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Mobile Video Conferencing

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VidyoDesktop VE
By Vidyo
Vidyo Desktop Virtual Edition(VE) is a powerful video conferencing desktop client designed specifically for virtual desktop infrastructure environments. VidyoDesktop VE extends the high-quality and scale of vidyo solution to citrix i.e. virtual desktop offerings including Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. VidyoDesktopVE is a high quality conferencing and collaboration for virtual desktop and client en...
By Vidyo
VidyoDesktop brings high quality of video conferencing to Windows ,Mac and Linux computers which helps everyone to participate from office , home or from the road in any meeting or video conferencing. VidyoDesktop now sustains the quality experience for its users considering the variable bandwidth and packet loss typical of public , remote and wireless network connections. Upto 8 participants can ...
TrueConf Mobile
By TrueConf LLC
TrueConf Mobile is a free video conferencing application for Android and iOS with several additional tools and features. TrueConf has a excellent UltraHD video quality and crystal-clear sound bring video communication as close to real life conditions as possible. Anyone can download the app from Google play for Android App. With the help of this , anyone can make the multipoint video calls for up ...
Polycom RealPresence Web Suite
By Polycom
Polycom Real Presence Web Suite is a web collaboration solution that brings the exceptional experience of video , voice and content sharing. It is one of the innovative and powerful web collaboration solution which provides the universal access for distributed workforces , enterprise-grade B2B video collaboration and B2C video conferencing.Polycom Real Presence Web Suite helps you to extend the co...
Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Apple iOS
By Polycom
Polycom Real Presence Mobile provides the platform to extends the video collaboration benefits outside the office and conference room with the same high-quality video , secure and reliable video experience which is present in office or conference room on the mobile devices. Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Apple iOS is a powerful app which helps in extending the video communication beyond the typic...
Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Android
By Polycom
Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Andrioid is a software application that brings mobile collaboration directly to the devices by delivering real-time collaboration right from the Android smartphone or tablet to other users of the Polycom RealPresence Platform. With the help of Polycom RealPresence Mobile solution , anyone can connect to the more than two million video conferencing systems deployed t...
Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows
By Polycom
Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows is a Pc-based video collaboration software for business professional. RealPresence Desktop offers quality in video conferencing and combines with industry leading standards-based interoperability , high scalable centralized management and security that is in a cost-effective manner. It helps in giving the access to the video collaboration in personal comput...
Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Mac OS X
By Polycom
Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Mac OS X is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality andio , video and content sharing for all Mac OS users. It is a powerful , enterprise-grade collaboration app that extends video communications beyond the typical conference room to all desktop and Pcs users. The RealPresence Desktop solution is mainly build for small and medium businesses ...
HUAWEI TE Desktop&Mobile
By Huawei
Huawei TE Desktop/Mobile is a video conferencing soft client that provides high quality audio , video and content sharing between variety of devices and video conferencing system. It is available on all platforms i.e. Androids , Mac OS , IOS and Windows. It is an optimal option for video conferencing solutions which connects the company's videoconferencing system from anywhere and anytime. Number ...
Avaya Scopia Video Collaboration
By Avaya
Avaya Scopia Video Collaboration delivers powerful enterprise video solution which helps in building the business relationships and accelerate the productivity. The Avaya Scopia portfolio delivers advanced HD video , voice and data collaboration on premises and in the cloud both. It provides scalable , cost effective and unparalleled interoperability with other standards-based video endpoints. The...
Avaya Scopia Mobile
By Avaya
Scopia Mobile is the ultimate enterprise-grade mobile video application by Avaya which enables HD video conferencing and data collaboration with the growing installed base of over two million standards - based video conferencing and telepresence system worldwide. Whether you are meeting with co-workers in a remote office or partners across the country or customers around the world , Avaya Scopia m...
Avaya Scopia Desktop and Web Collaboration
By Avaya
Avaya Scopia Desktop is a simple web-browser plug-in that is centrally managed , distributed and deployed without complex licensing fees and installation issues. Scopia Desktop easily extends the room system video conferencing to desktop users for video , audio and data collaboration. Scopia Desktop delivers HD 1080p quality videos and see up to 28 participants at a one time. It also helps into th...
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    What is Best Mobile Video Conferencing Companies | Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions | Techpillar?

    Among different video conferencing solutions, desktop and mobile video conferencing apps are quite significant. A desktop and mobile video conferencing app ensures true mobile collaboration with advanced features like scheduling, photo sharing, screen sharing, starting and joining a meeting, and many more.

    With screen sharing and cross-platform messaging features of different desktop and mobile video conferencing apps, users can attend or organize meetings anywhere and anytime.

