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Choosing a resilient, scalable & Secure Cloud based HRMS, Payroll and Accouting Solution can be a lot of work. Whether you are making a decison for SMB requirement or Enterprise class solution, you will find everything you need right here. At TechPillar.com's HR, Payroll & Accounting category we have covered all the SMB & enterprise class HR, Payroll and Accouting software providers, a list that includes top brands such as Zenefits, BambooHR, HRMantra, SumHR, GreytHR, Adrenaline HR Solution, ZingHR, Beehive HR SOlution, SAP Successfactor, PeopleStrong & many more for HR SOlutions.
For Accouting brands like TALLY ERP 9, QUICKBOOKS, BUSY, PROFITBOOKS, MARG, SARAL, Wave, XERO, REACH and others. These brands have become trusted over time because of their expertise in a wide variety for features and solution support on HR, Payroll and Accounting needs for SMB and Enterprise class depolyments.

Within this long list of brands, you'll be able to find HRMS, Payroll and Accounting software for all your HCM, Finance and Payroll requirements.

Need help to find the right HR, Payroll or Accounting software? Our featured subcategories of HR Software and Accounting Software make it easy to find the perfect addition to your enterprise software solutions.

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Accounting Software

The market is brimming with different accounting software solutions that cater to the requirements of any industry or organization. Though different business accounting software solutions come with specialized functionalities to needs the needs of specific industries, there are certain core modules which are common for all.

A core package of business accounting software is expected to serve modules like, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, payroll, fixed assets, bank reconciliation, and reporting.

Along with core modules, specialized functionalities of an accounting software for particular businesses are, billing and invoicing, fund accounting, inventory management, project accounting, budgeting and forecasting. Prominent names in the world of accounting software are Zero Beautiful, Wave, Tally ERP 9, Saral Accounts, ProfitBooks, and so on.

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HR Software

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS software) is a reliable solution to day-to-day challenges faced by companies in managing a large and diverse workforce efficiently. It streamlines all traditional HR functions, such as, employee scheduling, personnel tracking, time & attendance, payroll, and benefits administration.

Along with automating core HR functions, HRMS software also helps professionals in recruiting the right set of employees, creating a talent pool, evaluating performance, and managing the learning curve of the valuable resources of a company – employees!

There is a vast array of HRMS software solutions in the market today that caters to the needs of SMEs and large enterprises alike. Reputed HRMS software vendors, such as, Zenefits, BambooHR, HRMantra, SumHR, GreytHR, Adrenaline HR, ZingHR, PeopleStrong, and many more provide customized software solutions to companies from different industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human resource management is about managing an organization’s employees by creating and implementing employee-friendly policies. At the same time, the policies should keep employees focused towards achieving the organizational goals. The goal of human resource management is to make efficient use of employees and increasing the return on investment.

HRMS software or human resource management software helps in revolutionizing a workplace by streamlining recruitment, onboarding, talent management, attendance, leaves, benefits management, performance management, and the overall employee welfare processes.

HR payroll systems are designed to help businesses in organizing tasks related to employee payment, salary slip generation, and the calculation of employee taxes. The HR payroll system helps in keeping track of working hours and leaves, calculating salaries, taxes and deductions, and delivering salary to individual employees on time.

HRIS is the human resource information system that integrates human resources and information technology using HR software. HRIS helps businesses with activities related to human resource management, accounting and payroll. By making the best use of information technology, HRIS also helps HR professionals in making well-informed strategies.

A payroll system is the software that makes processes of creating payrolls, making employee payments and calculating employee taxes easier. Based on employee salary information, number of working hours/ days and leaves, a payroll system automatically generates payrolls. A payroll system must be updated with the latest tax law changes, so that there is no error in salary processing.

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