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ZeroERP Software
By Junction Software
ZeroERP education is a software developed for schools who want to manage data with an automated software to reduce human intervention which reduces error possibilities. Some of the features-Student registration through excel upload which reduces time Homework managementExam managementTimetable managementFee managementAttendance management for student and teachersStock managementPayroll m...
Web School ERP Software
Web School is an ERP - software to manage all schools and institutions that makes the functioning of the school more efficient and effective. The software is designed in such a way that even people with minimum knowledge will be able to master it and its working. This is majorly built for small scale institutions because the cost of this software is very attractive. This school management system h...
Veraxe School App & Software
By Veraxe
Veraxe School App & Software is designed to breakdown the gap between the school management , students & parents. It is the one platform that connects parents & students to school in real time fashion , thus allowing an automated flow of information and smooth interaction between them involving all aspects of school. This software and app plays a very keen role in keeping the student r...
By TrackMyClass
TrackMyClass is a hassle-free campus and student management system on cloud. It is an ERP solution which manages all group institutions , campuses and franchises. TrackMyClass is web based and mobile based school and campus management software especially designed for small and medium size of education institutes. It mainly provides all traditional ERP functionalities. It provides the information a...
Tally.ERP 9
By Tally
Tally ERP 9 comes up with another software in school management which maintains the day-to-day school operations along with financial accounting and payroll management. It requires a minimum training to understand the system of Tally in school management. Educational ERP of Tally includes major functionalities like Admission Process Management , Student Management along with Attendance and Exam Ma...
SchoolTonic Software
By SchoolTonic
SchoolTonic is a unique and very comprehensive software for management of academic institutions like Primary & Secondary School, Degree, polytechnic, Engineering Institutes, management Institutes.SchoolTonic is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. The software has the ability to host modules which allows a user to maintain academic history of students, staffs, inve...
By IFW Techno
SchoolSAAS is Browser or Web based School Software solutions which can run on Cloud Model i.e. internet are easy to implement and use. comes with modules like Student Admission Management, Timetable Management, Library Management, Attendance Management, Employee HR Payroll Salary Management, School Exam Mark sheets CCE System and Results Management, Fees & Accounts Manageme...
SchoolPro Software
By Third Eye
SchoolPro is a complete software tool for school management .The education institute is driven by the performance and the learning ability of the students and the courses that the institute offers. The primary aim of an institute is the preparing the students and imparting knowledge to the students that will produce enlightened students who can contribute in the furthering of knowledge in the...
School cube software solution is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of institutions namely administration, student profiles management, I-card, attendance management, Bulk sms, Bulk email, Fees management, auto Certificate generation, Library management, Staff Management, accounts & finance management, assessment, Course management.School...
By Hex Tech
mySchoolapp is a powerful software for school & college management. An excellent software for schools, colleges and other institutes. School management gets more productive & easy. It's an opportunity for teachers, parents and students to get connected and to be part of their child's career progress. Mobile App connect you with school any time, from anywhere.  Benefits:· &n...
Iolite School Management Software
By Iolite
IOLITE is a software that is created to help school management to perform their day to day tasks quickly, easily, efficiently and accurately. The software helps to connect all the concerned department of the school. Student Desk is the significant feature that makes it unique from its competitors. Student desk allows students to access the school resources while sitting anywhere anytime. ...
HDSchool Software
By HYPER Drive
 HDSchool is a powerful software for school management. Manage your Schools, Colleges and Institutions using HDSchool. In HDSchool you can manage multiple schools/colleges in a single software. This feature allows you to quickly enter your school/college details such as Name, Contact Details, Address Details etc all these information will be useful while printing fee receipt, placing a ...
Fedena ERP Software
By Foradian
Fedena School ERP  is a powerful software for school management. Fedena ERP provides login access for non-teaching staff, teachers, students, parents and management personnel of your institution with user-friendly dashboards. Fedena has many modules to facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students compl...
EssentialSoft School Management Software
By EssentialSoft
EssentialSoft School Management Software is one of the leading software for schools which effectively providing the web solution according to the new dimensions of the latest software technology according to the needs of the clients. EssentialSoft Software is a holistic solution to simplify the life of administrator , teachers , students and parents. This Software connects with each department of ...
eduware Software
By eduware
 eduWare software connects each department of the school so as to provide them with better information sharing, easy retrieval of information, which proves helpful for school management to take prompt decision and eduware is user-friendly software that allows smooth flow of information within the school administrative department. School management software has come into existen...
CampusCare ERP Software
By Entab
 CampusCare ERP Software helps school management to manage their academic processes and administrations with greater flexibility. School ERP Software aims at reducing the gap between information and the users and ensures that there is seamless flow of information. Being a web application School ERP software can be accessed from anywhere on any computer at any time.The CampusCar...
Astral School Management
By Astral
Astral is cloud based one of the best education management software specially designed for all type of schools/collage and universities. Astral provide an Institute/Universities an integrated real-time view of its core business processes such as Fees collection, Admission processing, keeping track, salary processing etc.Features:·         Streamline t...
By applane
Applane is a comprehensive software, which lets you easily manage Lesson Planning and Examination Evaluation. This product comes with a lot of different tools for Inventory Management and Accounting. The Interface and Cloud System lets you complete the tasks quickly. If any School wants to manage all its activities easily, the Applane software is highly useful.Features:Ø  16 seamlessly...
Academia ERP Software
Academia ERP is leading Campus Management software that facilitates the functioning of schools, colleges, and training institutions in the country. Some of the unique features include: Multi-campus or Multi-program readiness, High Configuration, Multi-lingual and Multi-currency support, Support for 3rd party Integrations, intuitive and contemporary User Interface, and technical supe...
AAS Technosoft School ERP Software
School Management Software from AAS TECHNOSOFT is a unique and very comprehensive software that caters to all automation needs in the schools with cost effectiveness. This exquisite school software allows the schools and other educational institutions to manage all entities i.e. students , teachers, management , parents , alumni , guests etc. It also ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day sc...
Aarush Eduepedia ERP Software
By Aarush Systems
Eduepedia ERP is a ERP designed by the Aarush System which enables the managing of complete school operations and processes. Eduepedia ERP designed by people having subject domain expertise and a personalized understanding of the Indian education system. Eduepedia Software is easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere on any computer at any time. It ensures smooth and flawless interaction b...
A.T.S.I ERP Software
A.T.S.I School Administration Software is one of the great tool that has eased the way schools contacted Admin, Teachers, Employee, Parents and Students. A.T.S.I Software is a cost-efficient, convenient, practical and easy mode of communication employed in ERP Educational Institutions.A.T.S.I  software has been implemented in major schools and reputed educational institutions of all levels fr...
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    What is Best School Management System Companies | School Management System Solutions | Techpillar?