    From small to large groups can be invited for a meeting with the help of an email, text, link or audio messages. This saves a considerable time in bringing all attendees of a meeting together. Also, any time of information can be shared instantly with all participants using the high-end screen sharing feature.

    If you’re looking for the best option of Video Software Clients for your IT requirement, check it out here with TechPillar’s product listing. You can easily search products and narrow down your requirement with the specifics in the left filter/navigation panel. Through our handy featured filters you can refine your search by Like, Relevance, Client Type like Phone App or Laptop client, Free Client Distribution, Minimum Bandwidth required, Far-end camera control (FECC), Annotation support, NAT & Firewall Traversal support and many more. 

    Video Software Clients from Avaya, Cisco, Huawei, Vidyo, Polycom, Lifesize and many more are listed with detailed product features, specifications, warranty & licensing.

    With TechPillar’s Video Software Clients listing, you can find everything you need to create, upgrade and update your enterprise IT infra. With the click, you can view detailed comparison and request for a quotation. Our Technical experts will work with you to choose the right product suiting your business requirement, hence making a difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When evaluating a desktop or mobile video conferencing system, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your firm. Different desktop conferencing systems may provide different set of features, but here are some of the essential requirements for making any video conferencing session a hit.

    • Touch-screen feature
    • Full High-definition video quality
    • Collaboration tools for screen markup of important points and adding notes simultaneously.
    • App support across majority of Devices and OS
    • Inbuilt NAT traversal capability for easy deployment
    • Simple and cost-effective licensing policy. It is good if vendor charges only for number of moderators.
    • Interop with the Room based Video Endpoints and MCU's for greate flexibility
    • Moderation capabilities from the app itself
    • User Interface plays a vital role when it comes to adoption of technology by the end users
    • Controlling far end room based endpoints facility

    Desktop and mobile video conferencing systems provide a more personalized touch and immediacy to video conferencing sessions between smaller groups. Such systems help in effective communication with clarity of sound and video. Also, users can connect on a prompt notice from their own personal computers, no matter where they are located.

    Desktop video conferencing software extends video communication beyond the traditional conference rooms with dedicated cameras and monitors. Now mobile professionals can connect to any meeting through desktop video conferencing. With all software and hardware components of a video conferencing system fitted at your workspace, you can interact face-to-face with a distant client right through your desktop or laptop. This way, desktop conferencing software meets the need of collaboration in today’s global work environment efficiently.

    If you are planning to implement the video conferencing system in your organization, you need to have a fair idea about the types of endpoints available.

    Mobile App Based Video Conference

    Mobile video apps allow users to participate in a video conference session via smartphones or tablets, irrespective of their location. Mobile video apps are useful for employees who are working remotely.

    Desktop Based Video Conference

    Desktop endpoints are browser-based interfaces that allow users to attend video conferences through their desktop screen. Desktop endpoints rely upon the camera of computer systems or use external USB-connected cameras if needed. For audio clarity, this endpoint depends upon integrated speakers, microphones, Bluetooth and USB connected devices.

    Desktop video conferencing requires dedicated hardware and software to use a personal computer as the medium to connect with participants of a video conferencing session. The key features of a desktop and mobile video conferencing platform are:

    • HD screen sharing with high resolution images including presence and instant messaging between users
    • Inter-operability, as a user can connect to a video conference through any device including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (see image at right), Android, and Blackberry users.
    • Desktop video conferencing systems should also connect with smartphones and tablets using browser based (WebRTC) or plugin.
    • It is easy to arrange video conferences by Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
    • Promotes document sharing and software applications collaboration
    • App must allow users to schedule meetings in several ways including within Microsoft Outlook (may require a plug-in), or from within Chrome/Firefox browser
    • Allows users to check emails and attend calls during video conferencing
    • Provider must offer mechnism to record the conference either on cloud or on-premise.
    • Provides an improvised platform for informal communication among smaller groups.

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    Desktop and mobile video conferencing systems give businesses the flexibility to organize video conferences without needing a dedicated meeting room with monitors and cameras. Such systems do not require participants to join at a predetermined site for video sessions, as they can have access through their personal computers and mobile applications. Other benefits of desktop and mobile video conferencing systems are:

    • Appropriate for smaller groups that are dispersed in different geographical locations
    • Ensure more interactive sessions where participants can ask questions easily with chances of getting instant attention from the host of the session
    • Participants are sitting in front of their personal computers, and so they can express themselves in a better way with a close-up look.
    • High-definition video and audio are possible without spending much on setting large monitors and speakers in a separate meeting room.
    • It is less expensive to create a desktop or mobile video conferencing setup. Users need only a personal computer or a smartphone with internet connection.
    • Multi-site and multi-conference options are also available in next generation desktop and mobile video conferencing systems
    • Touch screen controls ensure higher engagement of participants in a video conferencing session.

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