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By EmployWise Inc
EmployWise is a complete HR software at a one click of a button. A cloud-based comprehensive HRMS software, EmployWise is simplicity personified. Consisting of some of easiest to use features, this software solution can cater to every aspect of employee management right from the hiring stage to the retirement stage. The simplicity of this program obviates the need to hire consultants thereby savin...
E-Manage Online HRMS & Payroll Software
By Datacore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Datacore Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a global IT services company with indelible footprints both in India and the US. Incorporated in the year 1998, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Alp Consulting Ltd, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. With a PAN-India presence, Datacore Technologies has 6 branches across India in all major metros with its corporate office in Bangalore and 2 offices in USA , he...
Dayforce HCM
By Ceridian
Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based platform for workforce management, payroll and tax, analytics, benefits, document management, talent management, and HR management. It is a single app that provides companies complete access to real-time data across all aspects of human capital management (HCM). Dayforce HCM offers no user interfaces and one user experience. Organizations can use the app to find and h...
Cogxim HRMS Software
By Cogxim
Cogxim provides a front edge payroll software to manage overall payroll processes and operations effortlessly. Cogxim is the basis to solve all comprehensive payroll processes from simple to complex. Cogxim is one of the user friendly software of payroll that equips the businesses with complete unkeep and management of payroll from handling all payroll activities starting from capturing the employ...
ClockHR HRMS & Payroll Software
By Clocksoft
Clock HR , Payroll , Time $ Attendance and Leave Management Software are one of the softwares of Clocksoft Solutions Ltd.Clocksoft Solutions Ltd. has widened its benefits in the HRM software all over the market and has become the ruler in the market of HR development by fulfilling different business software requirements of its national as well as international clients by delivering outstanding bu...
By Cezanne
Cezanne HR is a comprehensive HR software which is a cost-effective and configurable for mid sized and growing companies. Cezanne HR’s human resources management suite is purposely built to take out cost and complexity, without sacrificing the flexibility and HR functionality your businesses demands. Designed to take advantage of the latest Cloud and mobile technologies, it liberates you from ad...
By Canvintek Software Private Limited
CavinHR  is a web-based HR software that energizes your business. HR teams find it simple and easy to use and realize immediate productivity gains. Human resource management system automates your HR tasks and helps HR teams focus on their people strategy.Quick and Easy :- The wizard-based workflow designer gives you the ability to quickly create your workflow. For folks that would like t...
BrainPower HRMS
By Brain Power
Brain Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company which provides the integrated solutions to the enterprises to service their customers ,simplify business operations and implement the best business analytics and solutions. Brain Power introduced the HR and Payroll software which centralizes all HR information of the employees and maintain complete employee database with necessar...
BigDbiz HRMS Software
By Bigdbiz
The Bigdbiz HRMS Software is an involuntary software solution for the automation of complete Human Resource Management and payroll operations which integrated with the requirements of global business enterprises. The web based software is the most interactive and easy to use interface for effective operations of HRM. Bigdbiz HRM Software provides the complete IT solutions to perform and administer...
Beehive HRMS Solution
By Beehive
Beehive Software Services is a HRMS company which is a scalable and reliable solution to simplify HR operations with user friendly menu, highly interactive screen, resulting in easy flow of interactions with staff and one-touch availability of employee data. Beehive HRMS Solution offers complete set of HR modules. It leverages current capabilities to implement solutions and offers optio...
BambooHR HRMS software
By BambooHR
BambooHR is a online Human Resource Information System that makes the work of organization pretty easier. BambooHR is an intuitive HR software that changed all paperwork to online HR system. BambooHR consolidates all employee information from all the locations into a single view which can accessed , sort , control , analyze and take action on the data instantly from the office. BambooHR is very ea...
Adrenalin HRMS Software
By Adrenalin
Adrenalin HRMS is an exclusive software and a single platform that solves all HR related problems. Adrenalin HRMS is full of features and services to help the business to maximize the people productivity. Adrenalin provides the single digital platform to automate the routine tasks of the HR and payroll. Following covers all the features of the Adrenalin Software.FeaturesModulesCore HR ManagementEm...
Accord e-HR
By Intelliob Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Accord e-HR is the result of exhaustive research into Human Resource Management, its common pitfalls, globally proven best practices and case studies amalgamated with powerful Information Technology systems, stringent quality control measures and meticulous real-world testing. Accord e-HR is developed using current Microsoft .Net web technologies and has been integrated with various Reputed Enterp...
AAS Technosoft HRMS
By AAS TechnoSoft
AAS Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. emerges with another software of payroll management which is PAY-mSyS , which takes care of all the requirement related to accounting and management of employees payroll effectively. It is an extensive bundle of automated payroll operations including employee information management , pay structuring and calculation , generation of payslips. The compact package of payroll a...
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What is Best HR Software Companies | HR Software Solutions | Techpillar?

