Polycom VSX Series Review: VSX 7000s & VSX 5000

Polycom VSX Series Review: VSX 7000s & VSX 5000

A video conferencing solution with excellent audio and video quality is the necessity of every growing organization. Popular brands like Polycom are fulfilling the collaboration needs of businesses efficiently by providing advanced video conferencing solutions with all the desired features. Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits and features of Polycom VSX series for video conferencing solutions.  

What is Polycom VSX Series?

VSX series is a unique videoconferencing system developed by Polycom. Various systems under this series provide TV-quality video and CD quality audio. They also have an integrated MCU unit with mixed-network multipoint capability. The integrated MCU can support up to four sites.

What are Different Polycom VSX Versions?

Polycom VFX is available in different versions like VFX 7000s and VFX 5000.

Polycom VSX 5000 is ideal for small office spaces. It provides market-leading audio and video quality at reasonable prices. It is compactly designed, and offers multiple ways of dialing conference attendees. Document camera, dual monitors, and audio-only callers through ISDN or the SoundStation VTX 1000 can be added to VFX 5000 for enhanced audio and video quality.

The Polycom VSX 7000s is a powerful video conferencing system for small and medium-size business setups. It offers exceptional video quality with H.264 and television-like quality Pro-Motion. It also provides the flexibility to choose between VGA and TV monitor as the main display. Users can also choose their dialing method as IP, SIP or ISDN.

What These Polycom VSX Versions Do?

1. Polycom VSX 7000s

  • Exceptional video with H.264 and television-like quality Pro-Motion
  • Standard AES software encryption
  • Content can be displayed
  • Participants can see both the users and the content
  • When VSX 7000s is combined with Polycom Media Center solution, a complete conferencing solution can be created
  • VSX 7000s can be combined with the SoundStation VTX1000, allowing users to dial video calls right from their conference room.

2. Polycom VSX 5000

  • It provides user interface in 13 different languages
  • Multiple ways to share content
  • Dual monitor emulation promotes single display solutions
  • The ISDN option allows addition of ISDN conferencing capability
  • With Polycom's SoundStation VTX 1000 integration, it allows users to dial a video conference call from the conference room
  • Provides multiple ways for dialing attendees
  • Different types of content, such as, pictures, presentations, movies, and audio files can be created
  • It provides connection options like IP, ISDN, and SIP dialing
  • Suitable for different conference environments.

What These Versions Are Ideal For?

The VSX 5000 is ideal for educational resource rooms, as it can help student groups in meeting remote educational specialists. It is also used in remote medical clinics to deliver specialist care to patients in far-flung areas. VSX 7000s is widely used in offices, and provides a great solution for medium-sized conference rooms.

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