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Data Loss Prevention

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Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention
By Trend Micro
Trend Micro Data Loss Protection is a tool for your organization to prevent any data leaks. It integrates with your organization Trend micro solution their by reducing cost and complexity. It has push button templates to provide faster time to protection that saves your workflow time. It blocks any  attempts to transfer credit card data and other policy-based, sensitive information, which was...
Symantec Data Loss Prevention
By Symantec
Symantec Data Loss Protection protects your data from getting stolen or leaked from cloud, mobile, network, endpoint, and storage systems.Symantec DLP helps organizations protect their information against loss and theft, comply with global data privacy laws, and safeguard their reputation. DLP detects potential breaches and protects the data by monitoring, detecting and blocking.It is basically a ...
Somansa Data Loss Prevention
By Somansa
Somansa Data Loss Prevention is a solution to protect confidential data stored in company desktops, laptops, and servers and monitor.It discovers, and secures confidential data based on certain policy rules to prevent copy and transfer to USB, CD/DVD, Printing, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and other applications. Policy rules are defined that can be administered to detect valuable company and customer informa...
McAfee Data Protection and Encryption
By Intel
McAfee Data Protection and Encryption solution provide you  protection against theft and accidental loss of confidential data. It works across networks, through applications, and through removable storage devices. McAfee Data Protection and Encryption is content-aware which makes the encryption process more efficient. It Protect data in any format whether it's modified, copied, pasted, compre...
GTB technologies Data Loss Prevention
By GTB Technologies
GTB Technologies Data Loss Protection is developed to keep an eye on inbound and outbound transmission of data of an enterprise. The major concern of DLP is to protect the content of file, not the file. GTB DLP products provide you with  real-time visibility and control of content without hindering your performance. It also provide end  to end Email protection, email encryption, a unique...
Forcepoint Data Loss Protection
By Forcepoint
Forcepoint Data Loss prevention is a solution that provides   warning to threats and prevents the evasion of your regulated data. It gives you complete visibility into your users and data and provides complete data protection by linking data movement to user behavior. It combine content and context awareness to automatically identify when sensitive data is being put at risk by users. It also ...
Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention
By Digital Guardian
Digital Guardian  Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software provides you with the deepest visibility, the highest control and the industry’s widest data loss protection coverage to protect your sensitive data from getting out of the organization. Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention can be deployed on cloud and on premise. It has  ability to conduct more comprehensive analysis and reporting...
Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention
By Clearswift
ClearSwift Data Loss Prevention is the combination of our industry-leading Enterprise DLP solution, giving you visibility and control of data movement, with our Threat solution that applies different analytics and forensics to identify risky user behavior. This powerful combination stops more threats. It extends data security controls to enterprise cloud applications and to your endpoint...
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    What is Best Data Loss Prevention Companies | Data Loss Prevention Solutions | Techpillar?

    Data loss prevention software is important for businesses to detect potential network breaches and prevent them by blocking sensitive data while it is at rest or in motion. By blocking sensitive data, data loss prevention software keeps unauthorized malicious agents away. Sensitive data can be intellectual property, company information, financial details, credit card data, patent content and other confidential information.

    It provides all vital security measures to prevent any breach in an organization’s sensitive information. The software also performs contextual analysis and inspection of data sent through email and instant messaging. This solution works on the basis of set rules and policies to address the risk of accidental data leaks in any organization.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Data Loss Prevention is a solution or process to ensure that the sensitive data should not be lost, misused and it prevents unauthorized disclosure of data by creating and enforcing the disclosure policies.  Data Loss Prevention software products classify and protect confidential and critical information to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk. Data loss prevention software and tools monitor and control endpoint activities, plus filter data streams on corporate networks and protect data as it moves.

    While selecting the Data Loss Prevention software, one should make the strategy before taking the purchasing decision:-

    • Develop clear data loss prevention strategies with concrete requirements before evaluating products.
    • Understand the limitations of data leak prevention. Data loss prevention is a data-centric control and does not have any understanding of SQL.
    • Applications protect the data. Test the security quality of your applications.
    • Create data loss prevention policies and procedures for mobile devices as they interact with sensitive corporate data.

    There are basically four types of data loss prevention solutions:-

    • Network-based data loss prevention solution: - This solution provides the protection of data when data is in motion. These data loss prevention solutions are installed at the "perimeter" of enterprise networks. They monitor network traffic to detect sensitive data that is being leaked or sent out of the enterprise. Solutions may investigate email traffic, instant messaging, social media interactions, web 2.0 applications, SSL traffic and more. Their analysis engines are looking for violations of predefined information disclosure policies, such as data leaks.
    • Datacenter or storage-based data loss prevention solution: - This solution protects the data while data is in rest. This prevention solution basically used within the organization’s datacenter infrastructure, such as, file servers, SharePoint and databases. These data loss prevention solutions discover where confidential data resides and enable users to determine if it's being stored securely. When confidential information resides on insecure platforms, it is usually an indication of problematic business processes or poorly executed data retention policies.
    • End-Point based data loss prevention solution:- This solution focuses on monitoring PC-based systems (laptops, tablets, POS, etc.) for all actions such as print or transfer to CD/DVD, webmail, social media, USB and more. End-point based solutions are typically event driven in that the agent resident on the end-point is monitoring for specific user actions, such as sending an email, copying a file to a USB, leaking data or printing a file. These solutions can be configured for passive monitoring mode or to actively block specific types of activities.
    • Content-aware data loss prevention solution: - This solution helps in stopping the exposure of sensitive data outside the organization, authorized channels. These tools enable the enforcement of company policies based on the classification of content. Data leak prevention technologies are being increasingly leveraged for data discovery and classification purposes.

    Data Loss Prevention is important as it tracks the unauthorized users of the confidential data and also prevents unauthorized disclosure of data by creating and enforcing disclosure policies. Data Loss Prevention basically monitor and control endpoint activities which protect the data which is in motion or rest. Data loss prevention should be implemented with proper strategy and proper understanding of it.

    The best data loss prevention solution's companies are :-

    • Intel
    • GTB Technologies
    • Symantec
    • Somansa
    • Digital Guardian
    • Clearswift
    • Forcepoint
    • Trend Micro
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