    Today, educational institutes are leveraging software solutions for completing daily teaching and non-teaching tasks efficiently. To take their educational service to the next level, schools and other academic institutes are relying upon well-known school management software solutions like Web School ERP software, TrackMyClass, Tally.ERP 9, SchoolSAAS, etc.

    School Management Software or School ERP is designed to facilitate routine operations, such as, student’s admission process, attendance and scheduling, fees and online payment, online examination and assignment, timetable management, and many more.


    It also helps in creating a better collaboration between teachers, students and parents for smooth flow of information. Further, it assists in creating a pool of data for easy access, and generate reports related to student’s performance, grades, attendance, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is not easy to manage the administrative duties of an educational institution. The administrative department needs to maintain payroll information, student records, attendance lists, and other tasks. These tasks need unwavering attention and hours of engagement. Hence, school management software is becoming paramount in the completion of administrative duties.

    Today, educational institutes are leveraging software solutions for completing daily teaching and non-teaching tasks efficiently. To take their educational service to the next level, schools and other academic institutes are relying upon well-known school management software solutions like Web School ERP software, TrackMyClass, Tally.ERP 9, SchoolSAAS, etc.

    School Management Software or School ERP is designed to facilitate routine operations, such as, student’s admission process, attendance and scheduling, fees and online payment, online examination and assignment, timetable management, and many more.

