Top 3 CRM Software Trends Every SMB Should Know About

Top 3 CRM Software Trends Every SMB Should Know About

The time of rolodex for contact management is long gone. All thanks to CRM software that salespeople now don’t need to carry the stacks of cards everywhere. All they want is the CRM support to manage contacts and customer service like a pro. They may feel nostalgic about the use of rolodex, but they equally love to embrace tech advancements in terms of CRM software. The changing market scenario has also made it important for salespersons to use the best CRM tools and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Trend 1: Social CRM is a Great Revenue Channel

With Twitter integration, SAP aims towards tying social media networks into its CRM software. Similarly, NetSuite has integrated social ERP and social CRM by using InsideView’s social media tools.

Social CRM stands for the integration of social media with customer relationship management. This integration helps businesses in optimizing the benefits of social interaction for getting closer to customers. With customers registering their presence in large numbers on social media platforms, there is an increased need for businesses to be where their customers are. Social media provides huge potential for companies to get closer to a larger number of customers and increase revenue with lesser marketing cost. Social media sites can help small businesses in monetizing their network for marketing and promotion. By being a part of virtual communities on social media, businesses can provide improved customer care support in real time.

Depending upon the customer base and their preferred social media channels, companies can opt for the best social CRM solution. Also, they need to align their marketing strategy with customer service, e-commerce and sales strategies. Reviews on social media platforms can help companies in improving their customer service accordingly

Trend 2: Self-Service is Important to Attract More Customers

As per Aberdeen Group Inc., companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain 89 percent of their customers on average. On the contrary, 33 percent of companies are struggling with weak omni-channel strategies.

With the help of speech recognition and voice-based research technologies, companies can provide automated self-service facilities to customers. Further, conversational artificial intelligence tools such as chatbots can help customers in getting instant solutions for their queries. Especially small businesses, which lack a full-fledged customer support center can use self-software tools for handling customer queries efficiently. Customer service delivered via digital channels can help SMBs in improving the customer satisfaction quotient significantly and gaining more traffic. As self-service is a cheaper and efficient tool to offer outstanding customer support, it is bound to get more popularity.

Trend 3: Sales Force Automation with Mobile Functionality

Marketing automation leads to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity, and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead – Nucleus Research

Sales force automation is all about managing contacts, accounts, leads, forecasts, and sales and marketing efforts with less manual intervention. It forms the core of all sales and marketing strategies, as it helps in creating the core of CRM tactics to improve efficiency. To automate sales activity tracking and a 360-degree view of customer data, companies are widely relying on the SFA technology. And the latest trend is of sales force automation going mobile. Due to the proliferation of mobile devices, mobility is increasingly important in sales force automation.

These trends in CRM software are driving organizations to a smart investment in customer experience innovations. By following these CRM trends, businesses can add a significant value to their products and services. Companies have realized that to retain customers for long, companies need to invest in experience and not just on sales. CRM has evolved over the years and the technology aspect of CRM is likely to increase in the coming time. By listening to what customers are demanding and by adopting the latest CRM software technologies, companies can deliver better results.

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