School Management Software

School management

School Management Software

School Management Software provides user-friendly interface with login access for students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and management team of the institutes. Various features available in School Management Software facilitate all the processes of the institute, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.

School Management Software has various key components to manage Timetable, Attendance, Report Cards, Examinations, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and much more. Some vendors provide Human Resource module as well to manage the payroll and employee pay slips. Extra feature set of finance and accounting also helps you to plan and allot different fee structures to students. School Management System is also an excellent collaboration tool using its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog and Video conference plugins. One can also integrate it with external communication tools like email and texting.

An Institute like School or College doesn't need expensive software to manage Students, Teachers and Logistics. Cloud based School Management Software has become an integrated system fulfilling the diversified needs for running an institute.

School management

Cloud Based System

school management system can be cloud based. You don't need to manage any servers on school premises. Access the system from your mobile or laptop or tablet anytime.

School management

Attendance Machines

Attendance machines in school premises are used to automatically log attendance and generate attendance reports. Automatic backup over the cloud can be done. Software also have WIFI integration.

School management

Attendance Reports

Automated attendance reports which can be downloaded in excel, csv and pdf formats. View the reports on mobile or on school management system for any time range and keep track of students.

School management

Mobile App for Parents

Mobile app for parents to access all information on their mobile devices. Apply for leave through mobile app, view marks, school calendar etc.

School management

Fee Module

School management system has specific modules for Fees and Payments. Advanced analytics on payments to keep track of pending payments.

School management

Expense Management

School management system has specific modules for Expense Management. Record all your expenses on the software and keep track of every single spend.

School management

SMS Integration

The School Management System has integration with SMS and you can send SMS to parents within seconds directly from the portal.

School management

Admission Enquiry

Manage all admission enquiries with school management system. Record all enquiry data and keep track of all historical enquiries and reach out to people using inbuilt SMS integration.

School management

E-Report Cards

Automatically generated report cards as per CBSE/ICSE or any other format. Parents can access the report cards via mobile app for printing them directly from school management system or send link via SMS.

School management

Online Leave Application

Parents can directly apply for leave from the mobile app. Schools can resolve all leave applications from the school management software and the status will be reflected on the mobile apps for the parents.

School Management Software?

School management
About School Management Software


It is not easy to manage the administrative duties of an educational institution. The administrative department needs to maintain payroll information, student records, attendance lists and some other tasks. These tasks need unwavering attention and hours of engagement. Hence, school management software is becoming paramount in the completion of administrative duties.

Key Market Trends of School Management Software

The perfect school-management software must satisfy the administrative and educational demands of a school. Every school tries to provide premium quality learning experience and manage administrative duties, efficiently. It is easier said than done. Around 3,700 small-to-medium sized schools are struggling to perform this task alongside the large schools. The school administrators are relying upon educational technologies for flawless execution of these tasks. Around 30 school systems use cutting-edge technology to recruit and guide teachers, blend learning environments and support data-driven practices.

Intuitive & Adaptable Learning. A patchwork of incompatible programs prevents the school systems from creating an intuitive learning experience. Today, teachers seek an online educational program that automatically adjusts to the needs of every student. They also feel the challenge to retrieve data through current educational software and demand for an efficient solution. The companies designing educational technologies are trying to create intuitive applications for online learning. They are trying to create applications that require limited product training. They are also modifying a Common Core-aligned content that can present students and teachers with equal control.

Integrated Solution. The small-to-medium sized schools are incapable of purchasing large-enterprise applications due to high costs. They either use legacy-enterprise software or disparate-point solutions. These applications are neither customizable nor communicative. Some Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) are trying to develop an integrated solution for educational institutions. Some CMOs are collaborating with leading vendors to create consolidated solutions for finance, academic and administrative operations in school. Some CMOs are developing these applications on their own. These CMOs may avoid the K-12 market due to the complex HR management and finance systems of public schools.

SIS/HRIS/IMS. Student Information Systems (SIS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and Identity Management Systems (IMS) systems collect critical data. They build the epicenter of software integration. These applications will greatly influence the school management systems in 2017.

