Tips on How to Manage your Multi-Center Clinic Efficiently

Tips on How to Manage your Multi-Center Clinic Efficiently

Being successful in a business is just the first step, as the real challenge is to maintain the success. This phrase applies aptly to those who have tasted success in managing one clinic, and are planning to run a string of healthcare units now. Owning multiple clinics centers, spread across geographies, is the dream of many. But to manage them efficiently, a little more is needed than just the passion for bringing more patients under your healthcare umbrella.

Before you start having sleepless nights, thinking over ways to effectively track activities at multiple clinic centers, you need to follow these simple clinic management tips.

#Tip 1. Automate your Clinics with a Hospital Management System

In order to integrate the processes at different clinics, you need a centralized hospital management system. A single hospital management system that can automate all your clinics can help in better communication over a new strategy or day-to-day functioning. Once your clinics are automated with a single hospital management system, you can track patient inflow, treatment records, and doctor’s schedules at every center quickly and with much ease. Also, the operational efficiency of every clinic will scale up with higher staff performance and reduced wastage of resources.

#Tip 2. Put your Clinics on the Cloud

On-premise and cloud-hosted hospital management systems have their own pros and cons. But, when it’s about managing multiple clinic centers, a cloud-hosted hospital management system can serve you better.

There will be paperless data recording on the cloud for patient history, treatment details, prescriptions, and other data. You can reach out to data from your mobile device by using the internet. As all clinic-related data will be stored on the cloud, you can access them from anywhere and anytime. Also, the backup of data that are stored on the cloud is created automatically to ensure zero information loss.

#Tip 3. Follow a Common Reporting Format

An overview of the performance of different centers in terms of revenue, expense and inventory is important. Periodic reports for different centers, based on different performance metrics, can be created using the reporting module of your hospital management system. But, you need to follow a common reporting format to avoid any discrepancy in the process. For uniformity in reporting, you can select a specific reporting template on your hospital management system.

#Tip 4. Use a Common Digital Platform for All Interactions

You need to look for a hospital management system that offers a common digital platform on the system and the app. With the help of a common digital platform, there can be an increased communication and coordination between employees working at the centers in different geographies. Any new medical case or the diagnosis for a particular medical condition can be discussed on a common digital platform, so that employees can learn and grow together.

#Tip 5. Manage Important Functions Centrally

You may be planning to add one more center to the string of clinics, but it’s advisable to have just a single HR team that manages the workforce of all the automated centers. Other functions like accounting should also be managed centrally. This will help you in having a better control over the operations of different clinics. Also, the feeling of a unified team will be fostered, and every employee will feel involved in methods to make the chain of clinics more successful.

A hospital management system that integrates human resource and accounting management modules will serve a multi-center clinic setup quite efficiently.

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