Frequently Asked Questions about IP Telephony Systems

Frequently Asked Questions about IP Telephony Systems

Making a resilient and scalable voice network can be a tedious task. Whether you are building a campus-wide voice network, an enterprise telephony setup or a helpdesk/call center, you will need IP telephony systems. You can look for IP telephony systems from top brands, such as, Mitel, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, NEC, ShoreTel, etc. These brands have become a trusted name over the time because of their expertise in offering a wide variety of IP telephony and unified communication products like Single box Hybrid PBX, Server-gateway PBX, Cloud-based PBX, Virtualized PBX, Smart IP Phones, Soft clients for IP extensions, Call center, and much more.

But if you are still confused about what is the maximum number of extensions for a PBX, what is the maximum number of PRIs trunks to be connected on the PBX, whether PBX supports hybrid deployment or not, then we are here to help. We have addressed some of the frequently asked questions about IP telephony to resolve most of your queries.

What is the Maximum Number of Extensions/Users that a Standalone PBX Supports?

While choosing a PBX model, we should always know the maximum scalability of PBX, as the scalability number is usually not increased with software upgrade. Depending upon your future expansion plans, you should choose a PBX that provides the desired extensions support.

Does PBX Support Analog, Digital & IP Phones all in Same Device, as Hybrid Deployment?While choosing an IP PBX, you should check if it supports hybrid deployment by connecting Analog, Digital and IP Phones all on the same PBX. Ask in advance, what is the maximum number of phones of each type that can be connected on the PBX.

How Many Analog or PRIs Trunks One Can Connect on the PBX?

Analog/PRI trunks are the CO lines, which we take from ISP. One should know the maximum capacity of a PBX for Analog/ PRI ports. This will help you in selecting a PBX, on which you can add more CO lines in the future.

Does a PBX Provide Unified Collaboration Features?

These days, PBX comes with many UC features like soft clients for laptops/mobiles/tablets, Presence, Web collaboration, Meet-Me Conference Bridge, etc. You should check what all features are supported and with what license cost. On datasheets, you may see all supported features, but they often come with cost. So, check the licensing carefully.

Does a PBX Provide Call Center/Customer Engagement Features?

Most of the growing companies have a small to medium-sized team of tele callers. Such companies should check if the PBX has features like built-in call center, IVR, Reporting, Recording, etc. These call center features can prove quite useful in managing tele callers.

Does a PBX Provide Full Featured Receptionist Console?

A full-fledged receptionist console provides great flexibility to users by taking, transferring, holding and muting lines from desktops and laptops. You should check what all is supported and what all extra features are needed by the person at your office reception to work effectively.

Does a PBX Provide Redundancy Support?

Many vendors claim that their PBX can run in redundancy, but you should check if they support Active-Standby or Active-Active configuration. In Active-Standby, it usually takes 101-105 minutes for standby PBX to become fully operational.

How to Choose the Right IP Phone?

IP phones come with a variety of screen options, such as, colored screen, black/white screen and monochrome screen. Thy also provide variations in terms of contextual keys and the types of ports like USB. One should choose an IP phone based on the requirement of users.

We hope, now you are in a better position to evaluate, compare, and select the right IP telephony system for your business. You can click here to check the specifications of different IP telephony systems, compare them and make the best choice as per your business collaboration requirements.


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