Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software

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What is Best Hospital Management Software | 2017 Reviews and Prices?

Hospital Management Software is a tailor-made solution for all administrative requirements of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare units. It helps in tracking doctor availability and schedule, patient appointment, medical records, pharmacy availability, inpatient and outpatient details, etc. Also, the availability of beds can be tracked and doctor charges can be compared with the help of different hospital management software solutions.

By maintaining transparency at every level of hospital administration, hospital management software solutions, such as, Win Apps, Uniwide, Practo, and PALASH help in building the trust of patients for higher footfall gradually.


Many hospital management software vendors are also providing customized solutions for specific needs of a healthcare unit. This way, healthcare setups of all sizes and areas of service can enjoy the exclusive features of a hospital management software.

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Win Apps Hospital Management System
By WinApps
Win Apps Hospital Management Software is an integrated new gen hospital management software which converges latest technology and administrative process to manage work process within the hospitals. This software is all-in-one hospital management solution that keeps track of everything that is from staff details to patients history. This software aims at automating the operations and processes for ...
Visual Hospital management System
By Visual
Visual Hospital Management System by Visual Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest software in healthcare industry which provides the interface between the doctors and the patients. The software is technically robust and encompasses all departments of hospitals like billing and revenue cycle management , blood bank system , inventory management system. This software helps in computerizing all pro...
Uniwide HIMS
By Uniwide
Uniwide Hospital Information System is a complete web based solution for hospital management. Uniwide HIS takes care of all functional aspects of all types of hospitals including payroll ,accounts and inventory management which aims at providing better, easy and accurate services to the patient. It provides the common platform of communication between administration , doctor and patient. The softw...
San Hospital management System
By San Software
SAN Software provides the web-based solution for Hospital Management System. It is an integrated solution designed to manage all the functions of hospitals and clinics such as medical , administrative , financial, legal and the corresponding service processing. It discarded the traditional approach of maintaining the hospital management to IT solutions in hospitals.SAN Hospital Management System h...
Practo Hospital Management System
By Practo
Practo is a Hospital Management Software which is currently providing the complete solution of hospital management to convert it into the digital data. Practo helps in connecting the doctors and patients by assessing health issues , finding the right doctor , booking diagnostic tests , obtaining medicines , storing health records and learning to live better & healthier.Practo is a definitive p...
PALASH Health Care
Palash Health Care is a holistic solution to manage all operations of hospitals effectively and smartly to enhance the productivity and performance of the hospitals. Palash is a multi-speciality module which is a comprehensive enterprise-wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of medium & large hospitals. The software mainly focuses on quality care of the patients , ...
Miracle HIS – Hospital Management
By Akhilsystem
Miracle Hospital Information System from Akhil Systems is an integrated web-based Hospital Management Software which can be used from small sized to large sized hospitals or a nursing home. Miracle HIS is a state-of-the-art automated solution to help all hospitals in efficient working thereby increasing the productivity and performance of various department. It is developed using the latest techno...
Mediware Hospital management System
By Datamate
Mediware Hospital Management System from Datamate Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is comprehensive solution for healthcare business. Mediware HMS streamlines the management of the hospital effectively & efficiently and also provides end-to-end capabilities to address the multiple aspects of Business Management and Clinical management. The software helps the hospitals to keep their departmental revenue...
MediSmart Hospital Management System
By HexaTech
MediSmart Hospital Management System is an integrated end-to-end Hospital management system which provides automation in the system of hospital management. It is a powerful and flexible software that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care , hospital administration and critical financial accounting in a seamless flow. MediSmart Hospit...
LiveHealth Hospital management System
By LiveHealth
Live Health Solution is an agile software solution for hospitals allowing them to streamline the daily requirements of the hospital management. The main purpose of the software is to make the connection between the health providers and customers in the single environment. Live Health is end-to-end collaborative hospital management software which provides the holistic approach to manage, m...
eHospital Systems Hospital Management Software
By adroit
EHospital Systems from Adroit Info systems (P) Ltd. is comprehensive and integrated hospital management software which manages all aspects of hospital operations such as OPD management and IPD Management, Patient Registration, Appointment, Medical Billing, and HR/payroll and the corresponding service processing. This solution gives the full access to the doctors to generate various record...
Doc App - BigDbiz HMS Software
By BigDbiz
DocApp from Bigdbiz Solutions is a decisive Hospital Management Software catering to automating the operations and processes for enhanced productivity and flawless functioning of the hospitals. This intuitive software enable the hospitals to focus on patients and doctors relationships with in-built management features. DocApp Software helps in decision making for general hospital management , stre...
Cloud18 Hospital Management System
By Cloud18
Cloud 18 Hospital Management Software is an integrated solution which helps the management of hospitals to run smoothly across the department like reception, OPD/IPD department, accounting & Finance, payroll, inventory, pharmacy etc. This Software of Hospital management is easy to use and user friendly software and aims at automating the operations and processes for enhanced produc...
Caresoft HIMS
CareSoft HIMS is a unique hospital management solution offering from Caresoft Consultancy Private Limited which helps the healthcare industry to deliver the most generic platform to the management of the hospital and the patients. This Software helps the health care verticals to lower costs, enhance scalability and higher quality and better health care for all. Caresoft HIMS is a robust sol...
Administrator Plus Hospital Management Software
By Acsonnet
Administrator Plus is an integrated new generation hospital management software by Accurate Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. i.e. acsonnet which was established in 1995 as a Software Development Company. It has now widened its category from manufacturing software development to Healthcare ERP solutions.Administrator Plus streamline operation processes and information flows in the hospital to synergise and conn...
AAS Technosoft HIMS
By AAS Technosoft
The Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) from AAS Technosoft is a versatile and ultimate full service various- module hospital resource planning software suite , precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of hospital & research. AAS Technosoft HIMS is one platform to manage the Administrative , Financial and Clinical aspect of the hospital with advanced technology f...
Aarogya Hospital Management Software
By Aarogya
Aarogya is a prominent hospital management software which is established in 2004 to develop and deliver Software Products for Healthcare providers like Hospitals, Labs & Diagnostic centers, Blood Banks, Pharmacies, Public Health Systems and Medical, Nursing & Paramedical Colleges. This Software provides the platform for inventory and payrolls also so that the clients can use a sin...
 Sara Hospital Management Software
By Sara Technology
SARA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete Hospital management solution which has been used in the Hospitals, Medical Centers, Health Clinics and Medical Institutes. SARA Hospital Management System (SARA HMS) Software allows the hospitals to manage their operations on a single platform like doctors can check the details of the patient  , caretakers can access the reports of the...
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