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As technology leads to more robust and flexible point-of-sale systems, merchants face hard choices in selecting the best solution for their business. To make good decisions, operators need the best information possible. Choosing a cloud-based POS system gives operators access from anywhere. It is important to make sure that the POS you are considering is easy to use. Techpillar.com Point of Sales category covers all the enterprise class primary software providers, a list that includes top brands such as Gofrugal, PrimaSeller, Shoper9, FusionRetail, Ginesys, RetaiCore, Ecogreen and many more. These brands have become trusted over time because of their expertise in a wide variety of deployments which gives you the power to grow your business by strategically acting on real-time sales intelligence and promoting your businesses anytime, anywhere, any way, affordably. Within this long list of brands, you'll be able to find right and best on POS software for all your requirements, like automation of accounting, customer promotions and loyalty management, easy access to manage from anywhere, inventory and stock management, returns & credits, cash registers, multi-currency and tax support, gift vouchers and much more. Need help to find the POS Software solution for your enterprise? Our featured category of Point of Sale software make it easy to find the perfect addition to your enterprise.

Retail POS Software

Retail POS Software

Be it a small store or a large retail chain, POS software is serving the needs of all with efficiency. From inventory management to merchandising, distribution management, billing and retail accoun Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

A point of sale is the place where retail transactions happen in a store for particular products or services. At the point of sale, cashiers calculate the amount to be paid by customers, and create invoices that indicate the due amount and mode of payment.

A point of sale system or POS system is a computerized network that is operated by a main computer and is connected with multiple checkout terminals. It helps merchants at a store in analyzing sales data, maintaining sales history and improving pricing accuracy. Barcode scanners can also be integrated with a POS system to improve pricing efficiency.

A point of sale or POS terminal is an electronic device that is used for processing card payments at retail stores. The POS terminal is important for retail locations to create a record of transactions and to generate print receipts. It also transfers funds from customer’s accounts to the seller’s account.

Along with processing transactions by customers, a POS system also helps in tracking inventory and reduces the overall time spent by cashiers in entering data about customer information and purchase details. The recorded customer information can further help in designing targeted marketing strategies and improving sales.

Retail POS Software can be easily accommodates with retailer demographics ranging from small single-store operations to large enterprise retailers.

Small Business: - It is useful for single stores or whose budget is less to spend on POS Software. There are software which is best suited for a basic POS system with limited hardware and advanced features.

Medium-Sized Business: - If a business is operating with high-volume stores or up-to five stores, retail POS solution will be the best solution that enables the multiple location management and features advanced reporting and analytics.

Large, enterprise: - Retail POS is a useful software for large retail stores also. It is best suited for an enterprise POS system with enterprise resource planning support, including warehousing, shipping logistics and advanced analytics.

A comprehensive Retail solution definitely improves the business operation.

The advantages of Retail Software are:-

Examining the sales and expenses: - A complete retail software solution will provide the consolidated data of the sales and expenses. It allows to monitor and control the collection and disbursement of revenue. It easily calculate the daily gross revenue, cost and profit.

Manages the Inventory Management: - Retail Software provides the details on current stock of items, reminds the additional stock requirement to smoothly operating the business, inventory cost estimations etc. Maintaining stock details and sales through a computerized POS system will provide accurate information of the stock movement.

Auto Calculation of Tax: - Retail Software are capable of auto calculating the GST, VAT and Tax calculations, with multi-currency facility.

Helps in Decision Making: - Retail Software helps in boosting the strength of the software which eventually provide the lead-time to respond to any market changes.

A scalable retail software grows with the business. It means choosing the right retail point of sale solution for the business is a vital part as it accommodate additional users, additional workstations and additional stores.

When considering the future growth, retail software should support the multi-currency support and support for multiple tax rates across different regions and most importantly, retail software should be able to store big data of an organization.

A good retail POS system increases the efficiency by eliminating the unnecessary work of the small and large organizations. It would be better for the companies to use the retail software that combines the overall features of retail such as retail, mail order, ecommerce and wholesale divisions. One should choose that retail software which increase the speed of service with faster ticket entry, on-the-fly data entry and data driven lookups. It should automate the process-oriented tasks, such as physical count, purchasing, label printing and customer loyalty.

Integrated Retail Management System provides the end-to-end control over the business processes and real-time , shared access to valuable data and analytical tool.

The benefit are as follows :-

  1. Provide easy training to all new employees and employees changing roles.
  2. Easy deployment of new applications and expansion of systems to new physical locations or channels.
  3. Real-time visibility into all facets of the business.
  4. Elimination of many IT maintenance and integration costs.
  5. Better communication among departments and more harmonized operations.
  6. Heightened productivity as duplication of effort and conflicting responsibilities are eliminated.
  7. Greater ability to cross-sell and upsell.
  8. More time for management to focus on other areas of the business.
  9. It enhanced customer experience and it provide the quicker and more efficient customer service.
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