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS software) is a reliable solution to day-to-day challenges faced by companies in managing a large and diverse workforce efficiently. It streamlines all traditional HR functions, such as, employee scheduling, personnel tracking, time & attendance, payroll, and benefits administration.

Along with automating core HR functions, HRMS software also helps professionals in recruiting the right set of employees, creating a talent pool, evaluating performance, and managing the learning curve of the valuable resources of a company – employees!

There is a vast array of HRMS software solutions in the market today that caters to the needs of SMEs and large enterprises alike. Reputed HRMS software vendors, such as, Zenefits, BambooHR, HRMantra, SumHR, GreytHR, Adrenaline HR, ZingHR, PeopleStrong, and many more provide customized software solutions to companies from different industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resource (HR) professionals need to have strategic skills to provide guidance to the workforce efficiently. They need to handle different types of personnel issues related to selection and recruitment of potential candidates, TDS filing, payroll processing, and leave calculation.

Today, around 59% of HR professionals consider identification and retention of talented candidates as a challenge. It is also tough for them to optimize human capital investments, and around three-fifth of HR professionals find this task challenging.

Calculating different types of benefits, such as health insurance plan, pension plan, disability plan, paid vacations and company assigned rewards is an extensive process. Additionally, they need to calculate salaries and overtime of employees. About 23% of professionals find these tasks exhaustive.

These tasks need to be dealt with diligence, care and accuracy. Therefore, an automated process is needed to empower these professionals. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) application enables these professionals to complete their administrative and operational tasks efficiently.

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS software) is a reliable solution to day-to-day challenges faced by companies in managing a large and diverse workforce efficiently.

It streamlines all traditional HR functions, such as, employee scheduling, personnel tracking, time & attendance, payroll, and benefits administration.

Along with automating core HR functions, HRMS software also helps professionals in recruiting the right set of employees, creating a talent pool, evaluating performance, and managing the learning curve of the valuable resources of a company – employees!


The best HR management system automates and streamlines daily operations, and helps organizations reduce the overhead expenses. The two powerful HRMS systems are as follows:

Cloud/Hosted Deployment A cloud-based or hosted HRMS application can be accessed easily through a Web browser. A vendor’s server hosts this application. Some HR software vendors may even use the organization’s private server to host this application.


  • Businesses may pay the subscription fee monthly or annually. It saves them from making an upfront investment.
  • Businesses save on additional investment made towards hardware.
  • Businesses enjoy greater data security.
  • Businesses receive continuous updates from the vendor. This feature reduces the need for customization.

On-Premise Deployment Businesses have servers present on the premise. A vendor provides support during installation, implementation and maintenance of human resource management software.


  • The initial cost of hardware and software acquisition may seem exorbitant, but the long-term cost seems low due to dedicated servers and perpetual licenses.
  • This software easily integrates with other existing applications in the system.

Organizations can connect directly to operational equipment to capture the necessary data.

(img source:peoplehr) 

According to the latest market survey, 35% respondents preferred to use gamification in HR, and 85% think this can be an important tool for employee assessment and engagement. Cloud-based HRMS solutions are emerging in this space and are more advanced than the legacy HR systems.  Cloud-hosted ERP systems target the main HR functions like payroll, employee engagement, attendance and learning. So, let’s learn about the key trends in the industry.


An integrated, hosted ERP system is now being designed for executing HR administrative responsibilities. The cloud-based technology has helped ERP providers create an integrated, end-to-end HR suite.

User Friendly

Through cloud-based applications, the vendors improve the user experience. The legacy HR software is now being challenged by user-friendly hosted systems, as the vendors are trying to create a ‘System of Engagement’.

Mobile-First Approach

It is easy to carry a smartphone or a tablet than a laptop. The user can perform any task with equal efficiency on these gadgets. HR management system applications are also undergoing suitable modifications in this rapidly evolving scenario. HRMS vendors are first developing mobile-based applications. Later, they are customizing these applications to make them laptop/desktop friendly.

Analytical Tools

Software vendors have noticed a continuous growth in the demand for analytics. Now, they have started providing data benchmarking services based on Big Data analysis. This year, will also witness a shift from “software-as-a-service” to “data-as-a-service”.

(img source:Deloitte)

The HRMS software not only provides useful workforce management solutions to a large organization, but also small and medium sized businesses are gaining from this wonderful tool. Let us learn how.

Information Database  HR professionals need to maintain a database for all the employees. Often, employee records are stored on paper-based system. But by installing the HRMS software, the records can be digitalized to eliminate the cumbersome paperwork.

