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Small Office Firewall

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What is SMB Firewall - Small to Medium Size Business Firewalls | TechPillar?

Today, businesses are struggling to achieve complete network security against sophisticated hackers and exploit kits. Big enterprises have their own robust IT infrastructure, but fool-proof security against cyber-attacks cannot be ascertained. Small businesses often lack optimal resources to keep malware threats and DoS, DDoS attacks at the bay.

Working without a dedicated security team, SMBs can look for third-party vendors who offer robust network security. Such businesses can trust on firewalls to deploy robust protection against cyber-attacks. Affordability and ease of use are important for any firewall to ensure optimum network security with minimal maintenance needs. 

Small businesses often associate with those firewall vendors who offer limited bandwidth that affects network security services.  When the internet speed gets low, average-quality firewalls often stop monitoring ingoing and outgoing network traffic. And as soon as this line of security breaks, malwares and other agents of cyber-attacks sneak in easily.

When buying firewalls for your small business setup, it’s important to connect with a vendor who promises unparalleled network security. Also make sure that the vendor deploys the strongest protection features to keep your network secure.

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