What is Hospital Management

A hospital information Management system (HIS), also known as clinical information system (CIS) has become an integral part of health care as it offers a comprehensive & integrated information workflow and process focuses to manage the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of a hospital. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the core of any HIS, which integrates all records of the patient and allows instant electronic to other functions such as Registration, Patient Queue, Progress Notes, Online Prescription, Online Radiology, Online Laboratory, Admission, Discharge and Transfer etc. Any Hospital Information system combines various other sub core modules including Patient Care (Inpatient & Outpatient Services), Clinical Support, Cashier & Billing services, Supply Chain Management, claim processing, Human resources, asset tracking and monitoring, reporting and administration. A HIS improves doctors work efficiency, enquiry management and automate workflows thus reducing management cost.

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software is a tailor-made solution for all administrative requirements of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare units. It helps in tracking doctor availability and schedule, Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Be it a general hospital or a super specialty hospital, ensuring its smooth functioning is the responsibility of hospital management experts. Hospital management is all about streamlining medical, administrative and financial tasks of a hospital, so that patients get the best treatment and care. From patient care to electronic medical records, inventory of medicines and cleanliness, all elements of a hospital are covered under hospital management.

Hospital administration is about managing the business aspects of a healthcare setup. Healthcare administrators look into the different management elements of a hospital to ensure that all departments are running smoothly with specific outcomes attained. From budgeting to strategy making and marketing, all comes under hospital administration.

Hospital management system is an integrated system designed to manage all aspects of the functioning of a hospital. Day to day operations in a hospital, such as, medical, administrative, legal, and financial issues can be managed and controlled efficiently with a hospital management system.

Patient care management is about providing patients the right care needed to improve their health conditions. Patient management software can be useful in patient care tasks by providing the relevant medical information that is required for the right treatment or diagnosis. It can also provide analysis of the medical condition of a patient, so that the right treatment can be provided without any delay.

A clinic management system provides the right technology for coordinating and controlling different activities involved in the management of clinics or any other healthcare setup. From managing electronic medical records to appointments and medical billing, a clinic management system is helpful in automating various operations of a clinic.  

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