization Depending upon the number of employees in your organization and the volume of documents managed daily, you should choose a document management system. If a DMS software cannot be scaled to manage the increased load of documents in your organization, then it’s a waste of money.

    Tasks to Be Performed From document capture, and imaging to indexing, storing and searching, a document management system serves different purposes. You can go for a standalone application or invest in an integrated suite of applications, depending upon your organizational needs.

    IT Infrastructure of your Firm If the machines in your office have lower configurations, it’s wise to go for a system that matches the lower configuration. It is a more viable option than spending money on upgrading the machine configuration. Also, if the IT infrastructure of your organization is not sound, it’s better to invest in a hosted document management system that ensures hassle-free software upgrade and good technical support.

    Security breaches, data catastrophes, and information leaks dominate headlines. When the management of internal information is poor, these things happen. DMS provides 24-hour recurring data backup, secure servers, and bank grade 256-AES data encryption.

    This is for in-transit data. Data can now become available at multiple physical and artificial points. Companies can further limit the internal breach of data through the role-based DMS feature.

    High-tech DMS is fast replacing the traditional methods of retrieving storing and delivering documents. When are you making the switch?

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