Accounting Software with GST Support for Indian Customers

Accounting Software with GST Support for Indian Customers

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India replaces many taxes levied by state and central governments. The presence of GST saves entrepreneurs from experiencing the cascading effect due to double taxation. This combined tax benefits the manufacturers and consumers equally. The accounting software programs also need to become GST compliant in order to provide optimum support to their customers. The leading accounting software developers have made necessary alterations and included some new features. These software applications are available through reliable IT service providers such as TechPillar. The users need to learn about the salient features of GST-compliant accounting software before making any purchase and to avoid imperfect selections.

All Round Service

The best accounting software needs to provide accounting support for different industrial sectors. This feature may save the businesspersons from purchasing different software applications. These software applications need to include parameters for auto-GST calculations. The GST-compliant software needs to manage the areas of budget, accounts, finance, income, expenses, billing and invoicing. It also needs to include the payroll, stock and asset management programs.

Enhanced Performance

The online accounting software applications fitted with auto-GST feature are supposed to keep a detailed record of every incoming data into Cloud. The Cloud-based applications will make the updated records visible to every individual present in different tiers of an organization. The Customer Care Department can deliver the updated information to the client and improve the client-customer relationship for a business organization. The GST-compliant software applications are letting their users perform these tasks with single click.

Integration of Recorded Data

It is necessary to integrate the recorded finance or account related data for perfect GST calculations. The upcoming GST-compliant software applications can process and synchronize a variety of data in real time. The businesses with multiple branches or projects are going to reap the benefits of this integration process. These applications are supposed to sync the mails and banking transactions. These programs are going to automate different types of business processes. The majority of these applications are going to make sales, stock, finance, GST-tax, costing and audit reports visible in one place. These useful features may influence many businesspersons to shift from manually operated to computerized billing systems.

Auto GST Calculations

The GST-compliant software applications are going to follow the rules of Goods & Service Tax during auto-GST calculation. The GST rules require the businesspersons to provide a bill against every purchase or present an invoice against every service. The accounting software can use the auto-GST computation technique to calculate the total amount with GST tax within minutes.

Top GST-Ready Accounting Software

Tally .ERP 9

Now that GST is ready to replace most of the indirect taxes in India, you can make your business GST ready with the latest Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.5. This version can help you prepare for GST without any hassle.

GST Features

  • Triangulation Report (To prepare for GST -Detect & Correct Errors)
  • E-filing (VAT/CST, TDS, Excise, Service Tax)
  • Tax calculation simplified with the right tax rate applied and accurate calculation
  • Tax returns will be equal to the book of accounts
  • Built-in checks of detection of errors in calculation and real-time correction.

Reach Accounting Software

The Reach ERP keeps record of every input, reunites data from different sectors and performs auto-GST calculation within minutes. It is a user-friendly software, and customizes according to different business requirements easily.

GST Features

  • GST Invoicing
  • HSN/ SAC Code Mapping
  • GST Payment
  • GST Filing
  • Free e-learning
  • GST Computation
  • Auto Reconciliation from GSTN
  • GST challan Generation

Marg ERP 9+ Accounting Software

The Marg GST software can prove to be a great tool for converting a bill into different required formats. This software can also be customized according to the requirements f your business. This software can help you perform different accounting tasks with lesser amount of manual work.

GST Features

  • Multiple payment option
  • Re-order management
  • Barcode
  • Easy and fast billing
  • Stocks, accounts and thousands of MIS
  • Sending bills through SMS and emails.


ProfitBooks accounting software helps a business in the process of applying for GST efficiently. IT is useful at every step of registering and securing your Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

Experts at ProfitBooks Helps in:

  • Document verification
  • Filling up the application form
  • Follow ups till you get your GST number.
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