  • Employee records are stored online, and are easily accessible from any global location.
  • The software regularly and effortlessly maintains and updates the data records.

Payroll Management The payroll management is a time-consuming, yet an essential task. However, an automated system enables the accountant process salaries efficiently.

  • No separate calculation is needed for overtimes, leave deductions, or loan installments.
  • It computes all the factors together to give correct assessment in a single click.

Self Service If employees can change some information on their own, it would save the time of HR personnel, who can then perform additional tasks.

  • Employees can view the scheduled information and submit necessary requests.
  • They can communicate with HR personnel and peers directly on the portal.

Appraisal Reviews If HR professionals are maintaining appraisal reports through an automated HR system, they can easily update employee records.

  • There is no need for filing numerous appraisal reports manually.
  • Appraisers need not scramble through millions of paperwork to find necessary information.
  • HR professionals can directly access any data through the system.

Recruitment The recruitment process is an important part of HR management, but it is time consuming at the same time. The HRMS software helps in performing this task efficiently and in an organized way.

  • Recruiters can easily post advertisements for vacant positions on social media or company websites.
  • This system simplifies the application process for candidates.
  • It filters applicants based on qualifications and saves precious time.
  • It can even transfer information to respective folders after the recruiter arrives at the conclusive decision.

Benefits Administration HR professionals need to provide certain benefits to employees to keep them satisfied and motivated for higher efficiency. Some of the common aspects of benefits administration in any organization are health insurance policies, employee welfare policies, paid time-offs, etc.

  • HRMS software helps in managing benefits provided to every employee in a way that no one feels left out.
  • It helps in calculating benefits for every employee accurately and quickly, so that there is no delay in benefits administration.

Workforce Management From tracking employee attendance to scheduling employee work shifts, HR professionals have to perform various tasks to manage workforce efficiently. With the help of HR software:

  • Employees can clock in and out on their own to help HR professionals track attendance and absences automatically.

Employee scheduling for different locations and projects can be done automatically, and automated alert messages are sent to employees in case any change in shifts.

HRMS software helps organizations to keep the cumbersome tasks organized. It electronically stores the employee data, and enables the HR department to organize and collect the essential data for audits, payroll and accounting processes.

Accessibility & Productivity HRMS software provides a central repository of employee data to the HR professionals. Thus, they can instantly process the data. This feature improves the productivity of HR professionals, and helps organization reduce their operations costs.

Decision Making HRMS software comes with analytical modules. These modules help HR managers determine the suitable way to enhance productivity of the employees. Analytical modules also assist them in identifying skilled candidates.

Streamlining Processes HRMS software allows managers to share information across the entire organization easily. This eliminates any inconsistency during procedural changes and sharing of important news. Decision drivers that should be the focal point for organizations to select the right HRMS model include vendor viability and technology.

Improved Communication HR software includes the feature of an extensive employee directory which is accessible for all users. Contact information of every employee in an organization is mentioned in the employee directly to help in smooth and hassle-free communication. 

Data Security & Recovery With the HR system, all employee information can be stored securely online, and also a backup of data is created to prevent any chance of damage. It also ensures secured access to data to prevent any incidence of unauthorized login.

Investing in HR software is one of the most important decisions for businesses of all sizes. As the requirement of a small business and a large enterprise is different from the HRMS software, they need to filter their requirements and search HRMS software accordingly.

HRMS for Small Businesses Smaller companies may greatly benefit through cost-effective cloud-hosted HR software.

  • Entrepreneurs can rent the license, and thus reduce their initial cost of implementation.
  • Web-hosted ERP provides more flexibility in terms of modules and infrastructure scalability. This feature offers better pricing options in comparison to on-premise ERPs.
  • Entrepreneurs can customize ERP applications.
  • The Hosted ERP application keeps information consolidated into encrypted server network. Hence, vital business records are secure against cyber-attacks at cost-effective rates.
  • Companies can have all their business applications consolidated on a single platform through hosted ERP.

HRMS for Large Organizations Large organizations have higher expenditure capacity. They also require tighter security for sensitive information. Hence, they can benefit through on-premise ERPs.

  • Large organizations have a dedicated server. Thus, companies maintain and control the security and functionalities of their server.
  • Large organizations have a perpetual license for the software. They can upgrade and customize the system as per requirements.
  • Large organizations have complete control over the implementation process.
  • The only hassle conglomerates may face with ERP is the maintenance of mobile communication, as it needs third-party software to run the application on mobile devices.

With the use of mobile apps for managing HR activities on the go and posting recruitment details on social media, there has been a considerable upgrade in the HR technology. Vendors are now providing more intuitive user interfaces for HR software to increase their reach to users with different levels of tech savviness

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