What are transcoding & Switching techniques in Video Conferencing?

What are transcoding & Switching techniques in Video Conferencing?

Video switching and processed, or transcoded video are different ways to allow communication between video endpoints. However both of them are radically different in terms of their capabilities and implementation. Nowadays most of the vendors offering support Transcoding technology to provide various benefits to their customers.

Transcoding: Encoding and decoding of video media streams between endpoints known as Transcoding technique. It offers support for video endpoints participating in the same meeting with different resolutions, continuous presence, and other advanced conferencing features. It also allows for newer conferencing feature sets & benefits to the customers. Transcoding approach requires more computation, as it must decode the individual streams and encode the combined video signals. So essentially, we can say, transcoding requires double encoding process.

Continuous Presence: As part of the various benefits offered by Transcoding technology, Continuous presence is one of the very important features today. It allows few/all of the conference participants to display together in the composite view. Different layouts are possible on display for the participants allowing more flexibility to them. Each layout offers ability to make any of the box as voice activated which is very helpful for large conferences, as audio part of the conference tracks active speaker during the conference. Participants displayed on rest of the boxes will be fixed.

Switching: Switching platforms fundamentally switch video from one endpoint to another and require all video endpoints in a meeting to send and receive the same resolution. It forwards incoming audio and video without manipulating the video media itself. Switching offer a cost-effective and scalable solution for video deployments supporting video endpoints with the same resolution sets and not requiring advanced video features such as continuous or active presence.


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