    It also helps in creating a better collaboration between teachers, students and parents for smooth flow of information. Further, it assists in creating a pool of data for easy access, and generate reports related to student’s performance, grades, attendance, etc.

    The choice of a school management system depends largely upon the needs, budget and convenience of an educational institute. An institute can go for web-hosted, on-premise or open-source school management system to suit its requirements in the best way.

    Web-Based School Management System 

    Web-based school management systems can be accessed by logging into the service provider’s website, as it is hosted on the internet. Schools do not need to install their own management software. By simply using their internet browser, they can find access to the best modules of a school management software.

    On-Premise School Management System 

    On-premises school management systems can be accessed only through computers at a school, as it is linked through its on-site server. Individual server of a school is used to access data, and there is no dependency on the servers of a service provider.

    Open-Source School Management System

    Free or open-source school management software is developed by informal networks of programmers to provide the source-code licensing free of charge. The idea behind an open-source school management system is to improve technological infrastructure of educational institutes in a collaborative manner. Such software can be used and modified freely, as per customized requirements of an educational institute.

    The perfect school management software must satisfy the administrative and educational demands of a school. Every school tries to provide premium quality learning experience and manage administrative duties efficiently.

    But, it is easier said than done. Around 3,700 small-to-medium sized schools are struggling to perform this task alongside many large schools. The school administrators need to rely upon school management systems and their core features for flawless execution of these tasks.

    The latest trends in the world of school management technologies that are gaining momentum with time are:

    Intuitive & Adaptable Learning

    A patchwork of incompatible programs prevents a school system from creating an intuitive learning experience. Today, teachers seek an online educational program that automatically adjusts to the needs of every student.

    They also feel the challenge to retrieve data through current educational software and demand for an efficient solution. The companies designing educational technologies are trying to create intuitive applications for online learning.

    They are trying to create applications that require limited product training. They are also modifying a ‘Common Core’ aligned content that can help students and teachers equally.

    Integrated Solution

    Small-to-medium sized schools are incapable of purchasing large-enterprise applications due to high costs. They either use legacy-enterprise software or disparate-point solutions. These applications are neither customizable nor communicative.

    Some Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) are trying to develop an integrated solution for educational institutions. They are collaborating with leading vendors to create consolidated solutions for finance, academic and administrative operations in school.


    Student Information Systems (SIS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and Identity Management Systems (IMS) systems collect critical data. They build the epicenter of software integration. These applications are widely influencing the school management systems in 2017.

    System Alteration

    The schools using education technology may need to alter their security solutions, device management and networking. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) rule is responsible for this alteration. The school management system vendors are helping school systems manage and analyze the retrieved data.

    Alignment towards Cloud-Hosted Systems

    Owing to the convenience and flexibility in data access that cloud-hosted school management systems provide, they are bound to gain more popularity. Also, software upgrades and maintenance are taken care by school management system vendors, helping educational institutes to focus more on their core functionalities.

    There are several useful school management applications available in today’s market. School administrators need to remember their priorities and needs during the purchase of software. These are the core features of any school management systems:

    Google Support

    The dates and days play important roles in the management of school tasks. Google provides the best online calendar. The integration of school calendar with Google’s Calendar is a praiseworthy feature in any school management software.


    The presence of an electronic noticeboard is essential. It allows students, parents and teachers access the virtual noticeboard to view important messages. It even permits the visitors to comment on the posted notices.

    Cloud Presence

    The cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. School Management Systems that provide cloud-based computing also ensure optimum accessibility.


    The school management systems capable of listing and filtering information about students are worthwhile. The filtering option even saves the administrators from printing any insignificant information.

    Efficient Searching

    The integration of useful search-ideas helps parents and teachers find real-time information about students.


    It is necessary for a school management software to have data storage facility. Those software application that are capable of storing assessment results, comparison lists and report generator are the best of the lot.


    The integration of Google Bookmarks to the application can be helpful. Teachers may use this integrated feature to share links to valuable websites.

    Resource Assembling

    The school management system that is capable of maintaining an online list of payment helps teachers efficiently manage the collection process.


