Polycom SoundStation Reviews: 2, 2W & Duo

Polycom SoundStation Reviews: 2, 2W & Duo

For many business-oriented video calls, it’s important for employees to participate together. Ordinary telephonic calls don’t allow several participants to involve at the same time. But with the advent of conference phone, business collaboration has become easier. There are several loudspeakers, which transmit voice in all directions. Also, there are multiple microphones to pick voice from all corners of a conference room. Polycom SoundStation versions are getting quite popular when it comes to conference phones.

What is Polycom SoundStation?

Polycom SoundStation is a conference phone for SMBs and big enterprises. It ensures that all voices are captured and reproduced with the original quality retained. The Polycom HD Voice technology makes it easy for the participants of a video phone call to understand the caller's voice perfectly, as if he or she is present in the same room.

What are Different Polycom SoundStation Versions?

The Polycom SoundStation is available in three different versions – Polycom SoundStation 2, Polycom SoundStation2W and Polycom SoundStation Duo.

Polycom SoundStations 2 is ideal for small and medium-sized conference rooms with the space for up to 10 participants. It makes conference call clearer with exceptional voice quality. It also helps in simultaneous, two-way conversation with any incidences of clipping or drop-outs. Participants can listen to speakers on the conference call, even when they are standing at a distance of 10 feet in the conference room.

Polycom SoundStation2W is a conference phone without chords, which helps participants in conducting conference calls even in a room without any phone line. Along with the excellent voice quality, it also ensures flexible usage.

The Polycom SoundStation Duo is a dual-mode analog/IP conference phone, which ensures outstanding investment protection and the best in class deployment flexibility. It is ideal for VoIP environments, and offers robust interoperability. HD voice technology and full-duplex audio are other significant features of Polycom SoundStation Duo.

What Can These Versions Do? 

1. Polycom SoundStation 2

  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) removes background noise of projectors and ventilation systems, and ensures clear conference calls
  • Provides 360-degree microphone coverage with intelligent mixing. This helps in putting all focus on the speaker and not on the background noise
  • Comes with no more buzz technology, which prevents interference from any wireless device and mobile phones.

2. Polycom SoundStation Duo

  • Outstanding investment protection by operating in analog telephony environments
  • Supports the migration to VoIP
  • Ensures broadest VoIP interoperability, as it is compatible with a wide range of SIP call platforms
  • Improves voice quality and feature availability
  • Ensures simplified management and administration
  • Embedded with a robust SIP software with advanced call handing, provisioning, and security features
  • Cost-effective with lower administration costs and deployment prices. Its web-configuration tool doesn’t even need a boot server.

3. Polycom SoundStation2W

  • Secure wireless technology with the voice encryption feature
  • Long-lasting battery, which provides up to 24 hours of talk time
  • Provides the flexibility to attend conference calls without cords in the range of 150 feet from the base station
  • Allows you to dial through your mobile phone or computer and enjoy wireless conferencing.

What These Versions are Ideal For?

While Polycom SoundStation2W is ideal for any conference room with no phone lines, Polycom SoundStation Duo is designed especially for group audio conferencing. However, Polycom SoundStation 2 is more suitable for small and midsized rooms.

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