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Zscalar Web Security

Brand: Zscalar
Product Code: Zscalar Web Security

Product Highlights

Solution Type SAAS
Hybrid solution availability NO
URL Filtering Real time Reputation based YES
Integrated SSL Inspection YES
Zscalar Web Security Overview

The IT landscape has shifted dramatically and the corporate perimeter is disappearing. This is putting huge pressure on your traditional appliance-based security infrastructure, which was designed to protect servers in the corporate data center. In this cloud-centric, mobile-first world, how can you protect all your users, apps and devices, wherever they are? Zscaler Web Security is a part of our award-winning Security as a Service platform—it sits inline between your company and the Internet, protecting your enterprise from cyber threats, stopping intellectual property leaks, and ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies. It monitors your network and user activity, secures roaming users and mobile devices, and manages all of this globally from a single management console. Zscaler’s security capabilities provide defense-in-depth, protecting you from a broad range of threats including malicious URL requests, viruses, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), zero-day malware, adware, spyware, botnets, cross-site scripting and much more.

Key Feature

  • Pervasive security with no gaps.
  • Visibility and compliance with granular policy controls.
  • Simplicity and cost savings.

Zscalar Web Security Specifications
Architecture & Deployment
Solution Type: SAAS
Form Factor: Virtual Appliance
GRE/IPSEC support for traffic redirection: GRE, IPSEC, PAC File Redirect
Deployment Mode: in Line Proxy  
Multi-Tenancy for Cloud deployments
Web Proxy High Availability
User Authentication
Create custom rules
Supported Authentication Methods: Hosted User Database, LDAP, Kerberos, Identity Federation using SAML
One time password gateway integration: YES; OneLogin, RSA, Okta
Filtering Activities
Filtering based on whitelists/Blacklist
Filtering based on blocking lists
Media type filtering
URL Filtering
URL Filtering Real time Reputation based
Anti-Malware Gateway signature bases
Types of files scanned: .exe, zip, rar, Microsoft office, Andriod APK, PDF, Adobe flash, Java applet
Bypassing Microsoft Applications
IM Filtering Protocols : Google Talk, Facebook - Web IM, Yahoo Web Messenger, MSN Web Messenger etc
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Advance Threat Protection
Integrated Sandbox environment: On-box
Sanboxing on Web integrated with web gateway
SSL Scanning
Integrated SSL Inspection
SSL Inspection whitelist
Certificate verifcation
SSL Scanning Mobile Traffic
Integrated DLP
Block files with HIPAA information
Block files with PCI DSS
creating sensitive data dictonary
user web Quota Management
Time Quota
Block access for period
Quota based on URL category, IP address, user name: URL Category, File Size, Application Classes (Streaming, Conferencing, VOIP)
Data Theft
Vulnerability in applications
Vulnerability in Browser
Other Features
Web Caching
Social Media Control
ICAP Support
Management & Integration
SSO using LDAP/SAML/AD: Hosted User Database, LDAP, Kerberos, Identity Federation using SAML
Active Directory Federation Services
Built-in/External MDM Support: External MDM Support with Zscalar Secure Agent on Mobile Devices
Integration with 3rd Party MDM (Name): Airwatch
SIEM Integration
Integrated Forensics: YES; Basic Forensics Capability
1: ISO 27001
Licensing: Per User Subscription based on different Modules and Users Range
1: Multi-tenant cloud architecture; Five 9s availability—local, regional and multi-continent redundancy
2: No appliances, software or clients to deploy and manage
3: Just pay as you go—no patching, no updates and no backhauling
4: On-demand service—direct traffic to the cloud quickly and easily
5: Integrates web, email, and mobile security—one policy, one console, and one global security platform
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Zscalar Web Security - SAAS Secure Web Gateway

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