    A school management system needs to be able to generate accurate timetables for teachers. This feature helps the administrators in calculating the completed hours for teachers and staffs non-erroneously.

    The school management ERP strengthens the bridge of communication between parents, teachers, students and administrators. It offers several benefits to an educational institutes, some of the key benefits of school management software includes:

    Cloud Accessibility

    Parents need not check the school diary for information anymore. They can now access the latest information about their ward’s performance, attendance, assignments and school circulars with the help of a cloud-based school management software. Parents simply have to login to the schools’ website to view the information.

    Fee Management

    Parents and students need no longer stand in exhausting queues for depositing the fee. The fee-automation module, which uses the online payment option, simplifies the entire process. Parents and students can simply login to the schools’ website to make the payment. For the administration department, it means quick and paperless fee management, and for parents it means absolute peace of mind, as they can pay the fee just in time.

    Admission Management

    The administration department of a school or college needs to track vacancies, fill and categorize application forms, select students and upload data from thousands of application forms into the database.

    These are time-consuming tasks, but a school management software expedites the overall admission process. It allows the teachers and administrators to perform these tasks quickly and flawlessly. Meanwhile, parents and students can easily track and monitor the admission status on a school’s website.

    Assignment Distribution

    Distribution of separate assignments to students is a tiresome task for teachers. The school management software allows teachers to upload and distribute assignments through the student portal. They may also use this portal for automatic notification about new assignments. Students can use this portal to submit assignments and collect assessments reports from the teachers.

    Timetable Management

    It is troublesome for teachers and administrators to inform students about course schedules manually. The school management software keeps every student informed through daily or weekly updates online.

    Communicative Platforms

    This software provides a digital discussion forum. The digital forum improves the communication between teachers and parents. They may discuss about students’ performances or curriculum on this platform. Thus, the software adds transparency to the management process of every school.

    Attendance Management

    This module of a school management system helps in tracking daily attendance of students, teachers and staffs. With an updated attendance data, it is easy to figure out those who are not abiding by the standard timing. And, disciplinary actions can be taken accordingly.

    It is important to have a strategy when considering an education software for your school or any other academic institute. In order to buy a school management system that helps in running your institution without downtime, you need to consider these important factors:

    Data Security

    Data security is critical for any educational institute, be it students’ progress reports or teachers’ details. So, you need to check for IP-access controls, data redundancy and stringent role-based permissions before finalizing a school management system.


    A school management software that provides all necessary features to run an institution smoothly is worth considering. Also, check if modules can be scaled later as per the requirement.

    Reporting & Analytics

    A software that produces charts and reports in real-time with updated data is to be preferred. This can help teachers and staffs in managing school functions with higher efficiency. 


    Is a school management system customizable to include more users in the future or can it be scaled to incorporate more modules? If yes, then it’s worth a buy.


    Select a software that requires less time for upgrade, so that there is no interruption in your day-to-day school functioning. Also, if it provides the automated data backup and recovery feature, then it will be quite helpful.

    A School Management Software facilitates the smooth execution of administrative, clerical and academic tasks. The software enjoys popularity among different sectors of education due to its multifarious usefulness. The software industry is also adding new features to these school management systems as per the changing necessities of present-day institutes.

    • Customizing the Student’s Experience:- School Management Software enables the teachers to share comments on specific student actions, communicate with them one on one via SMS or the in-built messaging system, and share news and information relevant to students, resulting in the kind of personalized attention to a student that is key to their success.
    • Connect with Parents:- School Management Software allows parents to access their child’s grades, attendance, results, and more at any time, enabling them to make educational decisions more efficiently. This empowerment extends out of school too, with features like transport tracking, homework management, and custom reports for each student.
    • Coherent Fee Management:- It eliminate the need for easily mismanaged and expensive school fee reminders. Moreover it automates a cost effective fee collection process segmented according to fee classification. Parents also benefit since the school management software allows them to pay fees online and on the go.
    • Strong School Administration:- From admission processes that power the creation of an incoming class that is the best fit for your school, to at a glance access to employee details, and their attendance and leave status, to having access to across the board student records at the click of a button, school administration is markedly more organized.
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