Top 3 Cyber Security Trends That are Keeping the Corporate World Busy

Top 3 Cyber Security Trends That are Keeping the Corporate World Busy

When it comes to cyber security, one line is echoing in every corner of the corporate world – Implementing fool-proof cyber-security is getting tougher with time. Busy days are ahead for cyber-security practitioners, as threat incidences are becoming quite frequent.

Cyber-attacks have set a new record in 2016, and these statistics from Barkly take the lid off some of the dangerous truths about cyber security.

  • Around 18 million new malware samples were detected in the third quarter of 2016.
  • Since the beginning of 2016, there are around 400 ransomware attacks every day.
  • 78 percent of people click on unknown links in emails, even when they are aware of the high risk factor.

With growing awareness for cyber-security threats, organizations are now putting all their efforts to create an upgraded network security infrastructure. Here’re the top five cyber security trends that can determine the next step of your security practitioners.

More IoT Devices Getting Connected to Corporate Networks

With new Internet of Things devices getting connected to a corporate network every day, the process of keeping cyber-security intact is getting complex. As most of the IoT devices entering a corporate network remain unsecure, hackers are likely to be pulled towards them. Unsecure IoT devices are often used as bots by hackers for DDoS attacks.

You must be aware of the sophisticated Dyn cyber-attack of October 2016. The primary source for this malicious attack was Mirai botnet, which triggered two complex Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against the company’s managed DNS infrastructure.

This attack has initiated an important conversation over the vulnerability of IoT devices that needs to be addressed strictly now. IT managers need to be extra vigilant while overseeing IoT deployments in their enterprise.

Mobile Security Threats are On the Rise

Malicious hackers are now using smart phones to target enterprises for data theft, extortion and spying. According to the Mobile Threat Intelligence report by Skycure, nearly 4 percent of mobile devices are attacked by malware. Nearly one-third of other mobile devices are also under the high risk of cyber-attack and data exposure.

As the number of employees using the corporate data to run their own devices is increasing, organizations are getting more prone to the malicious intent of hackers.

Cloud Security is a Priority Now

More and more SMBs and big enterprises are moving to cloud computing for automating and streamlining their processes. Be it managing customer contact details, analyzing sales reports, creating a secure backup of important data, or managing the workforce, businesses are opening up to Software as a Service (SaaS). Affordability and efficiency are the most sought-after benefits of cloud computing.

Although cloud computing has its own advantages, there are many naysayers to it. More and more organizations are becoming concerned about public cloud security, after several incidences of cyber-attacks due to the breach in cloud security.

A prominent incidence of attack on cloud security is the Apple iCloud attack, which led to hackers intruding into personal Apple accounts and leaking private images of models on the web.

Hackers are taking the advantage of unmanaged or poorly-managed login credentials of third-party vendors to enter into a corporate’s network. With this, organizations are likely to have a tough time finding a SaaS vendor who ensures complete data security on the cloud.

The changing face of hacking threat is keeping the hands of cyber-security professionals full. Sophisticated attacks are frequent now, where hackers encrypt content of a website and make it recoverable only when the ransom amount is paid. Another notable form of cyber-attack is broad, spam-based attacks. And there are many more cyber-security hurdles to watch for in the days to come!

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