Changing Software Architecture. Several schools are leaning toward Talent Management Solutions professional development. These solutions may perform as fourth major platform alongside SIS, HRIS or IMS. Emergence of these new hubs, such as Google Apps, may replace the default systems such as Active Directory or Microsoft Exchange. This may upset the balance of power in software architectures.

IT Influence. The combination of deep technology and instructional expertise is necessary for the perfect application of blended learning. The IT professionals with hybrid background are capable of catering this knowledge. They will assume active roles in online teaching and learning. The blended-learning is also directing the school systems toward manageable, serviceable and affordable devices.

System Alteration. The schools using education technology may need to alter their security solutions, device management and networking. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) rule is responsible for this alteration. The education technology companies help school systems manage and analyze the retrieved data. Organizations, such as BrightBytes, Education Elements or Clever, are going to become more important.

Key Considerations & Features of School Management Software

There are several useful school management applications available in today’s market. The school administrators need to remember their priorities and needs during the purchase of software.

Google’s Support. The dates and days play important roles in the management of tasks. Google provides the best online calendar. The integration of school-calendar with Google’s Calendar is a praiseworthy feature in any school management software.

E-Noticeboard. The presence of an electronic noticeboard is essential. It allows students, parents and teachers access the virtual noticeboard to view important messages. It even permits the visitors to comment on the posted notices.

Cloud’s Presence. The cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The School Management Systems using cloud-based computing also enjoys optimum accessibility.

Filtration/Listing. The school management systems capable of listing and filtering information about students are worthwhile. The filtering option even saves the administrators from printing any insignificant information.

Efficient Searching. The integration of useful search-ideas helps parents and teachers find real-time information about students.

Storage. It is necessary for School Management Software to have data storage facility. The applications capable of storing assessment results, comparison lists and report  generator are the best of the lot.

Bookmarking. The integration of Google Bookmarks to the application may be helpful. The teachers may use this integrated feature to share links to valuable websites.

Resource Assembling. The schools sometimes collect money from pupils. The School Management System capable of maintaining an online list of payment helps teachers efficiently manage the collection process.

Timetable. The School Management System needs to be able to generate accurate timetables for teachers. This feature helps the administrators calculate the completed hours non-erroneously.

Benefits of Installing School Management Software

The school management ERP strengthens the bridge of communication between parents, teachers, students and administrators.

Cloud’s Accessibility. Parents need not check the school diary for information, anymore. They can now access the latest information about their ward’s performance, attendance, assignments and school circulars with the help of the cloud-based software. Parents simply have to log into the schools’ website to view the information.

Fee Management. The parents/students need no longer stand in exhausting queues for depositing the fee. The fee-automation module that uses the online payment option simplifies the entire process. The parents/students can simply log into the schools’ website to make the payment. For the administration department it means quick and paperless filing on the fee and for parents it means absolute peace of mind, as they can pay the fee just in time.

Admissions. The administration department of a school or college needs to track vacancies, fill and categorize application forms, select students and upload data from thousands of application forms into the database. These are time-consuming tasks and school management software expedites the process. It allows the teachers and administrators to perform these tasks quickly and flawlessly. Meanwhile, parents and students can easily track and monitor the admission process.

Assignment Distribution. Distribution of separate assignments is a tiresome task for the teachers. The school-management software allows teachers to upload and distribute assignments through the student portal. They may also use this portal for automatic notification. The students may use this portal to submit assignments and collect assessments from the teachers.

Time Table. It is troublesome for teachers/administrators to inform the students about course schedules. The management software keeps every student informed through daily or weekly updates. It also maintains comfortable gaps between complex classes through improved arrangement.

Communicative Platforms. This software ships with a discussion forum. This forum improves the communication between teachers and parents. They may discuss about students’ performances or curriculum on this platform. This software adds transparency to the management process of every school.


The School Management Software facilitates the smooth execution of administrative, clerical and academic tasks. This application enjoys popularity from different sectors of education due to its multifarious usefulness. The software industry is also adding new features to these applications as per the changing necessities of present-day institutes. The school administrators, teachers, parents and students are going to reap the benefits of future School Management Software equally.


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