Microsoft Skype for Business Review: Setup, Pricing & Support

Microsoft Skype for Business Review: Setup, Pricing & Support

Businesses need a solution to effectively manage online meetings with calling options. With video conferencing solutions like Microsoft Skype for Business, organizations can transfer presenter control and can also mute one or more participants for customized conversation. With encrypted audio and video streams and round-the-clock technical support, this solution helps in efficient business-quality meetings.

What is Microsoft Skype for Business?

Microsoft Skype for Business is a video conferencing solution, which helps in making voice calls, video calls, video messages and chat conversation over the internet. It helps in enhanced communication within the organization and outside. This helps in unified communication and integration through different channels of business communication. It provides a single channel through which users can communicate using instant messaging (IM), VoIP (Voice over IP), file transfer, web conferencing, voice mail and email.

Users can also record meetings, annotate PowerPoint and share their screens for real-time collaboration with as many as 250 people. Other benefits of Microsoft Skype for Business are whiteboard, polls & Q&A features.

What Can It Do?

With industry-leading HD video for online video conferencing, Microsoft Skype for Business also provides other advanced features, such as:

Unlimited Number of Meetings

It helps in free online meetings for up to 10 participants, whether they have the subscription or not.

1. Built-In IM

Instant messages can be shared during business meetings for discussing new ideas.

2. URL Invites

Users can send invitation to every participant with a personalized link.

3. PowerPoint Upload

PowerPoint upload is possible with interactive tools along with highlighting, annotation and laser pointer.

4. Whiteboarding

Participants can draft, edit and brainstorm together with the help of the whiteboarding feature.

5. Custom Built Accessories

Meetings can be simplified with features like HD cameras, USB speakerphones and headsets.

What Does It Cost?

There are different call rates for the Skype call in different countries. You can also buy Skype credit for economical Skype calls.

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What Are Top Alternatives?

If you are in the evaluation phase, you need to compare Skype for Business with other prominent names in the market.  

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