Lifesize Icon Series Video Conferencing Review: Icon 600, 400 & 800

Lifesize Icon Series Video Conferencing Review: Icon 600, 400 & 800

Video accelerates the relationship of businesses with their clients, customers, suppliers and employees. Video conferencing is a powerful medium of collaboration, which helps organizations in getting quick results. With the help of Lifesize Icon series, video conferencing can be made more effective with options for making quick calls and sharing content with HD video.

What is Lifesize Icon Series?

Lifesize Icon series is designed to fit perfectly into the different meeting spaces in your office. It provides HD conference room camera systems for conference rooms and boardroom cameras, auditorium and lecture hall cameras, and small meeting room cameras. Users just need to connect Lifesize Icon Series camera to a TV set and the internet to turn any traditional meeting space into a video meeting space.

What are the Different Lifesize Icon Series Products?

Lifesize Icon series consists of versions like Icon 400, Icon 600 and Icon 800. Lifesize Icon 400 makes video collaboration possible even in small meetings rooms. It delivers an unparalleled collaboration experience when paired to the Lifesize cloud-based service. While it provides support for one HD display, users can pan, tilt and zoom it with support for up to 1080p30 HD and 5x zoom. It also supports video quality, presentation quality & sharing up to 1080p30.

Lifesize Icon 600 can transform the ordinary video conferencing experience with features like seamless call escalation and streamline intuitive UI. It supports video quality up to 1080p60, and HD monitors can be connected with up to two monitors.

LIfesize Icon 800 can simplify video conferencing with its six-button remote and touchscreen Lifesize phone HD. With additional audio inputs, it also ensures greater flexibility for users. Different video devices, like PTZ cameras, DVRs, and laptops can be connected to the Icon 800. Audio devices like MP3 players can also be connected for an immersive collaboration experience.

What Can They Do?

1. Lifesize Icon 400

  • Users can record calls, and share them with Lifesize Record and Share
  • It comes with a remote control for easy navigation by users
  • The easy to use touchscreen powers both, audio and video
  • Video calls can be started easily by using the contacts pinned as favourites
  • Ad-hoc meetings can be started in the unified directory by just clicking on the name.

2. Lifesize Icon 600

  • It can be paired to Lifesize cloud services for seamless call escalation
  • Users can join a Lifesize virtual meeting room with a single click through the meeting’s directory
  • Escalation to a group call becomes as easier as accepting a phone call
  • Recorded meetings can be shared with Lifesize Records and Share
  • Contacts can be pinned as favourites for quick video calls.

3. Lifesize Icon 800

  • Provides four full HD video inputs and two full HD video outputs
  • Seven audio inputs and four audio inputs also come with the package
  • Provides Two USB 3.0 data inputs, and secure connectors for server racks
  • It ensures simplified input selections
  • Free Lifesize ink adaptor for supporting long cable runs between Lifesize Icon 800 unit and a Lifesize Phone HD or Digital MicPod
  • It is suitable for system integrators.

What These Version are Ideal For?

While Lifesize Icon 600 is ideal for large meeting spaces, Lifesize Icon 800 provides ultimate collaboration experiences for even larger meeting spaces like auditorium. On the contrary, Lifesize Icon 400 is suitable for smaller meeting spaces.



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