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Your organization has ultimate responsibility for protecting your critical corporate data, regardless of where that data resides. Cloud Backup-as-a-Service provides the backup and recovery protection for data on cloud-based applications and platforms as it does in on premise data centres. At Techpillar.com Cloud Backup as a Service category we have covered all the enterprise class primary software providers, a list that includes top brands such as Veem Backup ^ Replication, Acronis, MS Azure, Asigra, Carbonite, Druva, NetMagic, AWS S3, Dell EMC Mozy, Efficloud, Sify & many more. These brands have become trusted over time because of their expertise in a wide variety of deployments which enables you to manage your backups in a better way from anywhere if you have access to the internet.
Within this long list of brands, you'll be able to find right and best on cloud back up as a service for all your requirements, like backup scheduling, compression & retention, incremental data backup, file search and recovery, backup from Disk, NFS, VM’s & tape drive, planned failovers and much more.

Need help to find the right backup as a services solution for your enterprise? Our featured category of Backup as Service make it easy to find the perfect addition to your enterprise.

Cloud Backup Software

Cloud Backup Software

Cloud backup recovery is a data protection strategy of businesses under which they can create a backup of all data that are originally over a public or proprietary network. The data backup is creat Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud storage enables the storage of data on remote servers or the cloud, and can be accessed through the internet. Cloud storage servers are managed, maintained and operated by a cloud storage service provider. Storage servers for cloud storage are built on virtualization techniques.

Backing up to the cloud means putting all your important data on a cloud-based server. Cloud backup data is stored in a remote server and can be accessed from multiple connected resources that comprise a cloud. Rather than storing data on a physical desk, businesses can store their data on the cloud by associating with a storage service provider.

Remote backup is the method of storing data off-site and creating a regular backup over a remote server. Cloud backup service providers can host all your data on a remote server and provide accessibility through the internet. Data backup is handled by the service provider and you are charged according to the capacity, frequency and size of backup data.

Online data storage is the practice of storing data online with the third-party service provider. Rather than storing data locally in a hard disk or tape drives, businesses can store electronic data online with the help of a service provider.

Online backup is the process of backing up data stored on a hard disk to a remote server using the internet connection and web browser interface. Creating online backup is about leveraging the benefits of internet and cloud computing to get a reliable online storage solution.

The major difference between online backup and cloud storage is that the former usually back up files, while the latter also gives users the working access to the backup data. Online backup has certain limitations like limited storage capacity. Also, online backup services are not as secure as cloud storage when it comes to creating a backup of confidential files.

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